Thursday, 19 September 2013

Filofax The A5 Original Organiser

I think it is necessary for any blogger to have an organiser, i must admit i think i may have a slight obsession with organisers.. i like to have one for my daily life and one for blogging and my Youtube channel to note down any ideas for videos or blog posts.
Going back to my obsession i currently own 6 organisers, one of which i use for my daily life and 5 of them for blogging.. i told you i may have a slight obsession.. However i think out of all my organisers this is my new favourite and of course it had to be a Filofax one.  Filofax do thee best organisers out there, they have a huge range to choose from, maybe if you don't want something as blinding as this maybe settle for a plain leather design instead.. I already own a Filofax, a mini one which i like to carry in my handbag but i think it was due for an upgrade.
What i love about Filofax is the quality of them, they are made from thick leather and come complete with the paper organiser which you can purchase on it's own so you won't need to re-purchase a whole new Filofax, It's also very sturdy and lasts you a good few years.
I opted for The A5 Original Organiser* in Fluorescent Pink, it's literally so bright but i love it, it has 2 credit card pockets which i have slipped a few business cards in, 1-6 coloured separators which i have organised into categories i.e, bills and payments, blogging, youtube, calendar, events/meetings and contacts.  It also comes with a note pad at the back which can be used for shopping lists..
It's the perfect organiser and i am literally so in love with it, i don't think i'll ever go back to just an ordinary plain organiser.. Once you go to Filofax, you never go back that's what i say!

It's definitely not cheap, coming in at £80, however if well looked after and kept in good condition this organiser could last you for years to come, all you need to do is restock the dairy refills..

What do you think of this Filofax Organiser?..


  1. Wow I love this 1) Because the colour is so vibrant! 2) its large enough for all my scribbles and 3) because I write far too many lists when it comes to blogging and having it all in one space would actually be so much better!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  2. I'm the exact same, i love making lists and i have so many different organisers so it's nice to have just one where i can write everything down xx

  3. The color is beautiful! I can't imagine trying to keep up with that many organizers. I'm impressed!


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