Friday, 18 October 2013

Glossybox Dark Romance | October 2013

I think like others that this box is utterly disappointing compared to the rest of the Glossybox's i have received. Seriously Glossybox really needs to up their game as so many people have unsubscribed in the past couple of months.. and i may be next..
This Glossybox in my opinion should have been Orange, i mean it's common sense really.. Hello Halloween season!
Anyway, this months box theme is 'Dark Romance'.. Okay i get it, it's coming into Autumn which means darker colours and of course more Reds, Plums and Berry colours.
Saying that... why wasn't the box red at least to match the theme?.. Hmm.. i think Glossybox may be slipping.
Inside the box this month were products which can be used through-out the year, not Autumn related at all..
First up is the only full sized product.. the MeMeMe Cherubs Blush Cheek & Lip Tint (£5.99), a product i already own and do-not use anyway.. I like the product it's an okay cheek and lip tint but enough to go out and repurchase it.
I picked mine up a little over a year ago now and i used it twice then it got thrown to the back of the drawer. I found that the stain is so hard to work with, you literally have to be lightening quick to apply this otherwise you'll come up with red patches and it seriously stains your cheeks, lips and fingers so much so that it's really not worth the hassle of even applying it.
Katy Perry Killer Queen Fragrance (sample -- full size 50ml £29.50) - Again!! Another fragrance sample, how many times have i said i don't want any more fragrance samples to them! Even filling out the questionnaire to say i DID NOT want them and what do they do.. Send me another fragrance sample.
Glossybox, please listen to your subscribers! - Having said that, i like the fragrance it's nice and something which i already have again!! I picked up a sample of this in-stores when it first came out so i already know what it smells like. It's a nice sweet floral scent.. described as a Floriental fragrance.
Monu Illuminating Primer (sample 20ml -- full size 50ml £24.95) - I've tried and tested this primer on 2 occasions and this is probably the only product in the box that i'd use. It's a nice illuminating primer, however i would not spend £24.95 on this, heads up.. Birchbox have shown there's a mini Laura Mercier primer doing it's rounds in beauty boxes this month.  
Eva Cosmetics Mystic Diamond Argon Oil (sample size -- full size 100ml £22.70) - Now i don't mind receiving hair oils in beauty boxes, i'm always on a look out for good hair oils but i must say i'm pretty disappointed with this one, especially when it comes to the performance and price.. Ouch!
The argon oil felt a little weighed down on my hair and within a day of washing it' it made my hair look so greasy, if i were you i'd recommend you get the Moroccan Oil not only does it work a treat it makes my hair feel so soft and healthy looking..
Premae Multi-Vit Smoothie Serum (sample 20ml -- Full size 50ml £22.50) - Now i haven't used this product, purely for the fact that i actually read what i put on my face before i apply and this clearly says on the card which comes with the Glossybox that it's for Combination Skin types. Again, i feel as though Glossybox has paid no attention to the questionnaires which we have to fill out when signing up as i clearly put i had dry/sensitive skin.. So that's another wasted product! Any takers?..

Overall as you've probably guessed i'm pretty disappointed in Glossybox and i'm 'this' close to unsubscribing.. I feel as though Glossybox pay no attention to what their subscribers want or to their specifics such as skin/hair types which are asked to be filled in when signing up.. What's the point if you pay no notice?!..
I'm hoping next month's box will be an improvement to the past few boxes, it's time to step up your game Glossybox!

What did you think of your Glossybox this month?...


  1. This sounds like a pretty disappointing beauty box. I remember all the hype around glossy box when it first released & now it seems that it's totally gone down hill.
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

    1. I remember that to! I got so excited about receiving my first ever Glossybox and now i dread them.. Each month has been a disappointment. I agree, definitely gone down hill. xx


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