Saturday, 3 August 2013

Denman Hair Brush VS Tangle Teezer

I recently got myself a new hairbrush (Denman) as my old one was looking a little battered and beat up, when i had got home and ripped open the packaging, oh theres nothing more joyful than opening new things.. i tried it out on my hair, then found myself reaching back to my Tangle Teezer, then back to Mr Denman..
I decided to put together a VS post and make the 2 go head to head to fight for my affection, HA! 
So starting off with the newbie, i bought the Denman Classic Medium hair brush from Superdrugs for £6.99 - for a good hair brush i find the pricing very reasonable - I went for the Classic Style over the other options, i think they also do the Mini, Classic Large and they also do other one's.. I choose this style as i found the mini a little to small, so would take me forever to brush my hair and the large was a little to large, i wanted one which i could carry in my hand bag if need be and i have had the Classic Medium style Denman before so i went with that one.. As with all brushes you have to really break the bristles in as with the first few uses it's going to be a little hard on your head, after using the Tangle Teezer for months which the bristles i had well and truly broke into, it was as if i was bashing my head with the hairbrush, After i few more uses you it's not so hard on your head and it doesn't tug on your hair as much, it gets rid of tangles quickly however i find that brushing your hair after a shower or hair wash it does take a little longer to brush through and tugs a little more too and having timed how long i took to brush through my hair, it took me roughly 2minutes and 36 seconds to brush my whole head of hair when wet and 26seconds when dry..  My hair is also a lot more manageable when brushing my hair with this and it has less tangles than it does throughout the day when using this hair brush, and on the plus side, this one has a handle..
Onto the Tangle Teezer next, i think this is the Original Tangle Teezer which i paid £10.20 for online with Feel Unique so this is the most expensive option.. with no handle, you grab it in the palm of your hands and brush through your hair.. Again this one is great for getting rid of tangles, especially when you have just come out the shower it just glides through my hair like nothing.. Through-out the day after using this brush i did find my hair getting knotted quite easily and having to do an odd brush through generally mid day.. Again having timed myself brushing my hair through when wet it took me 1minutes 32seconds and when dry it takes me 21 seconds.. so 1 minutes less to brush my hair when wet using this brush and knocking off 5 seconds from when my hair is dry..
I do find this brush easier to brush through, however it leaves my hair knotted through out the day which is a down fall.

Overall both brushes are great and it's a little hard to decide which brush i much prefer but i do have a winner and it has to go to the Tangle Teezer - I love my Denman Hairbrush still and will continue to use it but i think as the saying goes 'once you get a Tangle Teezer, you will never go back' - that is completely true and i cannot see myself living without mine.. For easy brushing and less time it takes to brush through my hair the Tangle Teezer definitely wins, hands down.. But with less tangles and knots through-out the day when using this brush i would also say the Denman is also a winner!

So what do you think?.. Which brush are you currently using?..

Also, i am hoping to make this 'The Battle Is On..' a new addition to my blog so if you liked this post, leave suggestions to what you would like to see next - i'll also mention you in the suggested post if it's picked.. 


  1. I always forget about my Tangle Teezer, i hate that it doesnt have a handle, it's too big for my hand and is a bit of a pain to use but i do really like it x

  2. Love my Tangle Teezer - I didn't buy one for ages due to the hype/fear of disappointment but I couldn't live without it now. Just a shame it doesn't have a handle! x


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