Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Glossybox The London Edition | September 2013

With every month comes a new Glossybox, this is something i thoroughly looking forward to.. With only a few online leaks of what this month's Glossybox, i've taken to their Instagram and Facebook to stalk to see what the September box would hold.. 
This month's box has a quirky design to it with the British flag design and the fancy red tissue paper with all things London on it, it was pretty obvious what the theme for this month's box was.. The London Edition..
Again like most months, i have mixed reactions with this.. The first thing i spotted and the largest item of them all is the Eylure Pre-Glued Lashes, i'm excited to use these as i have a wedding coming up in the next few weeks so these will come in handy on the day..They are the full size and retail for £5.06 for one set. WWW.EYLURE.COM
The next item i spotted was the Elizabeth Arden Untold perfume sample, i don't mind receiving the odd perfume sample here and there and did specifically say i didn't want any in my application however seeing as though it's Elizabeth Arden i didn't care to much.. I'm unsure of this scent to be honest it smells like a lot of other perfumes and it didn't quite stand out to me. It's a nice scent, very strong and floral however, not the scent for me. WWW.DEBENHAMS.COM
Onto the item i did actually like and have tried is the Rimmel Stay Blushed Blusher, it's Rimmels first liquid cheek tint that claims to last up to 24hrs, i'm not to sure on that however i did really like the formulation of it, it applies nice and smoothly, the scent is a nice light floral scent and the shade is gorgeous as well. I received the shade Sunkissed Cherry which is a peachy coral shade, this is a mini sample size the full size retails for £4.49. UK.RIMMELLONDON.COM
The next make up item i received was the Be A Bombshell Onyx Eye Liner, if i'm honest i was thinking to myself 'oh great, another pencil liner' as with most of the boxes i've received i feel as though i've received a ton of pencil liners and they don't get used.. However, having removed the outer plastic packaging i realised it was actually a liquid eyeliner with a felt tip, amazing! - Not only did i need a new liquid eyeliner but a felt tip one which creates the perfect line.. I have only swatched this on my hand so far but i'm excited to give this a whirl. This is a full size and retails for $14. WWW.BEABOMBSHELL.COM
The last item is a sample sized hair product by Tony & Guy and it's the Tony & Guy Shine Gloss Serum, i haven't used this yet either but it does sound pretty intriguing, it's a shine serum which claims to control frizz with a lightweight shine.. It's limited edition so won't be around for long, this is a sample size the full size retails for £7.19. WWW.BOOTS.COM

This month's box certainly has surprised me, mixed views but mainly good and i'm excited to try these all out. 

What did your think of your September Glossybox?..


  1. I did indeed, i'm loving the box to. thinking of using it as some kind of beauty storage to pretty to throw away xx

  2. I agree with you 100% about everything you said here! The perfume I was like 'ugh another little perfume sample again, great', but when I saw the brand,size and bottle, I wasn't bothered :) But I've defo smelled similar too, so was a bit gutted. But I honestly don't think Glossybox actually take notice of their form things we fill in - I ALWAYS don't like the Anatomicals products I've got in glossboxes and always put that I really don't want anymore, yet you can guarantee I always bloody get one! So annoying! I loved my blush so much I tried it on my lips but was vile lol! Silly me, I just really liked the colour. And the serums fab! It majorly controlled my giant frizzy hair which is saying something! haha xx


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