Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmas with LUSH

Whilst browsing my local LUSH store the other day, i say local when it's actually 45-50 miles away from me.. However i am extremely happy that they are opening a store near me.. Finally! You don't understand how long i've been waiting for this.
As much as we hate to avoid it, Christmas is everywhere right now and unfortunately for me i have to start my present shopping extremely early considering i have 16 people to buy for! 
Anyway i popped into LUSH to pick up a few favourites and saw they had started to bring out the Christmas specials. 
For soaps, i spotted Snow Globe out the corner of my eye and at first i didn't see much to it, however i had to pick it up just to see if there was actually white chocolate buttons inside(there isn't) it's actually a blue soap with white balls of soap inside and it smells really lovely.. This has a sweet citrus/lemon scent to it.
Next is the Angel's Delight soap, this possibly the most prettiest and most eye catching soap i have ever come across, can we just take a moment to admire how bloody amazing that soap looks..
This is said to be one of LUSH's Christmas bestsellers and i can see why it has a gorgeous sweet fruity smell, anyway who cares if the soap smells good or not it'll look good on my dressing table!
Now here's no surprise.. The number 1 best selling LUSH product for Christmas.. of course the Snow Fairy Shower Gel is back!  I need to stock up on this asap. This is by far my favourite all time shower gel, i wish they kept this as part of their main collection. Not only is it pink, but it's also sparkly and smells deliciously fruity. 
Moving on from the shower gel to the Snow Fairy Sparkle Bar, when i first saw this in stores i fell in love with how bright and vibrant the massage bar was.. Not only was it a cute little angel but it also has sparkles in it too! This smells exactly the same as the shower gel, very fruity.
Onto something which i just used, like 20minutes ago.. The Luxury Lush Pud, this has probably become my new favourite bath bomb of the year. If you remember the old Lil' Lush Pud - (my review here) well this year LUSH decided to give the bath bomb a luxurious make over. The new lush pud is now purple with pink, green, blue and yellow circles. It still keeps the Holly leaf on top.. This no turns your bath water from the old horrible brown to a lovely dark purple with hints of the other colours floating around on top.  It has a gorgeous lavender scent to it which is really calming and smells so amazing! - one downside, it stains your skin and bath tub if you sit in it to long without moving.
Another one of LUSH's best sellers for Xmas is the Magic Wand, i was tempted to pick one of these up however i had already spent enough money in LUSH.. No doubt i'll pick one of them up before they go again.. This has the exact same scent as the Snow Fairy shower gel only in a form of a bubble bar for those who like to bathe.
The last, and also one i picked up and have used already is the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar, this again drew me in because of the vibrant pink with the pink mist.. the scent reminds me of the Snow Fairy shower gel and magic wand. Very sweet and fruity!

There are other amazing Christmas products this year with LUSH, the above are a select few which i've had my eye on.. They have bought back a few gooden's and a few new ones to!

Have you checked out the LUSH Christmas products?..

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