Friday, 4 October 2013

Elemis FreshSkin Make-Up Away Cleansing Wipes

I don't normally write about face wipes, i stopped using them a long time ago and converted to using a deep cleansing oil to remove my make up. However on lazy days i wish i had them so i was sent these Elemis FreshSkin Make-Up Away Cleansing Wipes* to try out and they have been a massive god send.
I almost hate all face wipes, most of them have seriously broke me out on leave my skin feeling so dry afterwards that's why i converted to using a cleansing oil as the oils help with my dry skin.
However on my lazy days i've been using these wipes to make the process of removing make up a lot quicker and easier on me, after all.. The last thing i want to do after i've just finished a long shift at work is to take years removing my make up(over exaggeration). 
I like to take a wipe and remove my eye make up, gently removing my eyeshadow and mascara mainly as they are the toughest to remove with a cleansing oil, these Elemis FreshSkin Make-Up Away Cleansing Wipes have literally been the easiest and quickest make up removing wipes i've used. They take a few seconds to remove my eye make up, even waterproof mascara which we all know is tricky to remove. I literally hold the wipe over my eyes for about 5 seconds, lightly press the wipe onto my eye and push from side to side and it literally removes most if not all the mascara, it does take a few turns to completely remove it but it does make the job a heck of a lot easier on me.
Of course after that i like to use my cleansing oil to remove the rest of my make up and it takes me about 5minutes or less to do it with these face wipes, normally if i'm just using a cleansing oil it takes about 10minutes as i'm sat slowly removing it with oil.
I just found these wipes work more effectively than other wipes i've tried in the past, they also smell amazing to and they are really gentle on the eyes as well as the face. These Elemis FreshSkin Make-Up Away Cleansing Wipes are only £4.80 for 25wipes from Look Fantastic.

What do you think?.. Do you use wipes, a cleansing oil or anything other method to remove your make up?..

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