Saturday, 27 April 2013

Barry M Summer 2013 Confetti Nail Paints

So not only have Barry M royally spoilt us with the soon to be release of the new Barry M Gelly Hi-shine for Summer, we also have another very exciting release which will hit us the same day as the gelly paints.
The new confetti nail paints which are a lot like the Nails Inc Feather polishes, only these have a much much cheaper price tag and in my opinion these look more appealing than the Nails Inc one's.
There are 5 confetti shades in total, all of which are pretty funky looking and i want to get my hands on all of them when they launch.

"New Confetti Nail Effects is the perfect party for your nails. Filled with confetti sprinkles that brush on smoothly, make your nails pop with 5 sweet inspired shades. Dolly Mixture (Multi), Liquorice (Black/White), Marshmallow (Pink), Bubblegum (Blue), Sour Apple (Green). "

All 5 shades will be available from June 5th in Superdrugs and June 12th at Boots..

Who else is excited for this release?..

Thursday, 25 April 2013

New Barry M Gelly Nail Paints for Summer 2013

I needed to share this exciting new release which will be available to us in the UK from June 5th, i'm already a massive lover of the Barry M Gelly Hi-shine Nail Paints so when i saw that they were releasing new shades for the Summer i literally couldn't contain my excitement and had to share it with you all.
With a new collection of 5 bright summery shades, i'd say it's definitely worth the wait.. i just wish it came out sooner.

"To add to our Hi Shine Gelly Nail
 Paint collection Barry M have 5 new exotic fruit inspired shades! Key Lime, Mango, Blue Grape & Guava will be your go-to shades this Summer for an extra glossy mani. Key Lime (Lime Green), Guava (Teal), Passion Fruit (Pink/Red), Blue Grape (Cobalt Blue), Mango (Orange)."

All five shades will be available from June 5th in Superdrugs and June 12th at Boots.

Who else is excited for this release?..

VIDEO: What's in my bag?...

I filmed a much requested 'what's in my bag?...' video today..  I'm still getting the hang on all this recording malarkey so please bare with me..
I hope you enjoy the video.. if you have any other requests please feel free to leave them below :)

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

April Beauty Wishlist

I haven't made a beauty wishlist in a while so i put together this wishlist last week and completely forgot to post it on here.
There are so many bits and bobs i want this month.. more than i've shown anyway, i'll start with the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation, every time i go into Boots or Superdrugs i always go to the Revlon counter and look at this and i keep telling myself i don't need a new foundation yet, i still have a few to get through before i can even consider getting another one..  The only downside to this foundation is that it doesn't have a pump to dispense the product and one of the main reasons it's putting me off getting it.
The next is a lipstick from Sleek, i love the Sleek lipsticks and i saw this shade in store last week and completely fell in love, but again i'm trying to stop myself from purchasing lipsticks cos i have so many!
The next item i saw from one of Fleur's (fleurdeforce) videos, it's the YSL Blush Radiance in shade No.1.. when i saw Fleur swatch the blush i knew i wanted it, it's so so gorgeous in the pan and on the cheeks..
The Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream i did actually purchase a few days ago and i love it! - i'll be writing a review on this soon..
For nail polishes i've only has my eye on 2 this month, theres one from Illamasqua and it's the Speckled nail polish i've seen loads of pictures on these and i really want to try them out.. And the next is one from Nails Inc, i don't purchase Nails Inc polishes often the prices completely put me off but i'd happily pay the expensive price tag for that gorgeous shade.
Another skincare item i really want to try out is the Origins Drink Up Hydrating Face Mask, i own the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask and it's amazing so i now want to try this one..
Lastly are perfumes, i've had my eye on Lady Million by Paco Rabanne for ages i think i may have actually featured it in another wishlist post.. I am dying to get my hands on this, plus the packaging looks incredible to.. And lastly is a purse spray from Marc Jacobs.. I love the Oh Lola! perfume and wish i could carry me at all times, this is more practical but if you didn't want to splash out on this you could always get yourself a travelo.

What's on your wishlist this month?...

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

VIDEO: L'Oreal Preference Wild Ombré Review

Hey everyone,

Another new video for you all, i get a lot of questions about my ombré hair so i decided to make a video and tell you a bit about my hair and how i achieved the ombré look.
I apologise that i say 'errmm' a lot in this video, i know how annoying that can get and i will be working on that in the future..
I hope you all enjoy this very rambly video.. if you have any another video requests please feel free to leave them below..

Thanks for watching!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Back to Youtube.. (My first video)

I finally posted my first video on Youtube! - I was extremely nervous about posting this on Youtube but i did it without thinking to much into it!  I am incredibly shy on camera but i'm trying to overcome that and post videos more often so if you have any requests feel free to leave them below..
I hope you enjoy watching this video, and for those who have requested a video about my hair/ombré that will be my next video so stay tuned :)

What did you think of my first youtube video?

