Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Day 4 - Monday 15th July                                                                                                               See Part 1 of Newcastle here
On the Monday, me and Billy had quite a relaxing day.. it was our last day at the hotel so we spent the evening at the Hilton restaurant where i had another one of their delicious non-alcoholic cocktails again, after dinner we sat on the balcony and planned our lives living here - not going to happen yet but will definitely make it happen for the future.. p.s - i look terrible in that picture, no make up and i felt rubbish to!
Day 5 - Tuesday 16th July
We checked out around 12ish and headed off to my Uncle Billy's which is where we were staying the night, we decided to stay an extra day as we felt we hadn't seen much of Newcastle, it was just my excuse to stay longer.. Once we were there we dropped off all our luggage and headed out to a Chinese Restaurant with the family - right there, i realised how weird Chinese people really are.. they eat the most strangest things.. After we had eaten me and Billy popped into Eldon Square, my silly mother kept saying it was Elton Square, like Elton as in Elton John.. used to confuse the hell out of me..
I did a little bit of shopping there - see my Primark Haul and Beauty Haul.. 
We then went back to my Auntie Anna's for some dinner and i caught up with my cousins which i haven't seen for 2 years! - i also realised that my mother actually loves my boyfriend more than she loves me - check her out posing as his girlfriend..
Day 6 - Wednesday 17th July
On the last day of Newcastle, we packed up all our stuff, check out all my make up i took with me, totally unnecessary.. we said goodbye to everyone around midday and headed off home - this has to be one of my most memorable days as we went to go see The Angel Of North - i've wanted to see this since i was a little baby but never gotten the chance to.. My mum managed to snap a photo of me with it in the background check her out!  I loved reading all about the sculpture as i've always been fascinated by it and i managed to get a few good shots in my self.. We arrived home at 8 ish and it was back to reality :(..

I hope you've all enjoyed reading about my holiday, it was one amazing trip and i wish i was back there already, i miss it so so much!..

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