Sunday, 31 March 2013

Latest in Beauty The Estée Lauder Discovery Box

Something to get excited about girls, this will probably blow you away.. it did for me anyway..  For a limited time only, Latest in Beauty are offering 6 mini samples from Esteé Lauder which if you haven't tried this high end brand yet, now is the perfect time to start with a few of their luxury samples branded the 'hottest must-haves' all in one very appealing box.. hurry though, because these are selling out quick and you really do-not want to miss out!
I've been following Latest in Beauty on twitter for a while now so when they tweeted about this box, i didn't hesitate and clicked 'buy now' almost instantly..  It's a little more expensive to other beauty boxes such as Glossy Box and Birch Box, but seriously.. for under £15 you get some of the top best high end samples from Esteé Lauder and not only that the samples are quite a generous size compared to other samples and bigger than the one's you would probably get from the counters.. 
Also with the box theres a card which invites you and two of your friends to pop along your nearest Esteé Lauder counter to enjoy a free complimentary make up and skin care consultation as well as a free 10 day sized sample of foundation..
This one brand box is great and allows us to try the brand's best selling products, products we may not have ever thought to try, especially for me as i've never tried anything from Esteé Lauder and this is the perfect way to start out..

- Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean Splash Away Foaming Cleanser (30ml)
- Estée Lauder Hydrationist Maximum Moisture Creme (5ml)
- Estée Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator (7ml)
- Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara (2.8ml)
- Estée Lauder Sensous Nude Eau de Parfum (4ml)
- Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean Fresh Balancing Lotion (30ml)

Overall a great little beauty box! - I reckon they should do more boxes like this..  What do you think?

March Favourites | 2013

Can you believe this?... i'm actually early for once with my monthly favourites... this never happens!
Anyway, i'm prepared and i've spent a couple of days scheduling blog posts for through-out the week so i've been a very busy bee,  i love nothing more than sitting down by my mac and just catching up on my favorite blogs and getting some post's written up, and this month i have lots of new products which i am loving! 

I'll start with the three products i've been using on my hair, i like to wash my hair every other day of the week so when i feel like my hair needs a little 'pick me up' i always reach for a Batiste Dry Shampoo, the one i've been loving this month is 'wild' it's not one of my favorites from the Batiste range but i do really like it, i love this more for the volume it gives my hair more than the scent, wouldn't say the scent was anything special but nonetheless i do like it! - Everytime i get out the shower i like to use my Phil Smith Tame The Frizz Serum, i put 2 pumps of this into my hands rub together and apply through my hair and ends, i love this serum and have been using this for years.  And lastly for hair, i received this TRESemmé hair spray with my Glossybox (post here) and already has this so thought i'd show it in a favorites post see'ing as though i do use this daily.. i've been using this hairspray for a while now and really like it, i especially use it when i've curled my hair as i find it really keeps the curls in and gives it a strong hold, as it states on the bottle!

Ah the La Roche Effaclar Duo, such a love/hate relationship with this product, first i hated it then i loved it, then hated it again now i love it! - This product is said to reduce the appearance of imperfections and purifie pores, when i first used this.. it broke me out (it's apparently common) but i carried on using it despite that, after a few days my skin had cleared up and i really noticed such a big difference after - this really is a wonder product. 
Oh my god, when did the Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted Perfume release in the UK?.. nobody told me this.. or has it still not been released?.. anyway, i managed to get my hands on it through Cheap Smells, they are complete God sends.. after writing my post on the first Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Perfume (post here) i did a quick google search to see if it was available in the UK and to my surprise i managed to find it at Cheap Smells.. Yippeee! - This scent is just gorgeous, such a girlie fruity scent.. it's supposed to be the midnight scent to Wonderstruck but i love wearing this during the day. My new favorite scent!

