Tuesday, 31 July 2012

One talented young lady..

Yup, your see'ing double! - That's me right there.  
I would like to introduce you all to a talented and beautiful young lady by the name of Gee Horsfield who done this absolutely amazing illustration of me.
I've admired Gee's illustrations for a few months now after being introduced to her work from the lovely Sarah over at Almost Delightful.   Gee is a freelance illustrator from Bristol UK and has done a ton of illustrations on bloggers and celebrities, my favourite (beside this one) has to be the one of Amy Winehouse - you can check out her work here.
Gee has just set up an Etsy shop where you can buy a digital illustration from her - prices start from £15.
With only a few pictures to go by she did an absolute incredible job getting every attention to detail and i'm so so pleased with the outcome.
Be sure to check her work out - Gee Horsfield Illustration and Lifestyle Blog

What do you think of my illustration?  Does it resemble me?

MICRO Pedi - At home pedicure kit

Removing dead skin safely and quickly leaving your feet feeling smooth and having the same results you would get when you visit the spa, emjoi MICRO Pedi is a safe and professional at home pedi system which works on all areas of your feet.
With 5-star customer rating the MICRO Pedi has lots of benefits, some including.. smoother feet, gently and effectively buffs away hard and dry skin in seconds, easy and fun to use and it's safe to use at home.
For those who neglect their feet, like me, would highly benefit from something like this.  If your anything like me who works a lot standing on your feet all day, who doesn't go to the spa much and gets very dry/chapped skin on the feet then this MICRO Pedi is what you need in your life.
The MICRO Pedi has a unique micro-mineral roller which spins 360o at 30times a second and removes the hard dry skin painlessly and leaves your feet with softer looking and feeling skin.
Even if this isn't for you, with Christmas coming up this would make the perfect gift for someone you know who gets/has dry chapped skin on their feet, it's the perfect at home pedicure kit which i'm sure they'd appreciate.

You can purchase the MIRCO Pedi online, currently for only £29.95 including free shipping - that's £10 off the original RRP - perfect for yourself or your loved one's.

* sponsored post.
all thoughts and opinions are my own

Friday, 27 July 2012

June + July Favorites | 2012

I completely missed out on my favourite's last month, as i've said a thousand times i've been soo busy with just life really that my poor little blog is getting abit neglected, but i promise i'm back now and have a ton of post's lined up for you.  It's nice having a little time away from blogging sometimes, to realise just how much you miss doing it, it's where i come to to rant about my life, talk to you guys about make up and such that i almost feel abit lost without it.
Anyway enough with the rambles, here are my favourite's from the month of June and July..
So first is my Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, i've been loving using this,  i think i can finally say i've found a better alternative to Bourjois' Healthy Mix Foundation which i was and still am in love with..  I've been on the market for a new foundation for what seems like forever and finally ended up buying the Wake Me Up foundation, the coverage is amazing and it feels so light on the skin and make's my skin have a lovely healthy glow. 
The Rimmel Scandal Eyes Show Off Mascara* was a gift from the lovely Emma over at Em's Mixed Bag...  as i had won a giveaway from her blog a few month's back and the prize was the Benefit Brow Zing's Kit*.  The mascara is like any other mascara but the thing i love about this one is the fact is has a ball type wand at the tip so it's easier to get the smaller lashes.  The Benefit Brow Zing's kit* is absolutely amazing to say the least, i will be doing a full review of this shortly.. but on one side of the kit is wax and the other side is the powder.. i've been using this kit non-stop since i've had it and i'm happy to say that i would definetly repurchase this kit.
The Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart, as you may or may not know.. i love red lipstick! it's probably, for me the most easiest to wear on my lips.  I find i reach for this lip butter more and more everyday along with Berry Smoothie too.
The Cosmopolitan Eyelash Curlers i've only recently bought and it works wonders on my short lashes, i've been using this with the Rimmel Scandal Eye's Mascara* and it makes my lashes long so much longer and fuller, i love it!
Next, the Liz Earle Loose Powder and Powder Brush* - not going to go into to much detail as a review of these will be up shortly so stay tuned for that.
Abit of a random one but i've just got myself a new iphone 4s and i love shopping around for phone cases, this Gold Sparkly Phonecase was from ebay for £2.99 - total bargain, and it's sparkly so that's a bonus!  As it's been pretty hot in the UK lately, deodorant is a must! This one from Dove is my new favourite, i love using this deodorant just after the gym as it smells amazing and it works so well.
For nails i've been loving Barry M's Pink Flamingo, it's a mixture of hot pink with a hint of coral, it's the perfect shade for summer i think.
And lastly, for my lazy day's i've been using the Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo, i've gotten abit bored with the other Batiste Dry Shampoo's (I have them all) - i find the scent somewhat all smell the same, but when i picked this one up from Tesco's a few month's back i was instantly drawn to the cherry scent.. it's so different from the rest and i love the packaging.