Sunday, 21 April 2013

LOTD - Bubble Twist Braid #4

I tried out this cool twisted bubble braid yesterday and thought i'd post it on here and show you all.. It's actually really easy to do.. maybe i'll do a tutorial on how to do it :)
Also featured in this post is my sister, which hasn't appeared on here in a while.. last time you saw her she probably had blonde hair!
Anyway, i hope your all enjoying your weekend!

What do you think of this look?

Saturday, 20 April 2013

30 ways to save £1

I always love these types of posts, everyone has their own takes on how to save money and i love reading through them.. Over the years i've learnt so many ways on how to save your pennies and i thought i'd share them with you all today..  please note that this is what personally works for me, it may not always work for you but i hope this can help in some ways..

1.  Savings Accounts - i know this is the obvious one, if your old enough to have a bank account then you should deffinetly start thinking of opening a savings account to, like my mother always tell me.. if you have any left over money at the end of each month or even on your payday.. put a percentage of that into your savings account.. Whatever you can afford, your interests build up over time and that's free money at the end of the day which can help towards your future..

2.  Cash Back Websites - Money saving websites such as Quidco and Top cashback for example these are the websites i personally use to help save a few pennies.. It's really easy to sign up and you earn a percentage of your money back.. They have a wide range of stores to shop and choose from to.. I've been using Top Cashback for around 2 years now and in the first year i got £100 cash back from all the shopping i did online.  Worth checking out if you do most of your shopping online..

3.  Selling on eBay - Another thing that i've done a lot of over the years, whenever i have a Spring clean i like to sell whatever i think will sell on eBay, it's great to earn extra pocket money for items you no longer need or use anymore.  End of the day, you may not want it but someone out there probably does..

4.  Borrowing - If you have a party coming up and don't have a new outfit why not ask your sister or your best friend if you can borrow a dress for the event instead of going out and buying an outfit you may never wear after that party..  I'm lucky to have an older sister so if i have a party coming up i always go to her, her wardrobe is full of all the latest clothes and that means i don't have to splash my cash on a new outfit.

5.  Electric, Phone, Water and Energy Bills - If you have monthly outgoings each month such as electric, phone, water or energy bills make sure your being charged correctly.. There are so many different companies out there that have good deals or your bills but are you taking the one that's right for you?.. Making sure your on the right tariff can make a hell of a difference to your bank balance.. you don't need to be paying more than you need to.

6.  Putting Money Aside - Like my mother says..'save your money for a rainy day'.  I get this in the ear all the time, every time i'm about to go out shopping i will hear my mum shout that famous quote from hers. (not hers, but you know what i mean).  So, i've decided to do what my mum tells me to do all the time and at the end of each week i put whatever change i have leftover in my purse in a piggybank or a jar and 'save it for a rainy day'.

7.  Discount codes - This goes without saying and being a beauty blogger has taught me to search online for discounts before making a purchase.. If say i was about to place an order for H&M i would google 'discount codes for H&M' and if there are any discount codes it will normally appear at the top, i use vouchercodes or hotukdeals for any discount codes and have done for years now.

8.  Freebies - There are quite a few websites for freebies, this is a great way to test products before purchasing to.. which saves you money.

9.  Asking for samples - If your looking for a new foundation, then why not ask for a sample.. Most stores offer samples if not you can always do a quick google search to see if you can grab a sample somewhere.  This is a great way to test the product before you purchase.. There has been so many times where i've just bought a foundation and it's not been right for my skin or it's not the right shade..

10.  Car Boot Sales - I personally have only ever been to one, but would love to go to loads more.. They are great if your selling or buying as you can find yourself some great treasures there.  If not, why not try selling those items you no longer need there and make yourself some extra cash!

11.  Cutting Back - By this i mean when shopping, do you really need 3 packets of biscuits and 5 pot noodles?.. No! - cutting back on your unhealthy eating habits could save you a lot of money. Believe it or not junk foods are the most expensive, plus you don't really get much out of it. Instead of 3 packs of biscuits why not just get the 1?..

12.  Buy Cheaper Brands - This is something i noticed myself doing today, whilst browsing through Tescos i was looking for hand wash and saw one that was £4! £4 for a hand wash, noway! I'm quite happy with my 90p one thank you.. this also includes food, why buy the branded more expensive items when the cheap one's are just as good?..

13.  Making the most of what you already have - This one's probably my favorite tip.. A short while ago me and the boyfriend really wanted a change in our office, we had 2 desks, one glass and one wooden.. We decided to dismantle his wooden desk and build a whole new office out of the one desk. It didn't cost us a thing and we love our new office.  Same with bedrooms, if you bored of the colour of your walls and have any spare paint left over from other times then use that instead..  Another one is using old beauty boxes for storage which is what i like to do..

