Thursday, 21 November 2013

eBay Wishlist #1

Seeing as though i am starting a fresh on here i thought i would bring you all a brand new edition to my eBay wishlist posts. I currently had a few of these on my blog over the past year but none of those items are on my wishlist anymore so here is a refresh on my eBay wishlist.
I'm not sure why but lately i've been buying pencil cases, i'm not even in school anymore.. infact long goes the days where i was in school or college. However i've been seeing loads of pencil cases in my local Tesco store and online, the latest one i've been eyeing up is this adorable Panda Pencil Case. Not only are pencil cases great for school use but also great for putting your everyday essentials in, i normally throw my lipstick, face powder and concealer for touch ups through out the day.
Also on the theme of cases, i've been really liking ribbon and bows lately.. on everything! I spotted this Ribbon Card Holder whilst browsing for leather card holders for a christmas gift, i love how simple looking it is. There are also a ton of other colours to chose from but i think i'd go for the plain colour so it goes with everything.
Also with current obsessions, i've been loving candles! I think everyone seems to love candles more when it hits the Autumn/Winter months, nothing is more confronting than sitting by your computer with a lovely smelling candle lit.. Funnily enough having a candle lit makes me work harder and keeps me calm. The one i've been eyeing up lately is the Sparkling Cinnamon Yankee Candle.
Since having my iPad mini i've always had the same boring pink case on it, it's nothing special and i only got it because i needed something to protect it as soon as i got it. I've been looking at other iPad cases lately and came across this gorgeous Cath Kidston type Blue Floral iPad Mini Case.
Onto the more fashion side of things, i spotted this Beaded Chiffon Top and instantly fell in love.. Emma Watson has been seen wearing a similar if not the same top and i love Emma Watson's style! 
I'm still contemplating on weather to get this or not, it looks stunning in pictures but i've ordered from China before and some of the clothing items haven't been the best in quality. 
The last item is one that's been getting a lot of hype in the beauty world lately, i've seen quite a fair few bloggers talk about these and it's the Victoria Secret Body Fragrance Mist, i haven't actually bought anything from Victoria Fragrance before but i've heard there body mists are pretty good so i may need to pick one of these up. I'm unsure on which fragrance to pick up though?... Any suggestions?..


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