Friday, 1 November 2013

The Most Fashionable Phone Covers

Your phone cover says a lot about you and in age where the type of phone you possess is a serious status symbol, you need to get the case right.  Flip cases, hard cases, phone socks or even just front and back stick on screens all vie for our attention with each having different characteristics.

Designer brands like Zagliani and D&G adorn some of the most elegant phones with expensive leathers and finely crafted couture finishes.  These designs mainly come in the form of flip cases which are both stylish and practical due to the fact that they encompass the phone and perform a dual role: phone sock and case combined.

The Sony Xperia Z has a beautiful and reasonable example of a Flip Case on the Phones4U website.  It opens sideways and has a magnetic closure making for a very smart or very elegant case - whichever interpretation you take.  For those who are keen to exude professionalism the flip case is a great asset.  Front and back transparent scratch shields could also be a good option for the business type user.

The simple hardback iPhone case is often the most widely interpreted due to its availability.  You can buy these cases from all sorts of designer stores but they are also sold online by most mobile phone retailers.  They are reasonably priced and creatively designed with the Tread GT case a fine example; it incorporates a striking tyre grip design, and also the IceBox which is ultra-sleek and really sets off the iPhones organic yet space age aesthetic.  Both these covers come in at a reasonable £19.99 and feature as 1 & 2 in the most popular chart.

The Union Jack iPhone case is a case that may have taken your eye on the street with its rustic looking weathered type colours giving it a traditional yet quirky feel.  The Blue Roses case is also a big seller at Phones4U, featuring the contrasting aqua blue and boldly outlined flowers which lend it a kitsch slightly oriental inspired feel.

The likes of Marc Jacobs and Dannijo also provide an array of hard case type covers with fascinating design inspiration including bohemian, psychedelic and futuristic.

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