Monday, 29 July 2013

Sampar Glamour Shot Matte Perfection

Glamour Shot Matte Perfection is especially elaborated to combat unwanted shine. Thanks to its one-of-a-kind "Ultra Matité" Complex, Glamour Shot Matte Perfection, is the first transparent mattifying concealer: ensures a 6-hour, non-stop matte finish, with no need for touch-ups, balances sebum secretions for perfect control of unwanted shine over time, visibly reduces size of pores and unifies the complexion. Sebumetric evaluation performed on 30 participants over a 6-hour period after a single application.

I'm not one for matte primers or face creams etc, but when i was asked to try this product out i thought why not, if it works then great if it doesn't then it was no biggie.
I'll start by stating that i have only used this product once, and it did work quite well.. however it's the scent of the product that i can't stand.. When i first applied this onto my face i didn't really noticed the scent, however it really kicked in after a minute or 2, and i'm lucky to have used my Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation which is scented to cover it up but i could still smell it even with foundation on top, the scent is so strong and it smells quite like alcohol, or when i first took a whiff it smelt like nail polish remover which i cannot stand the smell of and it really gets up in there and just lingers..
The scent did wear off after a while and i was then allowed to appreciate the product more, you can wear this product alone or wear with make up in my situation i wore with make up and i did notice it made my make up last longer without any touch up's - i normally only really touch up my powder if needed.. However again as much as i like the product i really could not put up with applying it again, the scent is just to overpowering.. On the box it also says it's a 'Transparent Mattifying Concealer' which i'm not really sure it is, it mattify's the skin but it definitely doesn't conceal.. 

It's also not a cheap product coming in at £26 for a 15ml tube but the results are good so i'll be keeping this product aside and maybe using it from time to time instead.. i wouldn't repurchase this product due to the scent but if you like the whole alcoholic scent then maybe you'd like this..

What do you think?.. Would you be able to put up with the alcoholic scent?..
*pr sample

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