Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Back To School Outfits + Beauty Essentials

I know a lot of my readers are almost going back to school/college or university next month and i know the last thing on your mind is probably thinking about what to wear on your first day back.. Personally for me i didn't have this worry as i had to wear school uniform, yep.. white shirt, black trousers, burgundy school jumper and stripy tie..  I wished we could of worn our own clothes to school, i was lucky enough to get out of the school uniform when i went to college which meant i could wear my own clothes.. so i put together a post of my 'back to school' outfits hoping this can help those along the way for when they are preparing to go back to school.. I put together 2 outfits which i would personally wear if i were to go back to school.. One simple but chic and the other a comfy and casual look..
Comfy + Casual
The first look i put together is a comfy and casual look, if you were anything like me this would be your go-to outfit, a nice comfy hoody paired with some comfy pair of jeans and flats along with a black studded duffle bag.. This for me would be my ideal outfit as it's comfy, i had to walk around a lot in college so wearing flat shoes were essential to me - i also had to change out of my clothes a lot so needed something that was easy to get on and off. Underneath all that i would just wear a plain t-shirt and to carry all my books and change of clothes i needed a big enough bag so this duffle bag is perfect and easy to carry on your shoulder.

- Boyfriend Jeans - £40
- Navy Blue Flats - £16
- Black Duffle Bag - £17.99
Simple Chic..
The next one i put together is the 'simple chic..' i love this look as it's still comfy but yet very stylish at the same time.
Again i paired it with a simple t-shirt and grey jeans but added a V chain necklace to give the outfit more detail.. I paired this look with a fluffy cardigan which i love to bits i just think it makes the outfit complete.. of course if it ever gets to hot you can remove it and along with that i have added the cute pair of western boots, a statement stone ring and as well as that, a large grey bowler bag.  This would be my outfit for the days where i would be sitting in the classroom doing my work, rather than having to walk from one end of the college to the other, it's simple but still chic at the same time.

- Fluffy Cardigan - £24.99
- Grey Zip Bowler Bag - £19.99
- Coral T-shirt - £4
- V Chain Necklace - £6.50
- Stone Ring - £8.50
- Western Boots - £68
Moving on to what i would take in my beauty bag with me..  i think all girls secretly wore make up when they were in school, i did! - My first essential was to have a good lip balm, i haven't yet tried these but they have been spoken about a lot lately, these are the Baby Lips.. I have picked one without colour and one with, i have always worn tinted lip balm but this is entirely on whatever you feel.
The next item or items, are foundations and BB creams, i have personally tried both and love them, again this is all depending on what coverage you prefer..
To stay matte all day i used to always carry a face powder with me, especially after dance and P.E lessons to take away any shininess.
For eyes, again i have tried all of these products and these are my favourite go-to items which i wear on a everyday basis, for a touch of colour on the lids this little eyeshadow palette is perfect - and for mascara this one is my all time favourite, you may of heard me mention it a few times on my blog.. it does not smudge and it holds a pretty good curl all day..
Lastly is eyeliner, you don't want one that will smudge through-out the day, i have used this eyeliner for over a year now and it's always been my favourite, i seem to always go back to this one.

- Make Up Bag - £13

So there we have it, 2 simple back to school outfits and also a look at what i would personally carry in my make up bag for school, not forgetting deodorant of course which i almost forgot..
*post collaboration - all thoughts + opinions are my own.

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