Thursday, 26 September 2013

What Boots To Wear This Autumn

Autumn is the season when boots come into their own,but winter is another matter. Come January and February,things start getting serious. Boots stop being fashion statements and become instead stark necessities. When you have to plough through the snow, slide over the ice or wade through the dirty slush as you cross the road, just how nice your boots look becomes a matter of secondary importance. Winter boots have to be practical and serviceable. Autumn boots, by contrast, can and should be fun.

I love shopping in the autumnSummer shopping can, after all, be a trying experience. All those flip-flops,bikinis and flimsy, strappy dresses that we only get the chance to wear once in a blue moon. Even when this summer was at its hottest and the country was getting its first sun tan for what felt like a millennium, I couldn’t help but look forward to autumn.

That sounds perverse of me, but it is true. I am anautumn person. I love dressing up for warmth and walking through piles of russet leaves on streets and in parks. I love being able to actually taste the change of seasons in the air, and I love the idea of buying some stylish and comfortable boots.

There’s loads of gorgeous women’s boots out there this year. Top of the list are Chelsea boots, which I think are the ultimate go-to in the boot line-up. You can wear them any time and they always look good. Mixing and matching and creating a look round them is always fun - their clean, simple lines and discreet heel are just what I need. Of course they come in all styles and colours, but I think I’ll stick to black leather this year. I’ll wear them with skinny jeans, print blouses and chunky cardigans or my aviator jacket, knowing that they make me look good.
What else? I’m tempted by the thought of some suede ankle boots as well. Maybe with an ankle strap or an animal print in the back panel to add a funky edge, though I don’t think I could pull off the full faux leopard skin style, even if I wanted to! I’ll leave that to more confident people (I didn’t say exhibitionist, you notice!)

What other boots take my fancy? I have a hankering for brogue ankle boots. They certainly look spectacular witha high polish and I can imagine wearing them with a gorgeous tea dress, as I can imagine wearing suede bikers’ boots with a bomber jacket. Shoe boots always make a great work option and I have seen some adorable lace up versions that would be perfect teamed with skinny jeans. For nights out, I think I will be vamping things up with a pair of thigh high suede boots – why not!

So, let the rain fall and the skies change. I’ll be merrily sauntering through the park, wearing my brand new autumn boots.
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  1. I want a pair of combat boots for the autumn and winter

  2. chelsea boots <3

    check out my latest posts?

  3. I really want some Chelsea boots but lots of the shorter ones have the unfortunate effect of giving me a leg muffin top....still searching! xx


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