Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Orofluido Hairspray

Over the past 2 or so years of blogging i've never really spoke about hairsprays, purely because i never used to use a hairspray in my hair routine and instead of spritzing hair spray over my freshly curled hair i would simply leave it and let the curls slowly drop out.
However, this past year i've been really getting back into using hairsprays again, weather that's to tame away my fly-ways or to make my curls last longer, i honestly don't know how i lived without hairspray before!
My current favourite and new to the hairspray collection is the Orofluido Hairspray*, i've heard plenty of great reviews of the brand Orofluido in general so had high hopes for the hairspray.
This hairspray unlike the cheaper one's i've bought and tried from supermarkets performs way better than any other hairsprays i've tried in the past, it's fast drying and holds my curls in all day without making my hair feel crisp, instead the fine spray leaves my hair smooth, smelling fresh and most importantly gets rid of any pesky little fly-aways.
The hairspray has a gorgeous scent of Vanilla and Amber which smells divine and gives you that amazing feeling that you've just come out of a hairdressers each time.
I definitely wouldn't say this is a cheap hairspray coming in at £9.56, nor would i say it's expensive i'd say it's about average and around the same price i would look for if i was looking for a decent strong hold hairspray.

The Orofluido Hairspray is available to purchase at wantthelook.com

Have you tried any products from Orofluido? If so, which is your favourite?..


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