Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Update: I'm still here...

A few weeks ago i received a few emails and tweets asking if i was still blogging and what was going on with my blog as..  if i'm honest i weren't really sure myself..  I thought it was finally time to make a decision and stick by it, i tweeted a few weeks ago saying i weren't really sure if i was going to keep blogging as i've been soo busy with working, family/boyfriend and also trying to set up my shop..  In other words i didn't know if i had the time to blog anymore, which is really upsetting as i love blogging!  After a long hard think i've decided i am going to keep blogging,  i just can't bring myself to delete my blog and losing all contact with loads of other bloggers who i have become close to and also my lovely readers!.. So please bare with me whilst i try and sort my hectic life out and hopefully get back to regular blogging again! (I have some great post's coming up..)
Oh also with Sunday Mumbles.. which i haven't done for a little while, cut the long story short my life has been pretty boring lately so i just haven't bothered.. i thought each Sunday Mumbles is just going to look the same until i do actually do something exciting, hopefully they will start back up again too!
As i've been missing for a few weeks i thought i'd show you what i've been up to..  If you follow me on Instagram(misshollyxo) you would have already seen these but for those who don't have it then here is what i've been up to and what i've bought (not all) over the last few weeks!

o   My gorgeous rose gold watch with some of my favourite bracelets to pair it with
o  My DIY phone case - it was a boring pink case for my iphone which i jazzed up with Models Own Ibiza Mix nail polish - i've had so many comments on it and i personally love it myself!
o  Costa Coffee, Mango Ice Drink - i have recently only just discovered my love for Mango juice, crazy right?..  Mango juice is the best!
o  LUSH - a few LUSH goodies from Lakeside
o  Primark Sparkly Pink Plimsolls - Aren't these just gorgeous? they were abit of an impulse purchase but i am soo glad i got them.. only problem is i'm not sure what to pair these with..?
o  And lastly, i've joined the gym! - About bloody time, i am so unfit right now and i eat soo much junk food :/ not good.  My boyfriend bought me a new gym kit yesterday.. Some black legging type running trousers, a hot pink tshirt and a hot pink water bottle!!
And lastly.. a few photo of the days from the past few weeks.. just to show you all that i am still alive ;)

Sunday, 24 June 2012

LUSH Creamy Candy

I haven't used any LUSH products in what seems like forever so whilst i was in Lakeside last week i stopped in the LUSH store and picked up a few goodies including one of my favourite's Rose Jam Bubbleroon - I can't tell you how much i love just soaking in a long hot bath after the longest day at work.
What LUSH say about this bubble bar:
A sweet creamy candy-floss pink bath that’s like a hug in a soft fluffy towel. This one is a girly night in. Makes you want to put on your cutest jammies, bounce on the bed and have a pillow fight. For those who know that youth and innocent glee are things never to be left behind.   We’ve put chunks of our solid bath oil mix in this bar, so you get creamy pink water and lovely soft skin.
Because i wanted to write a review on this bubble bar i ended up using the whole thing, even though if you want to make the most of the bubble bar then these can last up to 8-10 baths!
I popped it under the water and it bubbled up and ended up like the picture above, the water was more of a misty pink than a 'creamy pink' but nonetheless it was still pretty.
The scent is just like candy, so heavenly and so relaxing and it leaves your skin feeling so smooth and the scent just lingers on your body for a short while afterwards.. as it also did with the bathroom, everytime i went in i could still smell it even after 2 days.

Overall this bubble bar scored top marks with me and it's definetly a winner in my books..
This gorgeous Creamy Candy bubble bar is available from all LUSH stores and online and retails for £2.45

What do you think?  Have you tried any bubble bars from LUSH? 

Saturday, 9 June 2012

NOTW - Pink + Gold Ombre Nails

Last week i posted a picture on my Instagram (@misshollyxo) of my nails of the week which were my pink and gold ombre nails i created with my shimmer nail polishes from Born Pretty Store and lots of you tweeted and messaged me saying how much you loved them so i thought i would do a post on how i created them..
I first applied my Sally Hansen base coat which i bought absolutely ages ago now, then with a sheet of paper(just to place the used bits of sponge on - you don't want to make the mistake i did and get it all over your desk) and two small bits of sponge.. 
I first painted the end of one sponge with gold and dabbed it onto the bottom half of each nail, and then used the other piece of sponge to dab on the pink nail polish to the top half of each nail.. I had to go over the pink and the gold twice to fill in the missing gaps and to add more colour, once that's done.. apply a top coat and your done!
(You can use cello tape with this to get a cleaner look, or you can always use cotton buds and nail polish remover to get rid of the nail polish around the edges.. )
So that's how i created my pink and gold ombre nails, such a simple and quick way to do them!

