Thursday, 1 August 2013

Essie Nail Polish Collection | Miss Holly

I really want to and still may do a video on this, however i just think it may be to long and as much as i love to talk, oh i really do.. i am rubbish at describing things on camera.. if your subscribed to me or have watched any of my videos, you will already know this.
I am also going to do a full nail polish collection as soon as i can, i'm just waiting for some of my storage which i have ordered online to arrive and rearrange them, once that comes i will be all ready to film it.
Anyway, to start my nail polish collection i wanted to first show you my Essie collection - I go through phases of loving different nail polish brands during the year.. some times i'll love Barry M and only buy their nail polishes, same with Models Own and Essie etc.. And if they are bringing out new polishes then of course i feel the need to have them, same with any other beauty blogger.. Anyway, enough with the rambles.. i told you i talk a lot! - Let's get into my Essie nail polish collection.
So here are all my Essie polishes in all it's glory - I adore the packaging of the Essie polishes over any other brands, it's a simple clear bottle with white tops with either the name written on top of the polish or around the side of the brush handle.. very simple and plain but also very classic..
I have some of the newer (not newest) shades and some of the older one's too..  I've also tried to colour co-ordinate them to make things easier.. So let's take a closer look at them.. (i apologise that some of the swatches are a little blurry, i didn't notice this until i uploaded the images on my camera.. but i'm hoping you can still make them out..)
Delicacy • Maximillian Strasse Her  Go Ginza • Bond with whomever  Cascade cool  Madison Ave-hue  Lights  Tour de finance  Watermelon • 
These are the first set of polishes, these are my nudes/greys purples and pinks - minus the 2 in the swatches at the end which are part of the next lot.. All these shades above have a nice shine to them when applied, the only shade which has shimmer inside is Madison Ave-hue.. Delicacy which is the first shade shown which i'd describe as a pearl shade has a multicoloured sheen to it.. And Tour de finance has a purple undertone to it - my favourite or favourites of the bunch are Maximillian Strasse Her which i like to wear on the Winter/Autumn months, and Lights which is the hot pink shade which i like to wear in the Summer time and which is what i'm wearing on my toes right now..
Rosebowl  Ole Caliente  Fear + Desire  Orange, it's obvious  All Tied Up  Bikini So Teeny  Avenue Maintain  Butler Please
Onto the more darker shades, all of which again apply with a nice shine to them, Besides from Butler Please which is the last shade shown, one of my all time favourites, it's a deep blue and a matte polish, i love the matte finish however i do find myself reaching for a top coat when i apply this.  Another one of my all time favourites is Orange, it's obvious - it's a true orange shade which is also perfect for the Summer time, i have been sporting this shade on my finger nails most of the Summer as well as Bikini So Teeny which is a gorgeous baby blue..

Which shade is your favourite?.. 


  1. Fear and Desire is pretty, I like orangey colours :)

    Annie |

  2. Ooh wow! I have about this many Essie nail polishes too, only they are different shades :) I have Butler Please too though :D Love Essie nail polishes!

    Valérie ♥

  3. niceeeeeeeeee!!!from those i have only ole caliente!!
    i just posted my essie collection 2 days ago!check it out if you want! :)

  4. Ah you have so many, im jealous! All of those shades are lovely x

  5. Great collection!! I love the pinks and the reds in special *-*


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