14.  Presents - Instead of buying a present for someones birthday, why not make them something instead?.. It's always nice to receive something with a personal touch.. 9 times of 10 my friends ended up throwing my presents to the back of the drawer and never using it.. it's nice to make something for someones birthday as a keepsake.. plus it didn't cost you a thing to make!

15.  Returning items - This is something that i am really bad at doing, if you have a item that doesn't fit you or it didn't turn out to be what you had hoped then why not return the item for a full refund? Most stores offer refunds.. if not they'll give you a credit note which you can then use to get an item you would actually wear.  I'm one of these people that if an item wasn't what i was expecting i would still end up keeping just to save the hassle of getting a refund.. End of the day, that's me losing money ! I'm slowing teaching myself to save my money and go through the hassle of refunds as it'll all be worth it in the end..

16.  Do something your good at - if you have a talent, such as jewellery making.. knitting.. customising phone cases etc why not make good use of your talent and set up a small online shop to sell your items.. You never know someone out there might love your items! Plus it's earning you a little pocket money whilst doing something you love at the same time.

17.  Giving to the parents - If your ever saving up for something, maybe a holiday or even a place of your own.. Give some money to your parents each month and tell them to not hold back if you ever ask for it back.. I like to give my mum money if i'm ever on a real saving stint, i tell her not to give me my money until i've saved enough for whatever i'm saving for and it really does work. My mother is extremely stubborn at times, but it works in my favour anyway..

18.  Waiting for the sales - I cannot tell you how many times i have bought a full priced item only for it to then go on sale, wait it out.. you don't need them item straight away.. Save yourself some money and only shop when there are sales going on.

19.  Don't spend it all on payday - This again is something which has been hard for me to do, normally when i get paid within the week i'll be skint again.. It's nice to buy yourself a little treat every now and then but don't get caught up in having money.. Especially if you get paid monthly as your pay has to last you another whole month.. spend sensibly..

20.  Using your loyalty cards - There are a few loyalty cards that i have, Tescos Clubcard, Nectar Card, Shell Garage, Boots, Superdrugs, Debenhams etc.. Whenever your shopping with those, collect points.. Those points build up and it doesn't take long for your to earn £5.. £10..  I've used my points to get free petrol, lipsticks, grocery.. it's really a great way to save yourself some money..

21.  Hair and nails - is it really necessary for your to go to the salon to get your nails painted every week?.. Or if your going to a hair salon to get your hair dyed?.. I colour my own hair, cut my hair(not advised, i did hairdressing in college) and i have only been to get my nails done once! - Things like those are pointless to me when you can easily do it yourself at home and save a ton of money!

22.  Turn your electrical equipment off - if you not using your computer, or not watching the TV.. turn it off.. I've always been told off for leaving things on during the day if i'm not using them.. It saves so much money just by pressing that 'off' switch..

23.  Travel - If you travel to work, by car.. make sure you do some research first as to which petrol stations have the cheapest petrol, you can check at if you travel by train, get yourself a railcard you'll be entitled to up to a third off nearly all off-peak train fares.. if you work close by, walk to work or ride a bicycle.. it's free and it's saving the environment at the same time..

24.  Mystery shopping - Spare time on your hands?.. Try mystery shopping.. This is something i love but hate at the same time.. we get a fair few mystery shoppers where i work, it's hard to spot which one's are mystery shoppers but i've always got good feedback.. You can make yourself some extra cash doing mystery shopping plus some companies actually give your money just to shop there just to give feedback on what your experience was like.. It's also great if you was already planning on shopping there.

25.  Buy Second Hand - Things like cars, clothes, phones etc.. you can buy second hand at probably half or quarter the price.. you can get enormous savings just by buying things second hand.. it's just unwanted items which aren't being used anymore..

26. Charity Shops - I like to shop charity shops if i'm ever looking for a certain something.. i volunteered at a charity shop a couple of years ago and loved it! Some items that they received are incredible.. Someone once handed in a designer handbag in perfect condition and it was sold for £5.  I bought around 10 items once for about £4, they were all good branded items such as Topshop and River Island in total it would of saved me £100-£150!!

27.   Hiring - When i have special events to go to and i don't have a dress, i like to hire them.. It costs a few pounds to hire but it's cheaper than going out to buy a dress plus it's really lovely designer dresses which is an even bigger bonus see'ing as though i'd never be able to actually afford one, i like to use Girl Meets Dress..

28.  Buy in bulk - When there are special offers in Boots or Superdrugs for toilettres or make up i like to take full advantage of the offers and stock up whilst i can.. It saves me a lot of money in the long run..