So that's my favourite's for June + July,  What's your favourite's been?


Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sponsored Video: 17 Blow Out Mascara

Introducing to you all the new 17 Blow Out Mascara,  17 has teamed up with singer Mercedes and the video is about getting ready for a good night out.
The new mascara is described as an oversized brush that will scult and tease your lashes from root to tip,  increasing the volume of your lashes up to 12times!!
This mascara is said to make your lashes bigger, bolder and bouffant which is what my lashes needs and lacks in.
The formulation is enriched with vitamin E and Argan Oil which helps boost the lash body, then sets and holds for a long lasting lift.
I'll definetly be giving this mascara a go, it sounds like the perfect mascara to me.. let's just hope it lives up to it's claims.
Every time 17 launch a new hero product their going to release a make up song/video written by their favorite up and coming artist.. This time it's all about singer Mercedes.

What do you think?  Will you be purchasing this mascara?

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Thursday, 19 July 2012

My A-Z Wishlist

Seriously like the biggest wishlist ever?.. I love everything on here.. now just wondering how much it'll cost me to purchase them all?
Right at the very top of my wishlist is the new Apple Ipad or course, i had to pick the most expensive..  My boyfriend has just actually ordered himself one and jealousy isn't even the word for it.. The Mint Green Studded Pumps which i found on ebay, they are the most adorable pumps ever and i love the studs.  The Chanel bag which has been on my wishlist for donkey years now and i'm also really loving the Zara Bucket Bag too.

Any of these items on your wishlist?..

Monday, 16 July 2012

Bags of Love

Bags of Love™ is a personalised gift manufacturer and mail-order company. Established in 2003 by Contrado Imaging Ltd., we provide a unique and growing range of personalised gifts directly to the public from our London office and factory premises.  Our mission is to combine dedicated customer service with impeccable photo printing and luxury gift products.  Bags of Love™ oversees the entire production process, from end-to-end, to ensure each gift is printed and constructed to the finest possible quality. We value the efficiency and personal nature of our service – aiming to complete each order with the attention and care it deserves. 
Please note:  Mobile number at the moment was blurred out as i don't want everyone knowing/seeing my number.
I was contacted about 2weeks ago by the lovely people over at Bags Of Love asking if i would like to review products from their website, i clicked onto their link and instantly fell in love with everything.  I've always loved personalized gifts, i always find them more thoughtful and a sweet gesture.  I already had in mine what i wanted, i picked out a Leather Photo Keyring* and had it personalized just to have a pretty flower image from Cath Kidston, i find that with keyrings and stuff people(strangers) would see in general i don't like to have images of myself on.  I then picked out Business Card Booklets* which i could use for blogging and when i attend blog events, i also picked the Cath Kidston image to use along with the business cards..  I find that having business cards in a booklet makes it soo much easier than having them loose, if i needed to give one out all i had to do was pull one out from the booklet.
I was emailed a PDF preview of the business cards before they sent it out to me, which i thought was handy and really nice of them..
Overall i'm really happy with my order,  i found the customer service amazing and the quality of the cards and the keyring was fantastic.. i couldn't of asked for a better service.  I received my items within 3-5days of them contacting me so the delivery time was also quick and easy with no fuss.. just the way i like it.
The prices are also very reasonable, and i will be using this service again come Christmas for personalized gifts for the family. 
- Bags of Love liked my design soo much that they are featuring it as the 'Design of the week'.
You can also see my keyring design on the main website page too.

