Friday, 11 October 2013

Urban Witch - F&F Glamourween

To kick start the Halloween series i was kindly offered the chance to work alongside F&F Clothing who are currently running a competition to win £200 to spend online at F&F creating an Urban Witch look of your own, not with your typical white paint and pointy hats.  Instead putting a twist on things and creating your own Urban Witch look.
I was sent a £50 voucher for F&F clothing to shop online to help create my look and also the coolest halloween goodie bag.
Sadly my goodie bag arrived late in the post due to postage problems on my end (cough cough mr postman) so i didn't manage to use any of these products in my look, however i absolutely love everything inside from the make up to the candy (which by the way i ate as soon as a snapped a picture of it)..
Inside the goodie bag or box i received.. a extremely cool plastic cauldron jam packed full of beauty products.. There was a Barry M lipstick, 2 Barry M nail paints, Barry M Dazzledust, Revlon Shadow Stick and lastly the most amazing set of false lashes!
For the make up i went for something a little let's say.... dramatic.  For witches i normally think of dark colours so i opted for black and red mainly but added gold for some extra glamour.. 
For my eyes i went for black, gold and plum.. I started with black all over the lid and blended a bit of the plum shade on the outer corner, lastly adding some gold glitter in the inner eye and bottom lashline.
For the lips i applied a bright red lipstick all over and added black eyeshadow in the corners of my lips and putting my lips together to blend it out (note: i need to blend more next time)
I also added some black contouring unless you were thinking why my contouring looks crazy, i used black eyeshadow and contoured the hallows of my cheeks to.
Moving onto the exciting part and that was the outfit, for my outfit i was thinking of something edgy, something not like my style at all and something you wouldn't see a typical Urban Witch wear!
I picked out this Black Eyelash Lace Dress (£22), it's something i would imagine a witch would probably wear but i loved the detailing of this dress  so much when i first saw it online and knew it would be the dress i wanted to feature.
I also picked up a pair of the Burgundy Cotton Soft Tights (£4) and a pack of the Animal Print Tights (£10) which i as actually planning on wearing these to start off with but i didn't want to make the outfit all black so i wore these and i really like them and think they go well with the red and black lips..  i then cut up the Animal Print tights to wear as an arm glove (shown in first pic) like i said i wanted it to be edgy.
The last item i picked up was this Textured Knit Jumper (£14) the jumper was a lot thicker than i thought it would be, however i picked this up as i thought it'll go perfectly with the outfit..  I prefer the outfit without the jumper if i'm honest but thought i'd show you with it on so you can decide for yourself..  And lastly the Black Boots are from H&M and the Side Cross Necklace is from Forever21.

What do you think of my Urban Witch look?.. Do you prefer the outfit with or without the jumper?...
*the items shown in this post were bought with a voucher provided by F&F for this competition. - besides from the necklace and boots which are my own and paid for with my own money.


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