Friday, 6 September 2013

AKA Cosmetics

A.K.A is a new and exciting cosmetic brand formed in 2011. The company behind the brand are based in the UK with the majority of the goods produced in the UK.  The range is designed for covering your basic requirements yet with a smothering of some fun colours to set you out from the crowd.  
The Duo Eyeshadows come in 6 different shades, i picked the shade Café Latte which has a deep black shimmer eyeshadow and a dark matte brown. The formulation of these are okay i wouldn't say they are amazing, they do get a bit of fall out with these and the pigmentation of them isn't exactly great either.. however when applied on the eyes they do look really nice.. 
I've been really liking this liquid eyeliner lately, it has a really small brush which creates a good winged look, the brush also has a tiny tip which helps with the precision of the application to create a perfect line and flick, what i also love about this eyeliner is that it dries almost instantly i found - what bugs me the most when applying anything liquid is if it takes ages to dry especially when it comes to eyeliner as i normally apply my liquid eyeliner and then curl my lashes for mascara so if it's not dried by the time i grab my eyelash curlers then that's not a good sign. However this eyeliner dries so quickly which i'm pretty impressed with.
I'm always on the hunt for a good lipstick, this one has been my go-to lipstick the past few weeks as it's so moisturising and i love the colour pay-off to, it gives you that nice glossy finish and it stays put for a good few hours. The shade, Young Love is a barbie pink shade and it has really good pigmentation, literally one swipe of this lipstick and your good to go.
Lipgloss in Red Lotus - £7*
The last pick is this gorgeous lipgloss in the shade Red Lotus and yes you've guessed it, it's a lovely sheer red lipgloss which isn't sticky and gives your lips a nice plump look.
I don't own very many sheer lip-glosses as i tend to find most lip-glosses that i have tried are sticky and don't last very long, however i am in love with this one, it sits nicely on your lips and it gives off quite a good colour even though it's nice and sheer.

I am seriously impressed with AKA cosmetics, seeing as though i have barely heard anything about the brand and coming in as a first-timer i couldn't be more happier with the products, they are very affordable and the products are pretty amazing too.

What are your favourite items from AKA?..


  1. The lipstick colour is really pretty, and the liquid eyeliner looks really good! I always love super fine tips for eyeliner, and if it dries fast and gives good colour, i'm sold. :D

  2. Thank you, i was completely sold on the eyeliner to! At only £7 too!


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