Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Sampar Glamour Shot

Sampar Glamour Shot*€27,30

I've tried my best to find this product in the UK in online stores but haven't managed to find any or cheaper so i've listed the price in euros for once which i normally wouldn't do, it works out to be around £23 roughly.. Anyway onto the product, so this product claims to instantly minimize wrinkles and imperfections while mattifying the complexion, it can also be applied before make up or as a touch-up to make up.. 
Again like with the Matte Perfection product i also reviewed, see here.. i really dislike the scent of the product, it's like a strong alcohol scent which just lingers on the skin, and is a little over powering at times.  I found that this product doesn't sit well with liquid foundations on conceals, that also includes liquid blushes, bronzers etc.. they don't sit well with this product at all and i also found it to be quite drying, i have dry skin at most times and i would not recommend this product if you do suffer from dry skin..
I applied plenty of moisturiser before use and it seemed to work okay, however later that night i found my skin to be a little dried out after using this product..
It's a great product however if you have fine lines and wrinkles as it slowly works its way to improving them and has also been raved about by a few celebrities, for example.. Fergie from Black Eyed Peas, actress Claire Danes and Ellen Pompeo from Grey's Anatomy..

What do you think?.. Would this be something you'd be interested in?..
*pr sample.

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  1. Always good when its been raved about by that many celebrities, sounds like a nice product! x


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