Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Beauty Storage Ideas

Over the past few months or so i've been constantly changing up my beauty storage, although there are some unique ideas which you could come up with to save you a few extra pounds there are also some fantastic storage units which you can find online.
For any type of home decor i always go to Ikea, they do some amazing designs of storage and the prices are also fairly reasonable.
Personally i like the crisp white designs i just think it makes it look a lot more cleaner and put together.
On the top left i spotted this 7 piece container set which is perfect for placing on your vanity or even as storage inside of your beauty drawers, they are all different sizes so i'd pop a few lipsticks in the smaller containers and put my eyeshadow and lip palettes in the bigger containers.
Of course i had to add the ever so popular Alex Drawer which every beauty blogger seems to have and i don't blame them, it has 9 drawers which has 5 thin drawers and 4 thick.. perfect for everything. 
The next one again is the Alex Drawer on Castors, this one is in a wider form and is perfect for those who like to switch around their rooms every so often like me and has more space to work with in their rooms, this has 6 wide drawers which is perfect for just about everything..
The last one i've picked which is what i've always wanted is the Micke Desk, you can use this 2 ways either as a vanity to get ready and your make up station or you could use it as a desk and have the beauty products you need to review stored in the draw or in the side cupboard..


  1. I was actually looking for ideas i have the white desk but i really want the tall tower set as well

    great post! x


  2. so jealous you have the white desk, i've been eyeing it up for so long.. I want all of this but due to lack of space i have to improvise when it comes to beauty storage. x

  3. Great ideas huni! I store all of my makeup in my beauty trolly and a unit from Ikea Xx


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