Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Beetlejuice Inspired Outfit

Black and White Striped Dress | Black Cardigan | V Pendant Necklace | Black Panel Cross Body Bag | Lace up Platform Ankle Boots

With Halloween almost coming up, something of which i am excited about.. not because i am getting dressed or going trick or treating just for the pure fact that i will be doing inspired make up looks and outfits again..
I don't know if any of you have seen Beetlejuice, it was directed by Tim Burton back in 1988 - a very true classic movie indeed! I hadn't seen it up until last year but it's definitely one to be watched.. if you like American comedy horror fantasy films anyway..
So with the striped costume from Beetlejuice, i decided to put together the outfit above, but more in the sense of "from the movie to high street" kind of feel that one could work into a casual look without the extravaganza of a fancy dress costume.
So if you've seen the movie you'll know the classic black and white striped outfit worn by Beetlejuice aka Michael Keaton.  Now i'm not going to be wearing a black and white striped suit out (like Robin Thicke on VMA) but instead i've switched it into a outfit fit for ladies..
The dress i've used is from SimplyBe and it's a black and white striped cut out dress, i think the stripes match it quite well, i also paired it with a plain black cardigan from H&M for when it gets a little chilly outside..
For the shoes, now most Beetlejuice costumes normally have black lace knee high boots but instead i've added some black lace up ankle boots from eBay, i don't think i would personally go out with PVC knee high boots in the daytime.. normally when i think of those i think of fancy dress but that's just me.
Instead i've added ankle boots which are still lace up's however they are not PVC which i prefer and they have some height to it as well making your legs look longer and it flatters your body and dress more..
For the bag, now for an everyday basic i normally only carry a cross body bag with me for my essentials so i have included this black cut out panel cross body bag from River Island which matches the outfit perfectly..
Lastly to finish the outfit i added a simple but detailed necklace from Topshop.  It's plain but it adds that extra something to the outfit, although most of this outfit is black i think that black really flatters the body and makes you look slimmer, the black and white on the dress cinches in at the waist to give your body more dimension..
You can also add a belt to help cinch in your waist or leave as is. 

What do you think of this Beetlejuice inspired outfit?..
*post collaboration.


  1. I love the bag, would go with everything!x

  2. I love the inspiration by Beetlejuice, very original:) x


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