29.  Make your lunches - I don't do this enough but when i go to work, i always like to make myself packed lunch if i get the time to.. I should really make the time to do so though as i always end up buying junk food at work which again costs me money.. having a packed lunch is much more cheaper..

30.  Keep the samples - if you receive samples of products, save them if your not going to use them straight away.. you can use them when you've run out of your other products or you can take them on holiday with you to save you having to purchase miniatures..

I hope you enjoyed my money saving tips and ways to save your money, i really enjoyed doing this post for you all.. Also this was an entry into the 30 ways to save £1 for Money Supermarket, I hope you find my tips useful also and i would love to know what you do to help save money?..

The guys at Ladbrokes Games have created this fun infographic, the title of the infographic is 'Can you spot a good deal?' It's a fun way of testing you perception as to what makes a good deal.  There a 7 different items with 7 fictional price tags, all you have to do is judge whether each item is a good deal or not..  Surprisingly i got all 7 infographics correct.. I think it's very important you know when trying to spot a good deal, i like to do research on products i'm about to buy just so i know i'm not being ripped off.. The images below show 7 deals, good and bad.. it's up to you to spot which one's you think are the good deals and which one's are the bad one's.. If you go down to the bottom of the image you'll be able to see which deals you got right and wrong..
Sorry the image quality isn't perfect i've also linked it aswell so you can have a better look of the infographic - here

Favorite Spring Time Perfumes

I don't talk much about perfumes on my blog so i thought i'd share with you all my favourite Spring time scents that i've been loving.. I'll talk about the body mist first, this body mist is from H&M and it's called Garden Delight, it's a lovely fresh and fruity scent which i like to use after i get out the shower, it's really light and the scent isn't to over powering.. only £3.99 for a 250ml bottle it's deffinelty not going to break the bank.
For perfumes, i've picked 3.. two of which are from Taylor Swift, there is Wonderstruck and Wonderstruck Enchanted..  I wrote a review on the Wonderstruck perfume a short while ago which i'll link but it's such a lovely light scent which is nice to wear on a day to day basis it also goes really well with the H&M body mist to..  And with the Wonderstruck Enchanted perfume, i featured on my March Favourites post this again is a lovely fruity girlie scent.. can you spot the pattern?.. I do like my fruity scents.  Anyway i think this one is meant to be for the evenings/a night time scent and the Wonderstruck perfume for the daytime but i just love the scent of this so much.
Lastly is the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume, another love of mine.  I use this more for the evenings and nights out, if i'm ever going out anywhere nice i like to wear this... the scent is more stronger than the other three but also lasts a lot longer to.  The scent is very fresh and floral, it's perfect for Spring time.

Have you got favourite scents for Spring time to?... Please share them below :)

Friday, 19 April 2013

Today's Look - Date Night #3

I'm off out for a date night with the boyfriend this evening so i thought i'd show you all my look for tonight.  I've kept it quite simple as we're just going for dinner. It's nice after the week we've had to have some alone time.. We've been looking forward to this all week..  We've also decided to make it a regular thing as work sometimes stresses the both of us out and it's nice to go out and appreciate each other and just enjoy each others company.

What do you think of this look?  Any plans for your weekend?..

Updated hair care routine

It's been a few months since i last shared my haircare routine but a lot has changed since then so i thought i'd update you all on what's changed..
All the products but one has changed and i'm really happy with my hair care routine, i trimmed my hair around a month a go and i've been keeping it healthy by using different products and styling with minimal heat.
I wash my hair 2-3 times a week, so one day i'll wash it the next i won't but if it's greasy then i use a dry shampoo such as Batiste and then the day after that i'll wash it,  I'll start with my shampoo and conditioner, i normally like to switch it up every month or so but i'm currently using the Herbal Essences Seductively Straight Shampoo and Conditioner which were 2 for £6 at Superdrugs.. i don't have a specific brand i go for i normally just go for the deals when it comes to shampoo and conditioners as long as they wash my hair and do the job then that's fine with me, however i do like to use a hair mask every few days to really condition my hair and keep it in shape.  The one i use is from Boots, it's from their own line and it's called Boots 3 Minute Conditioning Hair Mask i've had mine for quite a while now as the pots lasted me months and months, it really conditions my hair and makes it soft whilst treating my split ends to..
Next is the styling products, i use three products when i get out the shower.. i start with the L'Oreal Mythic Oil for coloured hair, i use about 3-4 pumps of this and smooth it on the tips of my hair and what evers left over i use through my fringe/bangs.. I then use Phil Smith Tame the Frizz Serum, 2 pumps and again smooth over my hair focusing on areas where my hair tends to get a tad frizzy.
Lastly with products i use the It's a 10 Miracle Leave-in Product which i heard a lot about from Fleurdeforce, she raves about this product so much so i caved and ordered myself one.. The smell is unreal and it's one of those products which has a multi-purpose use, i mainly use it to help repair damaged ends, detangle and stop hair breakage.. it's a wonderful multi purpose product which i've recently fallen in love with.
And finally of course is the Tangle Teezer,  i love my tangle teezer as a pose to my hairbrush.. it's so much healthier for your hair, it's really easy to use to brush through my hair and doesn't tug and pull at all, i've noticed a huge difference in my hair since i first started using this and it's really helped maintain my hair over the past months...

