Wednesday, 25 September 2013

REN Gentle Exfoliating Polish

I've never truly loved an exfoliator, i mean sure there has been a few face scrubs that has met it's time and i may have loved at the time but i obviously didn't know what love was back then or i may have loved them but not truly deeply loved them.
I'm saying all this now because i know how i talk about face scrubs saying i love it and it's great but having trying this out over the past few weeks i now know what love really is.
I was previously using the L'Oreal Skin Perfection Face Scrub and it was great it did it's job the only downside to that is that i started to realise that it was leaving my skin really dry afterwards and it took so long to wash off and i felt as if it wasn't exfoliating as well as it could be.
So i've been trying out this REN Gentle Exfoliating Polish* and i am literally in love, just after the first use i knew this is 'the one'.  It is amazing and when i mean amazing.. I really do mean amazing. 
It exfoliates my skin really gently, removing any dry patches and dead skin i may have without leaving my skin dry and sensitive afterwards. It smells lovely it has a nice floral scent to it which isn't to overpowering and i love the simple packaging.. very plain but classy.
I find this exfoliator perfect for my skin, i normally have quite dry skin and a little sensitive but i found this exfoliator really worked wonders on my dry areas such as my cheeks and forehead, it just works so much better than any other facial scrub/exfoliator i've ever used in the past and i can see myself repurchasing this over and over again in the future.
The REN Gentle Exfoliating Polish retails for £15 and can be found here.

What's your favourite product from REN?

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