I'll start with the 2 lipsticks i've been loving, they are both bold shades, a bold pink and a bold red.  For the bold pink it has to be the Maybelline NY Supercolor Stay in Stay with me coral.. and for the bold red it definetly goes to Oriflame Demi Moore in Coral Red.. On days off from work i love switching between the two, i got complimented a lot for the Demi Moore lipstick as it's so bright and it really gives your lips that pop of colour, i just really love the both of them and have been wearing both lipsticks a lot this month..
For eyeshadow, as a base i've been using the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Eternal Gold paired with the Maybelline Silk Glam Eyeshadow in Bronze Drama, i've never really thought of using a base for my eyeshadows well not the Maybelline Colour Tattoo's anyway but after hearing a lot of bloggers talk about these for months i finally gave in and purchased one and my of my does it make a big difference!
Okay and lastly i've been loving both of my Sleek Blushes, i featured my other one in my last favourites post so didn't think i'd need to mention it again, but also this month i've been loving the Sleek Blush in Life's a Peach, it's just the perfect Spring/Summer blush shade, i've been wearing this with a natural no-make-up look and a bold lip. - Love it!

That's my favourite's for this month, what's been your favourites?

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Wishful Home Thinking

We all have an idea of how we want our dream home to look – and Pinterest certainly doesn’t help, especially all these gorgeous home boards that are all over on Pinterest. Neither does the current economic climate really, but a girl can dream, right?
If I had a bigger budget, I really wouldn’t mind replacing my old furniture with new, pretty ones. Fads for example offer some gorgeous beds. I would wrap fairy lights around the bedframe. How cute would that be?! Tinkerbell style haha! But then £102 is so hefty, isn’t it!
And browsing their website, I realised that maybe having a non-traditional, bit unusual wallpaper might be a nice idea too. Doesn’t even have to be a crazy pattern, just a nice break from the norm would be nice, wouldn’t it?

And which girl doesn’t dream of a walk-in wardrobe, let alone one that looks like this?!?! 

How would you decorate your home if you could go ahead without any budget limits? Please let me know

*Guest post
Images taken from Pinterest + Fads

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Skulls and Crosses - Phone Cases

I just wanted to show you all my new phone cases, just how gorgeous are these?  I ordered these around 2 weeks ago and they arrived in the post today, i am in love with both of them! - Currently have the skull case on my phone right now. 
I ordered both cases from a seller in China from Etsy, for some reason every time i click onto their profile to link it comes up with an error but if you just type it in on Etsy lot's of other sellers have simular/same cases to. -i've tried to link the seller above but if it doesn't work then sorry.
Both cases came to $13.49 with $3.50 shipping, so total it came up to $16.99 which was around £11.60, such a bargain if you ask me!
I love them both so much and had to share with you all my new phone case candies.

What do you think of these phone cases? will you be making a sneaky purchase to?

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Molly Mabel Popband | Hair and wrist candy

Okay, let's face it.. why in the world would you pay up to £5 for a hair band when you can just buy the cheap and cheerful one's.. you know, the pack from Primark for just £1..  Well, i'll tell you why.. i wear a hair bobble/band on my wrist every single day..  i tie my hair up to eat, to do my make up, to brush my teeth etc.. so having a hairband on me at all time's is necessary and i feel a little lost without one on my wrist.
I've only ever heard of Molly Mabel through a magazine i read a couple of month's back but thinking to myself i really want to try one of those..
The benefits of these are that they are so easy to use, you use them how you would normally use them and they hold your hair up tight like a normal hair band, they don't put any kinks in your hair like an ordinary hair band would, they don't hurt on your wrists.. because i wear my hairbands on my wrists i do notice these little things and with other hair bands they leave a tight mark on my wrists.. well these don't.. and let's be real here.. they look so much prettier in your hair and on your wrist.
I believe these gem hair bands are sold on their own for £5 each but you can buy packs of them for around the same price with or without the gems..

What do you think of these?  Would you wear them?

Monday, 25 March 2013

Spring Mani | NOTD

I wanted to try something different with my nails for Spring time, after a few attempts i finally ended up with this.. i like how it's different to what i would normally wear on my nails and it's actually really easy to do.. (with some help of some selleotape) 
I started by applying the colours first, i used the 2 Barry M Gelly Nail Paints for my 4 fingers and rotated between the both, then applied Barry M Mint Green on the thumb nail, added some sparkle just to the tips where i painted and applied my Mega Shine Top Coat by Sally Hansen and that finished the look.

- Nail polishes:
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine - Blueberry
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine - Prickly Pear
Barry M - Mint Green
Barry M - Diamond Glitter
Sally Hansen - Mega Shine Top Coat

What do you think of my Spring Mani?

