Friday, 23 November 2012

Sponsored Video: ASOS #BestNightEver with Azealia Banks

ASOS the UK's largest online fashion and beauty store, of which a lot of you may already be a fan of myself included have recently released a new collection, with model Charlotte Free, Singer Ellie Goulding and hip-hop artist Azealia Banks, with a series of interactive video's showcasing the launch it's defiantly one not to be missed.
Azealia Banks has just released her feature campaign video and unlike Charlotte Free who has the more girly and sassy look,  Azealia has the more unique edgy and chic look, a look i would love to pull off but probably never could. 
This video also includes Azealia's new track Fierce,  an exclusive preview of this song from her new album.  Personally i think Azealia's top picks are my favourite and probably not something i would normally go for, her picks are the most unique and has the most character in my eyes.
You can check out the video of Azealia's top picks on the Christmas ASOS range and you can also buy and pin the items straight from the video, it is so so simple and easy to pick up Azealia's top picks! You can also win the outfits by pining the images including the hashtag #bestnightever. You can also 'like' ASOS on Facebook and check out their ASOS Best Night Ever Hub for even more chances to win!
What do you think of Azealia's pick's?.. Would they be something you would wear?..

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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

ELF Coral

A little while back, i posted an offer from ELF where you could get 50% off all nail polishes, with a minimum spend of £15 so for £7.50 i got 6 nail polishes priced at £1.25 each, obviously i thought this was a fantastic offer and i couldn't pass it up.
Coral is one of my favourite colours and i haven't quite seen a coral shade polish i've really liked besides from this one from ELF..
The consistency of the new ELF polishes i must say are so so much better, i find that most ELF nail polishes that i own go a bit gloopy after a few months even when they've been stored away from sunlight etc, they still seem to go weird but the new improved formula from ELF seem to make them last a lot longer than the old formulas.
As with the shade, i am completely in love with this shade, it's more for summer time though i wouldn't wear this through-out autumn or winter but it's a pretty shade for the summer.
It's gorgeous pink and gold toned with shimmer makes it stand out a lot more from the other nail polishes that i own and it's definitely without a doubt one of the most prettiest shades i own.

ELF always have deals/offer's going on so be sure to follow them on facebook or twitter to hear the latest and keep up to date -

What do you think of this shade?  Would you wear it?


Sunday, 11 November 2012

Liz Earle Sheer Lipgloss | Apricot

Liz Earle so far hasn't let me down once with their products, from their skincare range to their newly released make up line.. i can safely safe Liz Earle is a brand i know, love and trust and would recommend to everyone.
Lately i've been loving the new Liz Earle Sheer Lipgloss, this is in the shade Apricot.. which is a pale apricot with shimmer..
I went off lipgloss a little while ago, i go through phases where i love things then i hate things and lipgloss was one of them, i stopped wearing lipgloss about a year ago and found myself reaching towards matte lipsticks and lip butters, but when i was sent this to review i instantly fell in love with the color, the shimmer and the texture of this lipgloss that i have now gone back to using lipglosses for good now.
The texture of this lipgloss, unlike the one's i used to use is thick, non-sticky and lasts a long time before you have to reapply, the color comes out quite sheer and the shimmer isn't to shimmery where your lips just stand out from all the shimmer it's just perfect and it's non-sticky.. i think that may have been the reason as to why i stopped wearing them before.. i couldn't seem to find a good lipgloss that lasted a long time whilst also being non-sticky.
Once again i am very happy with another one of Liz Earle's products, the texture and the shade of this lipgloss is just perfect and i'm hoping to pick more of these up soon, absolutely gorgeous!
The Liz Earle Sheer Lipglosses are available to purchase online on the Liz Earle website and are priced at £13.50.

Have you tried anything from the new Liz Earle make up range yet?..

MUA Nail Constellation | Gemini

I think everyone went slightly mad over these when they were first released, first Ciate now MUA.  I've been wanting to try them ever since Ciate released theres but at £18 a pop that's pretty steep to pay for something you may only ever use once..  So i waited until another brand released something simular and along came MUA Constellations.
I'm completely hopeless at taking photo's of things before i actually use them but i did apply these nail constellations on the day i bought them and forgot to take proper photo's.. anyway if your looking for a long term thing these really aren't them, these nail constellations are more of a one day/ going out for one night thing, they really don't last very long and almost instantly start falling off once they have been applied.
On the plus side these were only £3, much cheaper than Ciate's Caviar Pearls and MUA have more variaties to choose from with 5 to choose from and all are named after star signs.

