Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Skinbreeze Hydro Mask For Intensive Skin Hydration

The Skinbreeze Hydro Mask*, a soothing and calming mask that claims to immediately reduce appearance of skin redness and irritation - The mask contains intensive moisturising properties that replenish sun damaged and dehydrated.  The mask also contains powerful antioxidant ingredients and helps to smooth and soften appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Now this is the first time i've used any mask like this and i was a little skeptical at first, i'm so used to clay or liquid masks that this just seemed a little out of the ordinary for me.
The mask splits into two sections, one for the bottom half of the face and one for the top part.. It's easy enough to apply, whilst you just peel back from the notched sides and take the mask out the packaging.. You then unfold each section of the mask and apply directly onto your cleansed face and leave the mask on your face for 10-20minutes.
The jelly textured mask has an intensive cooling effect and rosey scent which once applied feels so soothing on the skin, however i did counter a few problems with trying to keep the mask on my face for the duration so i managed to keep it on my face for 15minutes exactly. 
The removal was just as simple as the application, however it doesn't state on the instructions to rinse your face afterwards which i did end up doing.
I didn't notice any immediate change to my skin, in the morning though i did see a brighter and smoother complexion and my skin felt and looked more hydrated.
The down side to this is that it's only a one-time use mask which is also great for tackling all the annoying effects of the winter weather on your skin, another thing i noticed is that it's a little drying after use, i have dry skin and found that this mask made my skin a little more dry afterwards so applying a rich moisturiser is definitely a must.

I haven't managed to find where they sell these online or if they even do, i know you'll be able to find them in selected salons and you'll be able to find more info online at Skinbreeze where they do other amazing treatments to, well worth checking out -

Update: You can buy the masks individually from any of the treatment clinics.  Go to to find the clinic nearest to you.

Have you tried the Skinbreeze Hydro Mask before or any other mask similar to this?..


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