Friday, 22 March 2013

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Perfume Review

I'm a huge fan of Taylor Swift so when Wonderstruck was first released i knew for an instant that i had to have the perfume, i didn't even need to get a sample of the perfume cos i knew i would just love it... and i do!
I received mine as a gift at Christmas from the lovely boyfriend and i've been wearing it almost everyday since, this has become my signature perfume..
I am rubbish at describing scent's but this scent is somewhat sweet but a little sour at the same time.. it's quite fruity with the top note's of the perfume being Freesia, Green Tea, Apple Blossom, Raspberry and Dewberry. 
I've always been a floral/fruity scent type of girl so i knew i would love this perfume, i would say it's more for the summer time but i love wearing this perfume on a day to day basis.. 
As for the bottle it's even more stunning in real life than in photo's, it's a purple bottle which has a holographic finish and the charms dangling from the neck of the perfume are inspired my Taylor Swifts love of birdcages, and the stars on her ceiling at home..
Her second perfume Wonderstruck Enchanted is due out sometime this year which i'm dying to get my hands on..

Have you smelt Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck perfume?..

Thursday, 21 March 2013

NOTD: Tea Rose by Demi Moore

Only a short while ago Demi Moore did a collaboration with Oriflame and released her line of lipsticks, nail polishes and a make-up palette compact with 4 eyeshadows, 2 lip glosses a highlighter and a blush.  I ordered both a nail polish and a lipstick, my mother in law actually works with Oriflame so i ordered from her, she owns the make up palette from the Demi Moore range.
I picked up this nail polishes as i wanted a nude polish i could wear to work, this is perfect and the texture is thick and creamy but dries well and within a few minutes.
The shade is a brown nude with gold undertones and it has slight hints of shimmer inside, i also really love the packaging of these, a nice clear glass bottle with a gold screw top.

Have you seen the new Demi Moore collaboration with Oriflame?

- i ordered this nail polish from my mother in law who works with Oriflame, you can also order from her to, email:

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

February Favorites | 2013

[swatches - Sleek Rose Gold Blush • Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain - Crush  MAC Brun Eyeshadow ]

I cannot believe how late i am with my monthly favorites.. my head has been elsewhere lately and i had just complete forgotten all about my monthly favorites, anyway enough said.. here's my monthly favorites from the month of February..
I'll start with my face products, i've been absolutely loving the Garnier Moisture Match Face Cream, my one is for dry skin as believe it or not i have dry skin! - i've almost used mine all up that's how much i love it, and already ordered a back up of this, i'm so glad i found a new face cream which i love and works well with my dry skin i find it so hard nowadays to found a good cream that works well with my skin but this is just perfect..
For foundations, i've been loving my Maybelline Fit Me foundation.. i picked this up from my local Tesco's at the end of January and have been using this everyday since.. i love the consistency of this foundation, it feels quite lightweight on my skin and the coverage is medium/heavy which i really like, and it gives me a radiant glow.  For my cheek's i've been using the Sleek Rose Gold Blush, i don't know if anyone else had problems getting hold of this but i struggled for around 6month's trying to get my hands on it, every superdrugs i went in it was sold out everywhere! - it got to a stage where i just gave up and forgot all about it.. but i did manage to get my hands on it in the end from the Superdrugs website when they also had free delivery for Valentines day so i quickly snapped this up and i'm so so glad i did, just look how gorgeous it is!
Lastly for the face products, i picked up the Maybelline Lumi Touch Concealer in December last year and still hadn't got round to using it, i've ran out of my much loved Collection 2000 concealer so i thought now was the best time to try new concealers, i actually really like this concealer i think it is very simular to the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer in terms of coverage and consistency.. 
For my brow's, i've been adding new brow products each month into my routine as i think the brows are important, i picked up the MAC Brow Gel a couple months back and also picked up MAC's Brun eyeshadow to fill in my brows.. i think the two products work really well with each other and i've been loving how my brows look lately due to these two.
Okay, this is probably no surprise to anyone, but yes.. i purchased the Benefit They're Real Mascara, after month's and month's of using my L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara which i still love, i did up buying the Benefit mascara and yes, it is amazing! - like everyone has raved, it is a bloody good mascara! i love it.. need i say more?
I've only been using a few products on my lips this month but my favourite has been the Revlon Balm Stain in the shade Crush, i just think this is the perfect shade for the spring.. i really like the texture of these balm stains and they are also really moisturising.
And lastly, my Tangle Teezer.. i simply cannot live without it.. i've been using mine for a few month's now and i've really noticed a difference in my hair.. it doesn't tug at my hair when i brush it, it's also kept my hair a lot healthy than my old brush so the Tangle Teezer gets a huge thumbs up from me!