Do you use any of these products in your hair care routine?.. 

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Pearl Lowe for Glossybox | April 2013

April's Glossybox is probably by far the best box that they have come up with, so far.. teaming up with Pearl Lowe it's bound to become a success.
Having see'ing snippets of the box from a week back i knew that this box was going to be amazing, even by the outside.. i mean the box itself is so pretty, i adore the pattern and i'm definitely going to be keeping it for some pretty storage purposes.
Anyway, onto the contents..

Essie Nail Polish in Rosebowl - £7.99 (full sized product) - I think this is the main thing everyone got excited about this month, a full sized Essie nail polish which normally retails for £7.99.. I'm already a massive fan of Essie and own a fair few of their shades, luckily i didn't have this shade which is Rosebowl, it's a lovely bright fuchsia pink which is really flattering on the nails.. It's very similar to a shade i already own by Essie which is Watermelon except it's slightly darker and Watermelon is more pink toned. 
Sleek Blush in Flamingo - £4.49 (full sized product) - Another product which i got very excited about, i saw in other peoples boxes that they had an Illamasqua Pencil which i was hoping to receive but glad it was a Sleek Blush instead, especially as i wanted to actually purchase this shade but they never had it in-stores.  It's a lovely matte blush and the shade is a deep reddish pink, as always with the Sleek products it's very pigmented to.

Nip + Fab Mango Smoothie Dry Skin Fix Body Butter, 50ml (full sized 250ml £9.95) - Either Glossybox know me extremely well or it was just a coincidence that they had sent me Mango Smoothie, i am obsessed with anything Mango so this was already a bonus in itself.. The scent is so sweet, so much goodness in one little pot. I'm definitely going to be purchasing the full size of this when payday comes around..

So Elixir Purple EDP by Yves Rocher, sample size (full sized 50ml £44) - I'm rubbish at describing scents but would say this is a musky floral type scent, not what i would normally pick for myself but it's actually quite pleasant. It smells quite rich too, but not to overpowering.. All in all a very nice scent, maybe not to everyones taste though.

A-Derma Intense Repair Lip Balm - £7.95 (full sized product) - Just what i needed, my lips have become so dry lately probably due to the lack of water intake so this is just what i needed, it's very moisturising on the lips and leaves them feeling really nourished and smooth..

Overall an amazing Glossybox this month, very impressed with everything i got in this month's box.  Although i did notice there wasn't a bonus item in there this month, but if i'm honest i really don't care.. There were three full sized items which i know i'll get a lot of use out of..

Are you subscribed to Glossybox?.. If so, what did you receive in your box this month?..

Spring Beauty | 2013

I think the best part of changing seasons is switching to new things, i love clearing out my make up and wardrobe and replacing them with products to match the seasons.
Spring and Summer time is the best part of the year for me as the darker colours go away and the bright pastel and neon shades come out, it just puts me in a such a happier mood. 
I thought i'd show you all the beauty products i am loving this Spring which i have recently purchased or taken out from the back of the drawers..
I'm pretty sure your all sick to death now of constantly see'ing these on my blog by now but i cannot help myself, i love these nail polishes so much and they are possibly my favorite nail polishes of all time, i'll stop with the rambling as i've always done a full review on these.
For eyeshadows, this is going to be pretty boring but i love my Naked Basics Palette for an everyday look.. the shades are all lovely everyday wearable shades, and then my other eyeshadow palette love is the Maybelline Silk Glam Eyeshadow in Bronze Drama, i love the first 2 shades from this palette especially the gold.  I like to dab a tiny bit of gold in the centre of my eyelid to make my eyes stand out.
For my face products, i've picked my favourite blush which is the Sleek Rose Gold Blush, it's just one of those blushes that you simply cannot get enough of the shade is to die for! I've also picked the ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder in shade Turks & Caicos, i bought this last week and i've been loving this duo and wearing it everyday since. I haven't really used the Bronzing Powder as much but i've been loving the blush.
Also for face products i've been really loving the Daniel Sandler Face Primer* which i'll be reviewing really soon so i won't talk to much on this as i don't want to keep repeating myself.  I've also loved and have always loved the Rimmel Stay Matte Face Powder which i know a lot of people love, it's the perfect face powder for me as it doesn't dry my skin out to much like the other powders do and i love the matte finish it gives.
Lastly is probably my favorite subject... lip products!  I love my lip products i find myself purchasing more of them as time goes on and building up quite a collection.  I picked 6 different shades to choose from and i love them all.  I'll start with the new Revlon Lip Butters, from left to right we have Wild Watermelon, Sorbet and Juicy Papaya.  Ever since the lip butters were first launched in the UK i've been obsessing over them and when i heard they bought out new shades i was probably the first in store when they hit.  The shades are quite sheer but very buildable, very moisturising and i'm loving all three shades.  Next is the Revlon Balm Stain in Honey, i really like wearing this on days where i don't want to wear to much on the lips it's a really nice 'my lips but better' shade.  For my more bolder and brighter lipstick it has to be without a doubt the Maybelline Color Sensational in Shocking Coral and the MAC's Costa Chic.. very lovely bright but not to over the top lipsticks.