What do you think of this look?

Friday, 8 June 2012

Sponsored Video - Clinique Chubby Sticks

Clinique Chubby Sticks have always been a hit in the beauty world, with 16 unique shades in total, 8 new fantastic shades to choose from, who can resist?.. There is a shade to suit everyone!
Smooth on for an instant moisture boost with SPF protection and add a hint of skin–perfecting colour.
If you like to add a hint of colour to your lips day-to-day but don't want the full impact that a lipstick gives then Clinique's Chubby Sticks is what your lips are missing..
A super-nourishing tinted lip balm that gives your lips a gorgeous tint of colour and adds a hint of soft shine, allergy tested and 100% fragrance free, It never needs sharpening - simply swivel up to reveal more of the balm
With one sold every 15seconds worldwide..  The Clinique Chubby Sticks have definitely made a name for themselves in the beauty world and bloggers are raving about these non-stop..  From June 1st there are now 8 new (and permanent) shades to choose from..
    Mega Melon - Muted mauve
    Oversized Orange - Orange (New)
    Curvy Candy - Dark pink (New)
    Mighty Mimosa - Dirty pink (New)
    Two Ton Tomato - Orange-red (New)
    Woppin’ Watermelon - Pink
    Super Strawberry - Strawberry pink
    Chunky Cherry - Cherry
    Pudgy Peony - Fuchsia (New)
    Voluptuous Violet - Plum (New)
    Graped-up - Brown plum
    Heaping Hazelnut - Soft beige brown (New)
    Whole Lotta Honey - Plum brown
    Bountfiul Blush - Brown pink (New)
    Fuller Fig - Dark brown
    Richer Raisin - Dark Plummy brown

What are your thoughts on the Clinique Chubby Sticks?.. Have you purchased any of the new shade's yet?..

*This is a sponsored video but as always all opinions
 expressed here are my own and 100% honest..

JUNE: Beauty Wishlist

Just another beauty wishlist for this month, all of which i've been lusting after for quite some time now..  The Mythic Oil for L'Oreal i received a sample of in the post and loved straight away so i'm definitely going to purchase the full size bottle of. The Liz Earle blush, or shall i say the whole new make up range from Liz Earle is on my wishlist this month, i've already seen tons of reviews on them and they look and sound amazing so i'm hoping to get my hands on some samples to try out soon.
The YSL Lipstick and Complexion Highlighter i've wanted for the longest time now but haven't quite took the plunge to purchase them,  i'm worried if i purchase it and get bored, that or find a better alternative.. that's  basically 50 quid down the drain there.
The Garnier No Streaks Bronzer Dry Face Mist Spray i saw on a advert whilst waiting to watch a youtube video and i was instantly sold, doesn't take much for me to want to want something just takes a simple advert thrown in my face and i'm instantly won over.
The Nails Inc Limited Edition nail polish for the Queens Diamond Jubliee looks gorgeous, if i'm honest i'm more in love with the packaging than i am with the actual nail polish..
And lastly the Nina Ricci Nina Fantasy Perfume.. whilst i was in Brighton not so long ago i popped into Boots and asked for a quick sniff of this as my friend Harley uses this perfume and suggested it to me..  It's now top of my wishlist so i'm hoping to pick this up when i'm next out shopping!.. It smells ah-mazing!

So that's my beauty wishlist for the month of June, Whats currently on your wishlist?..


Thursday, 7 June 2012

JUNE: Fashion Wishlist

Another month gone, another monthly wishlist..  This month and the next is going to be extremely busy for me.  Aside from work, i have my cousins engagement party to go to all the way up in Newcastle.. So i'm already planning another trip up there for that, to go see my family and of course do some shopping.  I'm also currently designing my website for my shop which will be revealed soon..  
So with that being said, my monthly wishlist for this month is lots and bits and bobs i want to purchase for my trip to Newcastle..  I'm already in love with that Skater Dress from New Look which i saw weeks ago in store and i thought it would look really cute with those Block Heels which are also from New Look.
Some rings from River Island which i spotted a few days ago, i'm currently loving the Gold Tone jewellery right now and those rings i think will just about go with everthing, perfecto!
A mint green clutch bag which is also from New Look, as you will all know by now i am now obsessed with the colour Mint Green..  And so the obsession continues..
And lastly, two bags from Zara which i've had my eye on for a while..  I've always loved Zara bags, the quality of them is just amazing!  I want/need both of those bags in my life!