If your interested in personalized gifts then look no further, Bags of Love is the place for you!
Check out their website:  www.bagsoflove.co.uk

What do you think?  Do you like receiving personalized gifts?..

*PR Sample
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Sunday, 15 July 2012

DIY Glitter Phone Case

What you'll need: 
o  One plain phone case
o  Glitter nail polish
o  One cloth

Do you ever get bored with your phone case?..  Do you ever just want to add some sparkle into it?  I am one of these people that are soo hard to please at times, one moment i will love something the next i'm bored with it and want something new..  I bought a hot pink phone case for my iphone months ago and loved it, it was easy to find in my handbag and i loved the hot pink.. but a month later i got bored with it..
When my sister bought me the Models Own Ibiza Mix nail polish i went crazy over it, i painted my nails with it.. as you do.. started painting my computer mouse and then thought what else could i paint with this gorgeous multi-coloured glitter nail polish *whilst gazing over at my phone with a plain old pink case on* a light bulb appeared above my head and i had a crazy idea of painting my iphone case with it.
So i went ahead and took off my iphone case from my phone and used another old case just to protect it in the meanwhile, i placed the iphone on a old cloth, painted the whole iphone case with the Models Own Ibiza Mix and -tadaaa- this is how it turned out..
i can now say, first i am obsessed with the Models Own Ibiza Mix, and secondly i think i've officially lost it.  Only kidding.. i love how it turned out.. has anyone else ever painted their iphone case?..

On a sad note:  i've had to say goodbye and rest in peace to my iphone 3gs, the poor thing was dropped on the floor (accidently) and has now been laid to rest.. but in happier new's... hello to iphone 4s!!

Paul Mitchell Color Protect Daily Shampoo and Conditioner

This Paul Mitchell Color Protect Daily Shampoo gently cleanses color-treated hair, moisturizes, strengthens and boosts shine. Containing Sunflower extract provides intense UV protection and helps shield strands from the sun. Its conditioning agents and extracts hydrate 
and add shine. Formulated with color-extending formula that makes color last longer.

Okay i have a little shock confession i'm going to make before i start, everytime i dye my hair or have dyed my hair in the past i have never once followed up on colour protection shampoo's or conditioners.. in my eyes they were a complete waste of time and weren't going to make much of a difference anyway.  Yes i know, how silly am i! 
About 2months ago i had a little dilemma with my hair and now i'm extra careful with what i do with my hair, especially with colour.  I dyed my hair around a month ago and ever since i received these Colorcare shampoo* and conditioners* by Paul Mitchell i've used them non-stop and have seen a big difference in my hair.  Not only does it leave my hair smelling clean and fresh, it also leaves my hair feeling soft all day long..  The shampoo and conditioner came in 300ml bottles and they have lasted me nearly a month and i've still got half a bottle left!
Another thing i love about the Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner is that the shampoo bottle has a orange top and the conditioner has a white top so it makes it easier to find in the shower, i hate having to faff around in the shower looking for my shampoo's and conditioners so this is a great time saver.
Unfortunately i'm unable to really describe the scent as i've had really bad hayfever and i've slightly lost my sense of smell but i can tell you it does smell amazing! The consistency is like any other shampoo and conditioner..
I would say the only downfall of these shampoo and conditioners was that after a day of washing my hair, my hair started to feel and look greasy already..  Normally my hair starts to get like this after 2 days from when i wash it, not the day after.
Beside from that i do love these shampoo and conditioner, they do exactly what they say on the bottle so i'm happy with that.

The Paul Mitchell Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner are available from www.HairTrade.com from £8.29-£10.16 for 300ml.

Have your tried this product before?  What were your thoughts?