So, these are my favourite Spring Beauty products.. what are yours?..

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Would you rather - beauty edition

Another little tag for you all today as i quite enjoy doing them.. this one has been and gone round the beauty world and as always, i'm late to the party but i wanted to still do this tag despite that.
This tag is one of those where you have to choose one or the other, as if you were stranded on a deserted island.. expect a beauty edition :)
1.) Would you rather lose all of your mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks, and lipglosses or lose all of your palettes and eyeshadows?  Without a doubt i would lose the palettes and eyeshadows, i love my lipsticks and mascaras to much to be able to give up and i could live without eyeshadows.

2.) Would you rather chop off all your hair or never be able to cut it again?  I'd never cut it again, i have such a round face that if i chopped all my hair off i would probably look like a little boy. 

3.) Would you rather have a coral cheek or a pink cheek?  Pink, all the way!  As much as i love coral shades i don't think it would suit me all year round i think coral is more of a spring/summer thing.

4.) If you had £1000 to spend, would you rather buy clothes or makeup?  Oh a toughie, i love both but i'd probably have to choose clothes, theres only a certain amount of make up i can take and £1000 is a lot of money to spend on make up.  I'd probably buy myself a nice Mulberry handbag or something..

5.) Would you rather apply lipstick as eyeliner, or eyeliner as lipstick?  Oh gosh, neither....?  If i was forced to choose i would say i'd use eyeliner as lipstick, i only wear black eyeliner so i'd have to walk around with black lips but i think that's better than having bright red eyeliner!

6.) Would you rather only shop at MAC or Sephora?  See'ing as though we don't have Sephora in the UK i would have to pick MAC..

7.) Would you rather only use one eyeshadow color or one lip color for the rest of your life?  Definitely without a doubt wear one eyeshadow for the rest of my life, i think you can really change a look with just lipstick so that was an easy answer for me..

8.) Would you rather wear winter clothes in summer or summer clothes in winter?  Oh Man, really?  I hate being to hot or to cold, i would probably wear summer clothes in winter.. even though i'll freeze to death but i'd hide underneath my blanket!

9.) Would you rather have dark nails or bright nails all year round?  Bright nails! I hate having dark nails it really puts my mood down, i love having bright bold and happy colours.. and having it all year round would be amazing!

10.) Would you rather give up your favorite lip product or your favorite eye product?  This is a toss up between Benefit's They're Real Mascara or MAC Costa Chic right now, for a change i'm going to pick my mascara.. i love that mascara so much and would pick it over MAC's Costa Chic any day.

11.) Would you rather only be able to wear your hair in a ponytail or a messy bun?  Messy bun, on days off my hairs always thrown up in a messy bun i hardly ever wear my hair in a pony tail nowadays..

12.) Would your rather never be able to paint your nails again or never use lipgloss?  Never use lipgloss, oh god i can't imagine life without nail polish.. i'm okay with losing the lipgloss as i'm a lipstick lover anyway.

13.) Would you rather shave your eyebrows and have none at all or sharpie them in everyday?  Noway would i use a sharpie so i would shave them off and probably fill them in with some brow powder or pencil, no sharpie is touching my eyebrows!

14.) Would you rather live without makeup or nail polish?  I'm fine without nail polish as i can go week/months without wearing it but i can't go without make up as i wear make up on a day to day basis..  Plus i own more make up than i do nail polish so it makes more sense to me to lose the nail polish..

So that was my 'would you rather - beauty edition'.. I hope you enjoyed this little tag, please do let me know if you have also done this tag as i would love to read your answers :)

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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

NOTD: Flower nails

I got bored over the weekend and felt inspired to do a flower nail art of some sort and came up with this, it took me around 20 minutes to do but i love the finished design.
The flowers were really simple to do, i normally do a dot in the middle and five dots surrounding the middle dot.. if that makes any sense.  I started by painting each finger with OPI Alpine Snow* and painted my ring finger with Barry M's Gelly hi-shine in Greenberry
For the flowers i used shades, Dragon Fruit, Prickly Pear and Blueberry from the Barry M Gelly hi-shine collection and using a few bobby pins to dot, i then used Miners Sunny Side Up* to dot the inside of each flower.  Finished with Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat.