So that's my fashion wishlist for the month of June, Whats currently on your wishlist?..

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

May favorites | 2012

I cannot believe we are already half way through 2012, how crazy is that?..  It seems like only yesterday that i was celebrating my 21st birthday and Xmas!  This year is going by way to quickly.. And with another month gone.. comes another monthly favourites..
This month you will mostly see alot of the same products i had in last month's favourite's as i've been keeping my make up very minimal throughout the month of May, see'ing as though the weather in the UK has been soo hot and sunny lately i've tried to  keep it very basic..
Sleek Blush 921 Suede - Same as last month, i am still loving my Sleek blush from the Nude Collection. This blush is absolutely perfect for creating a more natural look, i use this just on the apple of my cheeks to give me a more healthy glow.
Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray (*) - I've been getting back into the routine of using this again, i forgot just how much i loved this spray.  It holds my make up all day and i find that i never really need to do touch up's with this spray. I've fallen back in love all over again!
Model's Own Ibiza Mix + Lilac Dream (*) - My two favourite nail polishes this month, i've been on the search for Ibiza Mix since it first came out but wasn't able to track it down in any of the Boots store's i live near..  Luckily my sister managed to pick one up for me whilst she was on her break at work so i'm extremely happy i now have this beauty in my life!  It's absolutely gorgeous, i currently have this on top of my Model's Own Lilac Dream and they look amazing together!
Revlon Lip Butter, Berry Smoothie - You should all know by now how much i love lip butters, and this one happens to be my all time favourite. It's such an easy shade to wear and it goes with everything! This shade for me, is 'my lips but better' and it's also super moisturizing!
MUA 3 in 1 eXtreme Contour Eye Pencil - Don't really have anything amazing to say about this eyeliner, it just works for me.. it's also cheap and it works really well.
MUA Shade 1 eyeshadow + CoverGirl Shimmering Sands Palette (*) - I'm still loving the MUA Single Eyeshadow's - they are soo quick and easy to apply and easy enough to throw in your handbag.  I use the MUA eyeshadow in shade 1 to apply all over my lids and then i use the CoverGirl Shimmering Sands Palette and do a smokey eye with the 2 outter shade's - a dark brown and a champagne pink.
Giordani Gold Mineral Therapy Concealer - Light/Medium - I've also been laying off the foundation lately,  as the weather has been heating up so i've been sticking to just concealer.  I've been using this concealer now for almost a year, i wouldn't say it's the best concealer but it's worked so far for me.

So that's my favourites for the month of May, what have your favourites been?..

Liz Earle Botanical Essence™ No.1

Liz Earle Botanical Essence™ No.1 (*)
For our first ever fine fragrance we’ve used the finest natural botanical ingredients from around the world and the expert skills of a distinguished perfumer from Grasse, France. We gave him the time to indulge in the age-old art of perfumery, skilfully hand-crafting this complex scent with true passion to create this vibrant, sparkling fragrance translating into warmth and sensuality.

Main ingredients include:
High-altitude lavender from France
Damask rose from Turkey
Italian bergamot
Spicy patchouli from Indonesia
Liz Earle has always been a favourite brand of mine, especially for their skincare products and it's always been highly raved about..  So i was extremely excited when i heard that they had just released a perfume.  Okay so i'm not a massive perfume fan, i've used the same perfume for the past 2 years and i'm still pretty happy with it - obviously not the same one, just a perfume i've repurchased time and time again.  But in saying that, i am one of those girls who like to go into stores and have a quick whiff of some perfumes.
The Liz Earle perfume is beautifully packaged as with all their products and comes with this gorgeous box which has a blue ribbon tab which you then pull to open to reveal the perfume.
The bottle itself is comes in a 50ml glass bottle and is just as gorgeous as the packaging, very simple, classy and expensive looking but i love it.
As for the fragrance, i would say it's definitely not for everyone and is probably more suited for older women.  When you first spray it, it does come off as quite strong but once it settles it is a lot more subtle..  The scent is very unique somewhat sweet and musky, it's definitely not like all other perfumes.

The Liz Earle Botanical Essence™ No.1 Perfume is available from the Liz Earle website £45 for 50ml bottle - click 'here'

Have you tried this perfume before?.. If not, would this be your type of perfume?..
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