Thursday, 5 December 2013

Sponsored Video: J2O Glitterberry

This Christmas, the makers of the ever so popular drink J2O have an agenda: To ensure partygoers everywhere to keep on sparkling.. without an awkward moment in sight and trust me i think all of us here have had one of those moments.
So with the help of their little and adorable Cockney Party Pug, Harry, this year Christmas partygoers can't put a foot wrong.. With the loveable Harry narrating the must-watch Christmas video and a highly addictive Facebook App with an hilarious personalisation feature at his heart, J2O are certainly spreading a little a lot of Christmas cheer this year.
So let's meet Harry shall we?.. In 1993, Harry was living the dream.. A star and a man's best friend, he was the right hand pug of a East End baddie.. So not only a villain but a loveable pup to.
Soon, Harry was living his pug life on and off screen, nights out in town, pimping it up with a string of bitches.. The pug sure knew how to party.
But years down the line and having blown one to many party poppers, eventually the producers just couldn't take the bad dog behaviour any longer and let poor Harry go..  Out in the cold, career down the drainpipes and his reputation in tatters...
Flash forward 20 years and now poor Harry is begging for roles, it's a sad sight for sore eyes but like most dogs.. he's got to make ends meet.
So he bites the bullet and takes on a role with a supermarket opening and makes the odd night club appearance...
Then came along the role of J2O's Christmas Narrator, where a Party Pug was just what the doctor ordered.. He already knows the party rules and he's ready to share them with you this Christmas so here are a few rules to get you started.
Of course, i've got to mention the drink! With one in hand as i type this, sadly my last bottle. Note to self, i must stock up!
Make J2O your drink of your festive toasts, with a deep berry gleam and a faint sparkle of glitter.. Not just pretty on the outside but taste delicious on the inside and yes, it is safe to drink glitter.. Don't worry i asked the boyfriend.

Go check out the video and for more info check out the J2O's website and J2O's Facebook Page.
*This post has been sponsored by J2O


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