What's in your monthly favorite's?

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Glossybox City Chic | March 2013

Glossybox - £12.95
"This month's Glossybox is all about City Chic - that glossy, groomed look city girls miraculously manage to maintain from boardroom to barstool.  To help you perfect the look, we tried and tested until we found the hardest-working, multi-tasking, heavy-duty products that give you a high-maintenance look with minimum time, money and effort spent.  For the ultimate in cosmopolitan chic, every urban warrior needs these essentials in her arsenal."

Every month at Glossybox there seems to be a theme, and this month's theme is 'City Chic'..  Now i'm far from a city chic more of a country girl.. despite that i love the whole city chic look.
This box personally is probably my favorite box out of the one's i've received..  i actually love all the products inside for a change..
I'll start with the TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray, now i actually own the full sized version of this already and have been using this for month's.  I love how lightweight it feels on your hair, it doesn't weigh it down at all and i love the staying power of this.  I've been using TRESemmé for years now and this hairspray definitely doesn't disappoint, i'm glad that i received a sample size of this as i can now carry it in my handbag.
Another product i have loved and i'm sure a lot of you have also, is the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, oh my god is this amazing or what?.. i use mine for my dry lips, my boyfriend also uses this and loves it.  So many bloggers rave about this product and i'm glad that i received a sample of this before i went out and bought the full size.. It is absolutely amazing, i apply a small pea size amount on my lips before i go to sleep and when i wake up my lips are smooth and non-dry. I am ordering the full size of this as soon as this runs out.
Also for lip's is the Jelly Pong Pong Lip Brush, a moisturising lip stain which reminds me a lot of the Revlon Balm Stains, i received the shade Cranberry, a deep plumy red. I would say the staying power is average, it does rub off quite easily for me in my opinion but an all round good lip stain.
Now for the nails, i got a little excited for this one to.. not so much excited about the shade as i own a lot of red's already but more on the fact that i had received a Nails Inc polish, i received the shade St James which as you can see is a plain red.  I only own a few nail polishes from Nails Inc as they are a tad expensive, the only problem i found with this polish was that it took a little longer than usual to dry, i ended up applying a quick dry top coat to speed up the process.
Lastly for the products, i received a sample of the Juicy Couture - Couture La La Eau De Parfum, i've never tried or owned a Juicy Couture perfume so was a little excited to receive this sample, i would describe the scent to be floral and feminine a very grown up scent.. i liked this but i don't think i like it enough to go out and purchase the full size.. it's a nice scent.. just not a scent i'd pick for myself.
And lastly for the bonus item, we all received a little traveling book, filled with information of loads of different cities.. i actually really enjoyed reading this and will keep this handy for when i ever go traveling.. inside the traveling book we also received some cool stickers which most have used to decorate their Glossybox, me on the other hand have stuck them all over my notepad and i love it!

TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray - Full size 500ml, £4.69
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream - Full size 50ml, £25
Jelly Pong Pong Lip Brush - Full size £12
Nails Inc St James - Full size £11
Juicy Couture Couture La La - Full size 100ml, £63

Are you subscribed to Glossybox?  What did you think of this month's box?

Beauty inspired phone cases

It seems as though everyone has gone crazy for these beauty-inspired phone cases, and what beauties they are as well.  I mean what girl doesn't want a beauty inspired phone case?..
I love the fact they have one for almost every high end brand.. my favorite has to be the Chanel, NARS and YSL one's.  These phone cases have become extremely popular in the beauty world and i can definitely see why, the above phone cases are for iphone's but i'm sure if you type your make and model of your phone they'll most likely have one for your phone to.   They cheapest phone case is only around £6.80 and the most expensive being around £11.50.. pretty average if you ask me.. average for a phone case anyway..

What do you make of these beauty-inspired phone cases?

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Goodbye Google Reader..

