Sunday, 20 October 2013

Simple Eye Make-Up Corrector Pen

Designed to correct any eye make up mistakes and even remove waterproof mascara, this nifty little pen may be the perfect beauty tool..
There have been a few of these doing it's rounds in the beauty community lately and when this was handed to me by the postman, i was intrigued and dying to give it a go.
If you know me well you will know my statement look of the winged eyeliner, however i always find it hard to get the perfect flick so i tend to take a cotton bud dipped in make up remover and go over the areas i went wrong.
This little pen is exactly what i needed in my life, only it didn't live up to it's expectations unfortunately..
I like the whole concept of the corrector pen it's actually a well thought out product especially if your anything like me and have shaky hands and find it a little tricky to get perfect and matching flicks.
The pen has a fine tip to it making it easier to get precise straight lines, perfect for flicks and liquid eyeliner mistakes however when i tried using this corrector pen it seemed to smudge the eyeliner instead of removing it.. It also didn't come with spare applicator heads, i actually received one of these eye make-up corrector pens from one of my Glossybox and it came with spare heads.  It says you have to clean with a make up wipe and place the tip back in, however once i used the product and cleaned it the tip had already stained and any uses after that smudged my make up..
If the pen came with spare applicators, ones you can pop out and turn upside down to replace that would be ideal and if the smudging didn't occur i would like the product..
I hate to say it as i adore Simple products but this unfortunately isn't for me..

Have you tried any eye make-up corrector pens?..


  1. This would be great for me as I'm always smudging my mascara! I'll have to check that out :)

  2. Hmm this seems really great in theory, but too bad it didn't perform that well! :(


  3. Awww its a shame about not being able to clean the head too well and it smudging! Great idea for a product though, I'm forever making mistakes when applying mascara so this would be a really handy product!

  4. Wow never even heard of a product like this! too bad


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