Saturday, 26 May 2012

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters - Candy Apple + Berry Smoothie

I've been loving my Revlon Lip Butters, each of these shade's are highly pigmented and super moisturising and are very easy to wear.  After swatching them for what seemed like 5minutes (i was in Boots for about an hour) - I've decided that these two were the one's that were coming home with me.
If you read this post - click - you may have read that i wanted to purchase and try more of these Revlon lip butters, i had two shades which i was dying to have but when i swatched it in store found that none of them shades i would actually wear on a day to day basis so i picked up two gorgeous shade's which i would wear everyday and that i could wear with anything!
Unlike the other Revlon lip products these come beautifully packaged in a quilted design and each shade matches the shade inside. 
The first shade i picked up was *Candy Apple* - I've been loving my red lipsticks lately so i thought this would be a perfect alternative to wearing my bright red matte lipsticks what i've been wearing!  Like all the other lip butters it's highly pigmented and i found it lasts for a good few hours before it starts to wear (that's if i'm not eating).  I usually apply this a few times to get a nice bright red, but you don't need to do that if you don't want it so bright.  You can just apply a layer of this on your lips and it comes out more of a lighter red/coral.
I wore this lip butter the day i bought it - if you want to see what it looked like on then 'click here'.
The other shade i picked up was *Berry Smoothie* - I don't own any berry like lipsticks so i thought now was the time to start, it's an absolutely gorgeous shade on and off.
This shade however, is far more pigmented than the other lip butters, i found - i don't know if anyone else thought the same?..  I only really apply one layer of this as i only think it needs one..  The shade is stunning, and again lasts a fair few hours on your lips.
Overall i am still loving the Revlon Lip Butters and i am tempted to pick up some more shades, they are definately a winner in my books..

What do you think?.. Have you tried these lip butters yet?..

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Huge Brighton Haul

Yesterday i headed off to Brighton with the boyfriend really early as he had an important meeting/test for something which i won't say on here, just yet ;) so whilst he was there i thought i may aswell do some shopping and try find everyone's birthday presents.  May/June is usually the month where i go skint, not only do i have my 2 nieces birthdays, i also have my boyfriends sisters (Sam), my brothers, AND my boyfriends! That's 5 people to buy for!!
Anyway i managed to sort out my nieces birthday presents, which i won't bother to show as i doubt any of you would be interested in see'ing what i got them, and i also sorted out my boyfriends sisters present - in which i bought her some perfume, anti-wrinkle cream, night cream, and just other bits and bobs. - i still have no idea what to get the boyfriend so if any of you have any ideas please do let me know!  Anyway enough of the chit chat, and onto the haul!
8 piece bangle set from Primark - £2.50
 Pastel plaited jewel bracelet from New Look - £3.99
White and Mint stone jewel bracelet from Primark - £2
Revlon lip butters in shades Candy Apple and Berry Smoothie from Boots -  on offer £5.99 each
Snakeskin sunglasses case from Primark - £2
Blue and tan purse from New Look - £6 on sale
Clear make up bag from Primark - £3
Diamante Sandals from Primark - £8
Nude ballet pumps from Primark - £4
Disney tshirt in mint from Primark - £6
Dark blue hoodie from Primark - £8
Blue skinny jeans from Primark - £9
2 plain tshirts in hot pink and peach from Primark - £2.50 each
Loose fit box tshirts from New Look - 2 for £6

I also picked up some bra and knickers which i'm obviously not going to show on here, some birthday cards and sweets and treats from a shop that sells Japanese sweets! - Overall i had such a great day in Brighton, even if i was shopping on my own, my boyfriend ended up passing his test so we celebrated by going to Yo Sushi! 

Have you bought anything exciting lately?..

Sunday, 20 May 2012

What a week! Sunday Mumbles!

Oh wow what a week i've had, i cannot wait for some nice time off!  Relaxing, doing abit of shopping and hoping to get my hair cut to.  Where to start this week..?
o  Well let's start with the thing that i've had all week! Cold/flu!  There is definetly something going around that i've managed to catch at work and now i've passed it onto my bf. whoops!  It ended in me getting sent home from work to have some much needed rest and lots of sleep!
o  I've been having another little clear out this week to and found some of my most loved jewellery!  Both earrings shown are from River Island which i bought absolutely ages ago now, and that ring is from my sisters work place, i love all three pieces!
o  Me and the bf took a trip down to Asda's to get some snacks, ended up coming out with a bag full of junk food.. Pasta's, noodles and lots of sweets!
o  Whilst me and the boyfriend were in Asda's (after we had left the checkout and were walking towards the exit. hand in hand and swinging our arms) a lady who works at Asda's said we both looked really happy! It made my week! 