I'm pretty sure you've all heard already, and i'm sorry that i'm just repeating what everyone else is saying.. but yes, it has been confirmed that Google Reader will no longer be available as of July 1st. 
This is something that has upset a lot of people.. me being one of them...
I've used Google Reader for years, i gained my first follower from Google Reader.. and now they are taking it away.
Although it hasn't been mentioned yet, i'm guessing Google Friend Connect will also be gone soon, if you haven't noticed already, they've basically hidden the followers in the "add a gadget" page in blogger.. and i'm pretty sure that's something to do with Google Reader and the change...

If you are as unhappy about this as most of us are, you can sign this petition to try to get Google to continue running the service.

So.. here we are all prepping for this big change, and here are a few ways you can keep connected with me.. UPDATE: HELLO COTTON WILL SOON BE GONE ALSO SO PLEASE FOLLOW ME ON BLOGLOVIN'.  THANK YOU XO

Bloglovin' - The easiest way to follow all your favourite blogs
For me, i've found using blog lovin' a whole lot easier than other sites.. and luckily for us Bloglovin' have made it so easy for us to import subscriptions..
You can use Google Takeaway to save a copy of all your subscriptions and subscribers..  Once you have that saved, you'll then need to open the file, it downloads as a zip file so once you click on the file you'll be able to use it.. You can then import all your subscriptions onto bloglovin using their import tool.  I think they have made it easier now where all you have to do it allow permission from bloglovin' to access your google account and they do the rest..

What will you do to prep for these changes?..

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Glossybox Darphin | Hydration Limited Edition Box

Almost a month ago Glossy Box had an exciting offer, a one off box for hydration or sensitive skin it was limited edition and wasn't part of the monthly subscriptions but having wanting to try out some more skincare brands i thought this would be perfect for a little taster, and if i liked the products then fantastic, if i didn't then it was no biggie..
I opted for the Hydration box which is said to offer each client a customised beauty program targeted to their needs i picked Hydration as i think that's what my skin lacks, you receive 4 sample sized products to try out as well as receiving a clear make up bag which i've already used and filled up with my on-the-go make up.
The 4 sample sized products i received were a cleansing water, a skin-hydrating serum, an all-day skin hydrating emulsion and a kiwi face mask.  I have already tried and tested all these products so i'm happy to state what works well with me and what hasn't..
I'll start with the products that did work with my skin and that was the kiwi face mask, you apply a thick layer of this all over your face and let it do it's job for 3-5 minutes then remove excess with tissue, personally i like to use this for the full 5 minutes as i feel like it's more effective that way rather than if i left it on for 3 minutes.. I used this sample size for just under a month and i've noticed a big difference in my skin but having stated that i wouldn't purchase the full size as i found that my original face masks i used previously worked so much better and were a lot cheaper but would consider purchasing maybe in the near future.
The next product that i really liked was the Cleansing Water, i used this to take my make up off a bit like the Bioderma, you soak the cotton pad and sweep this all over your face, eye's and lips until the pad appears clean.. Again, i do really like this but i prefer the Bioderma as it's cheaper again and i found that it works a lot better but i do really like this Cleansing Water.
And the last product i really liked and would consider purchasing is the All-Day Skin Hydrating Emulsion, i applied this as my moisturiser in the morning and at night and it really helped me with my dry patches i get, mainly on my cheeks and forehead, it left my skin feeling really smooth and looking really healthy.  It's not a cheap product but it does work really really well with me and i would consider purchasing the full size of this.
Lastly is the product i didn't quite get along with as much as the other's and that is the Skin-Hydrating Serum.. I've only used this product approx 3-4 times but each time it broke me out, i don't know if that's just coincidence or what but each week i'd try give this a go but the next day i would end up breaking out again, this has happened to me three time's so yeah i just think i've given up with this product.

Azahar Cleansing Micellar Water - Full size £23 / 200ml
Hydraskin Intensive Skin-Hydrating Serum - Full size £41 / 30ml
Hydraskin Essential All-Day Skin Hydrating Emulsion - Full size £32 / 50ml
Hydrating Kiwi Face Mask - Full size £29 / 75ml

What do you think of the Glossybox limited edition Darphin box? 

