Thursday, 14 November 2013

I'm Back!

Hello everyone! I'm back!!
I know i haven't actually been gone that long in fact maybe just a little over a week however after what seemed like forever to me i finally decided enough was enough.
If you read my previous post on why i actually took a break well i got a lot of questions as to why i did take a break, what happened etc.. I don't think i'm quite ready to talk about it, actually i'm far from ready and i just want to forget what happened.. It was a very tough and stressful time for me.. actually this whole year has been but when i feel ready to talk i will.
Anyway, as i said before i left i decided it was time for a change for my blog, i wasn't happy with any of it so i spent a lot of my time-off planning out my blog, the content and the whole appearance of it.
Even though i took the time off to re-think everything and to just chill out i ended up drafting loads of blog posts and planning loads of new content for my website to! It's funny how as soon as i said i was taking a break i wanted to then blog.
Anyway, so i'm back and expect to see a whole new look and content to Miss Holly. I've been working really hard on this for the past week or so..


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