Thursday, 5 September 2013

Amie Bright Eyes Make Up Remover

Now i don't really use liquid make up removers, neither on my face or my eyes.  I like to use oil and i swear by my DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, however it's not the cheapest option so i do like to occasional look for cheaper alternatives especially for removing eye make up as i find that i spend the most time removing my mascara and eyeshadows that i do my actual foundation.
I've tried a fair few eye make up removers in the past, none of which have really impressed me to go back to however having tried and tested the Amie Bright Eyes Make Up Remover* multiple times over a space of two weeks i can say now that i have found a eye make up remover that really does work well.
So for my night-time routine i like to first start by removing my foundation with a deep cleansing oil and once that is done i move on to my eyes, i like to lightly soak 2-3 pads depending on how much eye make up i have on. (please note: don't heavily soak the whole pad as you don't want the product to soak into your eye area) Hold the lightly soaked pad up to my eyes and leave for around 30seconds and then rub for about 10 and remove and repeat the steps if needed.
With this make up remover i only had to soak 4 pads, 2 per eye which seriously impressed me seeing as though it normally takes anything from 4-8 pads.. It doesn't sting the eyes in any way however if you do get some in your eye i highly suggest you rinse it out..
The Amie Bright Eyes Make Up Remover retails for £4.75 and can be found online and on the highstreet -

What do you think of this eye make up remover?

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  1. This looks really good, think I will have to try it!

    Pretty Eclectic


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