What do you think of this nail art?

Monday, 15 April 2013

Models Own Fruit Pastel Nail Polish - Apple Pie

Newest to the Models Own collection comes the scented fruit pastel nail polishes, with 5 shades in total all lovely pastel shades..  Another new release to get very excited about indeed.. it's not long after the neon shades were released that they released these babies to! - or maybe these came before the neon shades?.. i can't remember.
But, anyway the collections are great and always worth checking out if your ever near them.. i couldn't help myself of course, i never can when it comes to new things especially nail polish.. I picked up Blueberry Muffin and Apple Pie.  Apple pie is a lovely mint green, and if you know me well you'll know that i am a complete sucker for anything mint green, the shade is perfect for Spring/Summer and i cannot wait to wear this more in the Summer. The scent is gorgeous, it actually does smell like Apple's,.. i would say that the scent doesn't stay on your nails for long, after a few hand washes the scent faded (as i would have expected)  I would say it does take a good 2-3 coats to get a decent shade but if your impatient like me, just apply a top coat and your ready to go..

What do you think of the new Models Own Fruit Pastel Collection? Will you be picking any of these nail polishes up?..

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Today's Look - Sunday #2

Today's been a lovely hot sunny day for us so i've been walking around in a t-shirt for once.. My hairs bunged up in a bun and i've started wearing tinted moisturiser again.
I've spent most of my Sunday trying to chill out, i say 'trying' because it's becoming quite stressful for the family lately.. not going to go into detail but i'm now off to see my brother and sister to spend some quality time with them.

I hope your all enjoying the sunshine today!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Models Own Fruit Pastel Nail Polish - Blueberry Muffin

Newest to the Models Own collection comes the scented fruit pastel nail polishes, with 5 shades in total all lovely pastel shades..  Another new release to get very excited about indeed.. it's not long after the neon shades were released that they released these babies to! - or maybe these came before the neon shades?.. i can't remember.
But, anyway the collections are great and always worth checking out if your ever near them.. i couldn't help myself of course, i never can when it comes to new things especially nail polish.. I picked up Blueberry Muffin as i thought it was a lovely pastel blue, something which i don't have in my collection and i've fallen in love.. the shade is perfect for Spring/Summer and i cannot wait to wear this more.. The scent is gorgeous, it actually does smell like Blueberry's, not sure on the 'muffins' part but nonetheless it smells just like Blueberry's. I would say it does take a good 2-3 coats to get a decent shade but if your impatient like me, just apply a top coat and your ready to go..

What do you think of the new Models Own Fruit Pastel Collection? Will you be picking any of these nail polishes up?..

Friday, 12 April 2013

Models Own Ice Neon - Pink Punch

Newest to the Models Own collection is the Ice Neon range, really bright neon shades which are so bright that they even have their own specifically designed frosted bottles that need to be refrigerated to keep the intensity of the colour fading!  Unlike their other collections the Ice Neon collection is inspired  by the trick of keeping glow sticks in the fridge to make the glow of the sticks last longer. 
I picked up Pink Punch whilst out shopping this week, i wanted to try one of these neon nail polishes but the other shades didn't really appeal to me and i don't mind owning more pink nail polishes.
You can wear this nail polish alone for a more matte finish, even though i would say it's more semi-matte than a full matte finish, or you could apply a top coat for a more glossy and stand out look.
As with the whole refrigerating concept, i honestly don't think you need to keep it refrigerated to keep the intensity of the colour.. if you ever used to put glow sticks in the fridge then you will know that it didn't always work.. I'm not saying it would or wouldn't work but to me, it just seems like one of those things that beauty brands do to make the product more appealing..

What do you think of the new Models Own Ice Neon collection?

Thursday, 11 April 2013

What's inside my everyday make up bag?