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Special Soap Shop

The special soap shop was created from a yearning for 2 things, a business to call her own, and something crafty to make that was fast. Therefore I researched and researched, and fell in love with soap. I’m currently just starting out so am making bath bombs and bath salts and my next big product will be bath scrubs, something that I have loved forever!
I’m currently a second year fashion student, and felt that my love of beauty and fashion could be incorporated beautifully into bath products. The colours and designs are a wonderful break from the drawing I do every day, and the making is so relaxing, it’s almost like taking a bath with one of my products!
I was really kindly offered a chance to try out these lovely bath products from Special Soap Shop, i was sent 3 bath bombs and some bath salts - from left to right,  Exotic bath bomb, Rose bath bomb, Strawberry bath bomb and Vanilla Spice bath salts..
My favorite was the Exotic bath bomb, it smells absolutely amazing.. Each bath bomb and bath salt makes your body feel really smooth after, the only downside to the bath bombs is that they don't dissolve as quickly or as well as the LUSH bath bombs but nonetheless they are still pretty amazing bath bombs.. The Vanilla Spice bath salts are also pretty good, i used the whole sample packet in the bath and used the salts to exfoliate my dry skin.. it works really well and the scent is to die for.. my favorite scent to bathe in is Vanilla so this was perfect for me.

You can check out the Special Soap Shop online 

PR Samples.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Iphone Case Wishlist

1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  //  7  //  8 //  9  //  10 //  11  
As sad as it sounds, i love collecting phone cases.   I love that you could basically pick and choose and switch up your case to whatever mood your in.  To me, you can really tell someone's personality just by what phone case they have. - i've accumulated a whole lot of phone cases over the past few years and just can't seem to stop myself from buying them.. Here are a few of my favorite phone cases which are on my wish list.. My favorite out of the lot is the Mean Girls quote (bottom left).. how funny is that!

Do you also collect phone cases?.. Which is your favorite?...

Thursday, 7 March 2013

MAC Lipstick Haul

I'll start off by saying first that i didn't purchase these all in one go, this has been over a space of a few weeks..  There really is no reason as to why i purchased these other than the fact that i've been wanting them for so long and i hadn't purchased a MAC lipstick in a while.. poxy excuse i know!
Anyway i popped into my local MAC store and you can't just 'pop in' to look, you have go round swatching all the pretty lipsticks and eyeshadows until your hands and arms are covered..  I went in there for one reason only and that was to pick up a pinky nude lipstick which i could wear for work..  Anyway i walked out with 2 lipsticks, Pink Pearl and Plink! and an eyeshadow which i've already reviewed, you can see the post here.  I then went onto the Debenhams website to see they were and are still doing 10% off beauty and fragrances.. I am a complete sucker for deals like these so i ended up making 2 separate orders, i ended up with.. Viva Glam Nicki, Costa Chic, Impassioned and Hue..
Viva Glam Nicki is actually a repurchase as i stupidly left mine on the train to London, i swear it feels like someone has ripped your heart out when you lose a lipstick you love.. It's one of my favorite lipsticks from MAC as it's the perfect barbie pink! - Costa Chic has been on my wishlist for years, i've been wanting to pick it up for so long but thought i'd never wear the lipstick but having swatched it in store i completely fell in love it's actually a really nice everyday lipstick, it's a gorgeous orangey red toned lipstick.  For the lipsticks i picked for work, Pink Pearl and Plink! i've worn everyday to work so far.. i rotate between the two depending on what i feel like on the day but they are also lovely everyday shades.. Pink Pearl is quite sheer and Plink! is more of a nude with slight pink undertones. 
I also picked up Impassioned which i did also used to own but cannot for the life of me think what happened to it?.. either i've left it on the train or i've hidden it really well but anyway i purchased another one because i really loved the shade, i love wearing this shade out on nights out it just gives your look a nice pop of color.  Lastly is Hue which is my favorite, it's so so gorgeous i honestly don't know why i didn't pick this up sooner, it's perfect for everyday wear and i've just been loving this!

Which of these lipsticks are your favorites?

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Whats in your pocket? - Friend's come first

Do you know that feeling?.. That feeling where you find money in your pocket you didn't even know you had?..  According to Money Supermarket discovering a £20 note in your pocket is at the top of the list and one of life's greatest pleasures..  
Money Supermarket set a challenge for us bloggers to see what we'd spend with our money as part of the campaign..  So here's what i did with mine.. 

