Monday, 9 September 2013

HealGel Eye

I must admit, when it comes to taking care of my under eye circles or anything to do with my eyes i get a bit lazy, removing make up can turn into such a chore sometimes.. Luckily i actually enjoy removing my make up, i find it the best part of my day when coming home.
However anything else i get a little lazy, lately i've noticed my eyes looking very dull, tired looking and i've started to get really bad under-eye circles due to lack of sleep and any slight change of weather also makes my eyes very delicate and sensitive.
I recently discovered HealGel Eye*, if you missed my previous review of my HealGel Intensive then check it out here.
HealGel Eye is a anti-ageing product that can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and puffiness.. It also provides the perfect base for make up or a little pick-me-up for tired eyes, this is exactly what i needed.
I like to apply this in the morning so before i apply my moisturiser and the same at night.. After the first few used i didn't see much of a difference but carried on using it regardless..
It's now been over 3 weeks and i've noticed such a huge difference, for a start my dark under eye circles look a lot less reduced, same with the puffiness..  I can't really say much on the fine lines as i don't really have fine lines but i can say that it is the perfect pick-me-up for tired eyes.. I love applying this in the morning as it makes my eyes look more awake and brightened.
Although this isn't exactly a cheap product coming in at £32 for 15ml, however i can say it's one of the few i have tried that actually works wonders.

Have you tried the HealGel Eye?..

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