Thursday, 31 October 2013

Last Minute Halloween Nail Art

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope your all having a great night, weather your going out trick or treating, taking the kids or just don't celebrate it.
Here are some last minute quick and easy designs for you which are perfect for beginners and are so easy to do.. even i managed to do it, word of the wise.. you may want to do these with a clean surface.. my keyboard doesn't appreciate the blood splat over them.

The Happy Pumpkin - For this i painted my nails with the Essie Fear + Desire polish, i applied 2 coats and let it fully dry.  I then took my liquid liner (this is an old one) - and drew some happy eyes and a stitch pumpkin mouth.

The Lonely Tree - This is my favourite design, it was originally meant to be a spooky tree however i jazzed it up with some pink sparkles. For this i used the OPI Alpine Snow and painted 2 coats and waited to fully dry.  I then took the black liquid liner and drew the outline of the tree and then drew smaller lines for the branches.. finishing the look off with the grass.

The Original Pumpkin - Taking the same steps as the Happy Pumpkin except changing the face to the original pumpkin face. 

Blood Splat - This is the messiest of all nails, with this i painted my nails all over with the OPI Alpine Snow and then took a straw.. any straw will do.. dipped it in the OPI Big Apple Red and blew through  (not in) the straw over the nail to create this blood splat nails. I added some Barry M Red Black over the top of that to make it look more realistic and to make the blood look more fresh.

Open Wound - Following on from the blood spat i decided to create an open wound type nail art. Exactly the same steps as the blood splat nails except i added a few black streaks using the liquid liner to make it look like an open cut.

What do you think of these quick and easy last minute Halloween nail art?.. Which one's your favourite?..

- i apologise for the quality in pictures, my memory card reader is currently broken and isn't reading my memory card, first my camera and now my memory card. I have ordered a new card reader so in the mean time i am using my iphone to take photo's.

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  1. Love those designs! I'm terrible at nail art haha! Happy Halloween Xx


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