I thought long and hard about what to do with my money, i could buy a new purse?... some new work shoes.. but i decided i wanted to do what's best and help by sponsoring my friend, she's is running in the Paris Half Marathon to help raise money for her chosen charity.. Macmillan Cancer Support.
After losing her grandfather a few years back after a lengthly battle with cancer she decided to do everything in her power to help raise money for the charity... I sponsored £10 towards this..
"The charity improves the lives of those affected by cancer, not just the patients but their families too. This is sadly something which affects all of us at some point in our lives, and it was the amazing work I saw the Macmillan nurses do which made me want to raise money for this cause in particular. - Emily"
Last weekend i went to London and i had the most amazing time.. you can read about my trip here..  I stayed at my favorite hotel and the staff were so so nice, we ordered room service at around 7:30pm and we were so pleased with the service and the food, the staff were amazing and so so nice.. I don't think i've ever been to a hotel where staff are that nice, with that being said i thought they deserved a good tip so i tipped them the other £10..
I know this probably seems very boring compared to other blogger's challenges but i am really proud that i thought of other's before spending the money on myself on things i could clearly live without.. and also i'm so proud of how well my friend is doing, so far she has raised £245, she's only £5 away from her target!
- I'm wishing her all the best of luck with the half marathon and i am so so proud of what she's achieved so far..
What would you do if you found £20 in your pocket?

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Life Update | Poorly, Youtube and 30 Day Shred

Hello everyone,  just a quick life update.. I haven't done one of these post's in agggeess so i think i may start doing them regularly. - Where to start?..  First, i wanted to say sorry for not posting as much lately.. the past 4days i've spent being ill, it started off as a sore throat whilst i was at work not sure what brought it on but then i started to feel dizzy, sick and then ended up getting sent home, that was on Saturday.. I've now lost my voice, developed a horrible cough and my temperature is up and down constantly.. On the plus side i am now over the worse and i feel slightly better so let's hope tomorrow will be a better day.
I also filmed a Youtube video.. Waaahooo - okay, so it didn't turn out how i wanted it.. NEVER i repeat NEVER film or attempt to film a video when your voice is practically going.. I filmed a video whilst being poorly which was a silly decision but at the time it seemed right... I'm one of these people who just cringe constantly at myself, i re-watched the video and now feel so so embarrassed i can't seem to bring myself to publish it on Youtube.. 
And lastly, i recently bought the 30 day shred with Jillian Michaels.. Everyone raved about it so much and i thought i would finally give it a go.. I'm so unfit lately that even walking up the stairs gets me out of breathe.. I shall update you all on my process as i go along. 
- I am currently loving' - the Barry M Hi-Shine Gelly Polish in Blueberry and my new GEEK change purse :)

Sunday, 3 March 2013

MAC Brow Set | Review

I didn't really think i would ever in my life purchase a brow set.. i'll tell you why, i used to think these brow set's were just clear mascara.. okay they basically are.. i just thought the whole 'brow setting' process was a bit weird and i think in my head that these brow sets would look visible on the brow.
After see'ing many other bloggers talk good things about this, i gave in and purchased it..  2 year's ago i didn't even bother with my brow's and only the past couple of years i've really started to make my brow's look a tad better.  Anyway, when i first received this i had already done my brow's so i just applied this over the top, it's a clear gel like formula which dries almost instantly once applied..
It kept my brows intact all day and you can't see the gel (that as what i was scared of).. 
Overall, a brilliant brow set.. a little pricey but worth the money in my eyes.. for a cheaper alternative you could always use a clear mascara.
You can purchase the MAC Brow Set online or in-stores retailed at £12.50.

Do you use a brow set?.. if not, would you use one?

Friday, 1 March 2013

Weekend in London

Last weekend me and the boyfriend took a trip up to London as a last Valentine thing, we had the most amazing time despite the fact that we actually just stayed in the hotel most of the time.
We stayed at Park Plaza Westminister, we've been there previously twice and loved it so we keep going back.. it's my favourite place to go to escape the craziness back home.
When we first got to London we were acting like tourists, even though we've been to London plenty of times and actually live in the UK, we just couldn't help ourselves.
- The weekend was spent chilled out in the hotel room with lots of room service, a great view of the London Eye(see last pic) and just enjoying each others company.
London is by far the best place to visit in the UK, and the next time i'll be there is for London IMATS.. Anyone else going?

Have you been to London before?.. 
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