Sunday, 22 December 2013

SteamCream - All In One Natural Moisturiser

With the ridiculously cold and miserable weather lately it's safe to say that my skin has been playing up... a lot.
I've actually found myself reaching for the thickest face creams and even started using body butters and creams to keep my skin moisturised when normally i don't need to. - Lazy i know but my skin has never really been to' drying.
The product i've been reaching for non-stop lately is this little tin of goodness from StreamCream*, this fell into my hands at the perfect time.. not only was this a coincidence that i actually received another one of these from my YouBeauty advent calendar but i also got one sent to me in the post on the same day!
Now the thing i dislike about this time of the year is that i cannot tell how much hot water i am putting in my bath, or how hot my showers really are because to me it feels normal but when i look at the temperature of the water instead of it being set to 5 normally, it's now up to 8.
So, with that being said.. my skin has become so dry as it's went from freezing cold to hotter water being poured onto it and when i come out of the shower, dried myself off and within an hour my skin is ridiculously dry so this has been my little life saviour these past couple of weeks and i'm literally addicted to applying this.
The scent reminds me a little of Sudocream when you first apply it and eventually when it's settled into the skin it smells like soft lavender.. It's amazing for face, body and hands.. i don't apply this onto my face as i fear it'll probably irritate it as my skin is extremely sensitive right now, however it's been amazing for my body and hands.
The consistency is thick but not to thick and it applies really well, dries extremely quick to and keeps my skin moisturised all day. These tins come in all different designs, this design is due to launch in January.. All designs have the same scent, it's one cream in different tin designs.

The SteamCream all in one natural moisturisers are available to purchase online for £12.95 -


  1. This sounds like really good stuff - I definitely need some since my skin is feeling the effects of the weather at the moment too!

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

    1. It's like a god send product, works really well on dry skin. You should definitely look into getting it :) xx

  2. Last year in my Latest in Beauty advent calendar I got a tin of the SteamCream! I love how the tins are so decretive and the cream is a life saver for my hands and areas of dry skin. So soft and conditioning.

  3. I feel like I do need this product in my life! I have extremely dry skin and it only goes downhill when the weather gets colder. This seems like a lovely product! I'm tempted to try it :)

    Valérie //

  4. I agreed with you in this cold weather we really need to moisturize our skin. We have to choose a good moisturizing cream that suits your skin and doesn’t let your skin greasy. I have been using Clinique moisturizer for years and now I am very fond of it.


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