Wednesday, 7 August 2013

OMG Nail Strips - Crow design

I have never really been interested in these sorts of nail products, the strips the foils etc.. i never really got into them, thinking back to the last time i tried them however didn't go so well, so i decided to give them another shot.
I picked out these cool looking crow design nail stickers, it didn't come with the instructions however which was a little annoying but completely understandable as they are currently rebranding and printing out new instructions.  They did however send me a link online with the application instructions.. They look a lot easier than done but once you do one or two on your nails the rest is a breeze..
So starting with clean nails, gently push back your cuticles and remove any excess skin, then clean your nails with polish remover - select the appropiate size nail strip for each nail, you'll need to make sure it'll cover from side wall to side wall..
Peel off the top film and peel off the sticker.. centre the nail strip at your cuticle area.. smooth down the sticker and gently press into your side walls, then file off the excess.. using a q-tip, dap into some nail polish remove and gently graze over the nail this will help melt down the nail polish strip securing it to your nail.. wait 1 minute and apply a top coat..
It was a little tricky to start off with but i got the hang of it after the first 2 nails and i like the overall look and finish to it.. i think i did okay?.. 
The nail strips didn't last long, they came off within the next day and started peeling off but i have my work to blame for that, i do a lot of things with my hands and lifting at work so that was to blame, however i do feel as though it would of lasted longer, not sure about the 10days it states though?..

OMG Nail Strips are currently offering a 4 for $20 promotion, use coupon code: 4pack at checkout,
And they are also have a giveaway every month on their facebook page - link

What do you think of these nail stickers?..
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