If you read my post on my new Alphabet Make Up Bag you'll know that i was lucky enough to receive this gorgeous new Initial make up bag from Not On The High Street..  So i thought today i would show you what i carry in my everyday make up bag and how i store it in my make up bag.. I normally only carry one of each product, so one lipstick, one concealer, one face powder etc.. I don't carry foundation around with me, if i'm rushing around i normally apply a moisturiser and foundation first and then take my make up bag in the car with me...  I do also carry a few extra lip products in my handbag with me so that i have a choice of colours if i want to switch it up, but for my everyday choice of lipstick i use MAC's Creme Cup.  The way i like to store my make up in my make up bag is to have the palette's or the compact items at one side of the bag, and the rest of the stuff on the other side of the bag (shown in picture).. There's an inside pocket in this make up bag in which i like to use to store a couple of tissues or wipes so i can easily clean my hands on the go if need be.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - Silky Beige
Collection 2000 Concealer - Medium
Anastasia Illumin8 Bronzer
Sleek Rose Gold Blush
ELF Eyeshadow Primer
Urban Decay Basics Palette - shades: Naked 2 and Faint
Avon Eyeliner - Blackest Black
Benefit They're Real Mascara
KOJI Eyelash Curlers
MAC Brun Eyeshadow
MAC Brow Set
MAC Creme Cup

What items are in your everyday make up bag?

Beauty Things i suck at!

I've been seeing this tag go around the blogging world lately so i thought i'd give it a go see'ing as though i do really enjoy reading these types of tags.
If you have done this tag on your blog/made a video feel free to leave links as i'd love to have a nosey at what other people suck at when it comes to beauty (plus, it's nice not to feel alone on the subject lol).

I think this is probably the number one thing i suck at, i don't know what it is but i can't ever seem to get them right, they always look odd and they never match.. I've always had really thin eyebrows (i get it from the mother) so it's really hard to get a good shape and when i'm filling them in i always think that one eyebrow is longer than the other.

I cannot get along with false lashes, it takes me forever to put them on and when i do manage to get one eyelash on i cannot seem to match it on the other eye. I can apply them fine on someone else but cannot for the life of me put them on myself..

This isn't to say i don't take my make up off, i just don't do it the right way.. i know people are going to kill me for saying this but i am SO lazy when it comes to taking make up off, i don't have the patience to get some cotton pads and soak them, blah! I use baby wipes or any other face wipes, i know that it's so bad for your skin but i cannot help myself..

Haha, i know what your all thinking... what?!.. Yes smokey eyes are so easy to do, but for me they are a pain in the backside, i kind of just make it up as i go along.. i used to be able to do them at one stage but i haven't really worn a smokey eye in a so long that i've kinda forgotten.. so every time i come to do it, i apply the first shade then i apply a darker shade in the crease but it always looks so wrong and uneven.

So those are what i suck at when it comes to beauty things, what are yours?
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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

DIY Splattered nails

I've always wanted to do something different with my nails, i'm a bit boring when it comes to doing my nails.. normally only sticking to the one shade and maybe if i'm feeling a bit daring add a bit of sparkle on the index nail.  I cannot for the life of me do any sort of nail art, i see all these amazing bloggers who just whiz though nail art like they are painting a picture.. the last time i attempted anything like that i got nail polish up my arm (how does that could even happen?)
I tried to work with just two colours, and this is what i came up with.. i'll be doing more nail art/DIY nails in the future as i've set myself a challenge to do more..
I started by grabbing some nail wheels and testing which two shades to put together that would look the best, i wanted the colours to almost clash.. i would suggest doing the same so that you can get a rough idea of what you want..

- Step 1 Paint your nails with one or two coats of your first chosen colour and leave to dry for a few minutes. (Model's Own Neon - Pink Punch)

- Step 2 Next paint your nails with your second choice of colour (Barry M - Greenberry)

- Step 3 Whilst your second choice of colour is still wet, start dabbing it with some cling film (shown above) or press lightly on the nail.. If you wanted to add another shade then do so, just repeat this step.

- Step 4 Go over your nail with a top coat

- Step 5 Lastly, clean up any areas that need it, use a cotton bud and nail polish remover and go around the edges..

So there we have it a very quick and simple nail art, with minimal tools and you can be as messy as you like.. This quick and easy nail art took me around 10minutes to do in total and i simply love the effect it gives, i cannot wait to try this out with more colours.

What do you think of the splattered nail art?.. Will you be giving this a go?..

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

When i had saw Urban Decay release this palette, i almost did a little squeal  i love my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette which i reviewed here, and as much as i love all the shades in both the Naked and Naked 2 palette i enjoyed using the more matte shades over the shimmer shades.  This mini version of the Naked palette is full of matte shades, well 5 to be precise and one shimmer shade - Venus.. also with 4 new and never-seen-before shades.
I've been using this palette every day since i got it and have almost neglected my beloved Naked 2 palette but who can blame me, right?
As always with the Naked palette's all shades are extremely pigmented and easy to work with, this time round the palette is a rubbery packaging inside of the tin type packaging, and as expected has the 'basics'..  All eyeshadows are neutral and lovely everyday wearable shades, my favourites and the shades i've been wearing every single day so far are; Venus (for a base and to highlight the brow bone), Naked 2 for an all over shades and Faint for the outer corners.

What are your thoughts on the Urban Decay Basics palette?.. 
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