Item/s sent for review consideration.. 
All opinions i express are my own.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Maybelline Color Sensational Popstick in Pink Lollipop

There's been lots of reviews on this lipstick already, mainly bad.. but i thought i would share my thoughts on these Popsticks.
First up, i did read up on these before i purchased it as i do with most of my make up anyway.. All the reviews i did read said that these Popsticks don't show up the colour when swatched and also the glitter/shimmer doesn't transfer onto the lips.. but however does make a good lipbalm/moisturizing lipstick.
So i went ahead and purchased it, i was at the Maybelline counter for a good 10minutes trying to decide which one to go for, there are 5 shades to choose from and i did swatch them all (the swatches weren't amazing) and i have to admit i was more into the packaging than the actual Popsticks themselves.. In the end i walked away with the shade Pink Lollipop.
Pink Lollipop is the brightest shade of them all, and probably the most pigmented too.  I picked this shade so that i could wear it alone as more of a tinted lipbalm than a lipstick, i like to pair this with the Revlon Lip Butters for a more toned down look but still natural looking.. my favourite combo at the moment to use this with is Revlons Berry Smoothie..
The packaging is a bright neon pink, something which got me quite excited, it's funky looking and perfect for the summer!  The Popsticks themselves are so pleasing to the eye, i could literally stare at mine all day! Each shade is neon and translucent.. my opinion this shade is the prettiest and such eye candy, the rest aren't as so..
It has a lovely fruity and sweet scent to it and actually tasted quite fruity too, much to my surprise.
In my opinion, these may not be for everyone.. I like Pink Lollipop as most days i like my lips to look quite sheer with just a touch of colour so this is perfect for me, the packaging was just an added bonus.

Maybelline Color Sensational Popsticks are available at Boots and Superdrugs for £7.19,  Boots and Superdrugs both currently have 3 for 2 deals on selected Maybelline products.

What do you think of these Popsticks?  Have you tried them?..

Sunday, 8 July 2012

River Island Sale Wishlist

Everytime there is a River Island sale i get a little excitement inside me, something that i cannot seem to contain and yes i am the person that ends up refreshing the page until the sale is uploaded onto the website, i know i am sad, so i've been told but who can blame me?.. This year has some of the hottest sale items and i am soo jealous to those who have been paid/has the money to splurge this time of the month.  I have to wait another week which means all the sale items i do want have already sold out or even worse.. they have my item but it's not in my size.  I've been through it all and i'm hoping all this stuff ^above is still there by payday.. i pretty much doubt it but we can all dream..

Have you got a River Island sale wishlist?.. Or maybe you managed to catch the sale?.. If so i would love to know what you bought..

Friday, 6 July 2012

Guest Post: How-To Guide: Accessorising

Accessorising can be a tricky thing to manage. Whilst nobody wants a bland outfit, going over the top with accessories can take your look from ‘bling’ to tacky in a matter of moments.
To help you strike the perfect balance we’ve put together a quick guide to the accessories that are making fashion waves in 2012 and how to wear them.

Summer jewellery is all about fun, funky items that reflect the playfulness of the season.  Think bright and bold and opt for over the top statement necklaces. Charm bracelets are a nostalgic trend that is re-emerging this season and with plenty of different styles on offer they needn’t be expensive.  Retro symbols and oversized pieces are also popular this season, so don’t be afraid to show off your youthful, fun side – whatever your age.
So many different styles of bags work perfect for summer, so you’re sure to find the perfect arm-candy.  This season, the standard clutch has been reborn with some intricate beading designs.  Some of the fantastic styles available include black, understated beading for 1920s glamour and tribal patterns in bright vibrant colours for a boho look.  The oversized handbag is always a favourite but consider opting for an unusual shade to vary your look. This season a matte finish orange or green will be bang on trend.
If you’re heading to the beach, be sure to go for hot, bright colours, or even show a little patriotism with a playful Union Jack design.
It can be difficult to find a shoe that’s casual enough for the summer sun, but more flattering than the standard flip-flop. Platform Wedge shoes strike a happy balance, as they’re casual enough for a summer BBQ but can be dressed up for a night out on the town.
Fun under the sun
Grab some glamorous sunnies, an oversized floppy brimmed hat, a great book and you’re halfway to a fabulous beach look.  
Be sure to exfoliate and bronze up with a high quality fake tan, it’s a much better look than sunburn! Headscarves add some extra colour to an outfit and can also help to tame unruly beach hair.
Everything else
One of the best things about accessorising is using all of the quirky little extras to put a unique spin on an outfit. Look around for quirky items that appeal to your personality, whether it be a colourful umbrella for the beach or a colourful bow or ribbon to add some glamour to your hairstyle.
-Guest post written by Catherine
All images taken from Very.co.uk
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