Friday, 2 August 2013

HAUL: Forever 21

I adore Forever 21, despite the fact i don't shop in there often and when i do i only really pick up a couple of items, i went to the Forever 21 in Lakeside the other day and spotted 2 things that caught my eye - i only really go into Forever 21 nowadays to check out the jewellery as i find the clothes in there a bit to out of my price range.. 
The first item i picked up was the Spike Statement Necklace which has coral/pinky like pearls, oh whatever they are called i can't think of the name for them.. I wore it in my July Favourites Video and i just like the way it sits on my neckline, i paid £7.40 for that necklace.
The other necklace which is a simple but edgy one is the side cross necklace which i paid £3.60 for.. i think that's how much it was, something along those lines - i need to stop myself from binning my receipts!
Anyway, i love plain and simple necklaces and thought this one was perfect.. i've been on the hunt for some cute and dainty necklaces as i only really wear one until i get bored.. I also wanted a cross necklace as well and for £3.60, you can't really say no to that!

What do you think of my mini Forever 21 haul?


  1. I really love the first necklace, I wish I had a Forever 21 near me! x

  2. Im tempted to make an online order just for that first necklace, im so fussy with necklaces but i am in love with that one!x

  3. I love the spike necklace, gorgeous Xx


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