The MUA Nail Constellations are available to purchase in store and online on the MUA website priced at £3.

Have you tried the new MUA Nail Constellations yet?..

Thursday, 1 November 2012

October Favorites | 2012

Only 2 more months left of 2012, how crazy is this?.. Now that Halloween is over it's now the lead up to my birthday and Christmas for me, exciting stuff!
So for October i've been using all new products minus the odd one and i've been loving them so much that it's made it into my monthly favourites.
My first two favourite's of last month are lip products, my first choice is this gorgeous shade from L'Oreal.  It's the L'Oreal Rouge Caresse lipstick in Cheeky Magenta which is a pinky fuchsia shade more for the summer but at the moment i've been loving dabbing this on the lips to give it a slight tint of colour rather than wearing it full on the lips.  (I'm also wearing this lipstick in my blog header ;))
For my choice in lipsticks, i'm a massive matte lipstick lover and this Revlon lipstick in Really Red has been a favourite of mine for as long as i can remember.  I love wearing this on nights-out, dinners and to the pictures. 
For the nails, i've been loving ELF Dessert Haze which is the perfect nude colour.  It's by far one of my favourite go-to polishes this season, absolutely gorgeous! - You can see a swatch and close up of this in 'this post'.
The next polish is also from ELF, and it's ELF Rosy Raisin which was also in last months favourites, i cannot get over how beautiful this shade is and if you hadn't noticed already, this is the color for this season that everyone has been loving. 
For my eye's i've been keeping it a bit plain and simple and opted for just mascara and a smidge of eyeliner,  this is the Oriflame Lash Extreme Mascara - This mascara has a really small thin wand but it's amazing at making my lashes look a lot longer than they really are, i have teeny lashes so this mascara really does help give it some length and volume and the wand also helps separate my lashes to give it than non clumpy effect and i've been loving it a lot.
Next is the Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance Foundation and Concealer * - I won't say to much on this foundation as a full review is coming up but let's just say i obviously like it if it's made it into my monthly favourites.
I've really been loving the Caudalie Beauty Elixer, i bought the 30ml bottle at the start of October just to see what all the fuss was about, and i have used it everyday since..  It refreshes your face and makes your skin look glowing! i'm sure you've all seen enough raves and reviews on this product already but i simply love getting out of the shower in the morning and spritzing this onto my face, it really wakes me up and it helps with any redness i have.
And lastly, for my hair i've been using the L'Oreal Mythic Oil Colour Glow Oil, i picked this up at my hairdressers after i had my hair cut, i've been holding out purchasing a hair oil for the longest time and i finally caved.. Hair oil's are so expensive and when my hairdresser used this hair oil from L'Oreal on me i knew i had to have it, it was the fraction of the price of the Moroccan Oil which is the one i originally wanted but they both work the same.

So, that's my favourite's for the month of October.. What were your favourites?

Sponsored Video: Dr LeWinn RenuNail

I don't personally get dry, brittle, peeling or weak nails but i know a lot of other people do and could benefit from this.  In the video, Beauty expert Clair Rose talks you through and demonstrates the new Dr Lewinn RenuNail 3 step regime to help you achieve beautiful longer looking nails in just 4 weeks.
The breakthrough total nail care range contains a nail strengthener which needs to be applied directly to the naked nail, 2 coats on the first day and one coat a day for the next 5 days remove on day seven and repeat so it's 4 weeks in total..  To help maintain your new healthy, longer looking nails use the RenuNail Sensitive which is infused with diamond dust and pearl powder that gently hardens the nail without causing them to become brittle, it's a lovely nude shade which can be used as a base coat and it looks great on it's own or you can add a white tip and wear it as a manicure.
And finally you have the RenuNail Nourishing Oil which contains olive oil and vitamin E, it's ideal for dry cuticles and is advised to be used whenever is possible to help the nourish the new nail coming through. Three simple steps to healthier, stronger looking nails.
This would make a perfect Christmas present to those you know who have dry, brittle, peeling or weak nails,  i know who i'm buying this for and i may even pick one up for myself to try out!.. Oh and if you register online you can receive £5 off, an extra added bonus.

Does your nails need a little pick-me-up?.. Why don't you give this a try?..

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