I hope you've all had a lovely week/weekend!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Your thoughts on: Plastic Surgery..

I wanted to start doing weekly topics on my blog, topics where you can share and express your thoughts and opinions..  I always do wonder what other people think about certain things, obviously everyone has their own opinions of things so i would love to know what you think and of course i will also be sharing my thoughts on the subject too..
This weeks topic is about..
A few years back, and up until this day i have always been a huge fan of the MTV reality series 'The Hills'.. After watching over a few episodes like i do now and then i had completely forgotten all about Heidi Montag's(Pratt) surgery's. 
Heidi Montag is famous for being in The Hills where she starred alongside former best friend Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port, Kristen Cavallari and Spencer Pratt who she went onto marrying in season 5.. 
In April 2007, Heidi had her first plastic surgery and had a breast augmentation and rhinoplasty.. In January 2010, Montag revealed to People magazine that she had ten plastic surgery procedures in one day, performed by Dr. Frank Ryan in November 2009. Among the procedures were brow-lifts, ear-pinnings, a chin reduction, as well as a second rhinoplasty and second breast augmentation. She revealed that she almost died from too much Demerol, reducing her breath rate to five breaths per minute, but said it was worth it.
Heidi Montag to me, was one of these girls who with or without make up on looked beautiful, she was a natural beauty and was one of my idols,  I think that plastic surgery has completely ruined her and i hardly recognize her anymore, why you would want 10 plastic surgery procedures all in one day when your already beautiful i don't know!
Heidi has spoken about how she was bullied in school about her looks, she said that she wouldn't smile in pictures because people would circle out her chin - Having being bullied myself in school,  i would love to change little parts about myself, yes i would love to have gigantic boobs and a bigger bum but i don't think plastic surgery is the answer..  Instead i've grown to love the way i look and just deal with it like any ordinary person would.  That's not to say i don't believe in plastic surgery, If you are really unhappy with the way you look that it's got to a stage where you to uncomfortable in your own skin then yeah i would probably do the same, but having 10 in one day..? No.
I'm sure you've all had at least one person in your life coming up to you and saying i want to have plastic surgery, i've had a friend who had a baby a few years ago who wanted a boob job and of course i did say what i thought to her.. in the end she didn't go through with it. (not because of what i had said but what she had read on the internet about it)
Again, i am not against it you should do whatever makes you happy at the end of the day..

What are your thoughts on plastic surgery?..  Would you have it done?.. 

*All images taken from google

Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Sunday Edit #5

Just a quick look of the day before i leave for work, i'm on a 12day straight work shift which sucks so i haven't had much time to blog lately which i'm really sad about as i love blogging and catching up with you guys but works made it impossible for me to do so, i apologize and i promise i'll be back soon! (Also i know i'm posting this a day early but i just don't think i'd get the time to do this post tomorrow..
o  Works starting to take it's toll, and with people on leave i've had to work extra hard and for long hours too, like i mentioned above i'll be working 12days straight, have a day off then it all starts all over again, i cannot wait for this month to end!
o  Everything is going great with the set-up of my shop,  currently waiting on payday to order most of the stock and then hopefully my little shop will be open - i thought it'll all be done by the middle of June but it looks as if it may be longer.. sorry guys!
o  Me and the boyfriend are starting back at the gym again and i cannot wait,  i am soo unfit right now that the gym will do me good.

I hope you've all had a lovely week/weekend and i shall catch up with you all soon!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

NOTD - Sparkly blue tips

I love nothing more than trying out new designs on my nails, well this isn't exactly 'new' - i used to do my nails like this all the time, just minus the glitter.  I had an idea in my head of mixing purple and blue together but instead of painting my nails all one colour then my index fingers another.. I ended up doing a manicure kinda look and painting the tips of my nails a gorgeous sparkly blue.
 Models Own - Lilac Dream (*)
Wet n Wild ColorIcon - Cost is no issue (*)
I am in love with the finished results, i think it's so glamorous, girly and eye catching and i just love the sparkles that add the finishing touch!

What do you think?

Monday, 7 May 2012

Sponsored Video: Top 5 picks for Summer shoes from Next

Unruly Media
Despite the miserable dreary weather we've had here in UK lately, i still cannot help myself browsing online at Summer clothes, shoes and accessorize!
From strappy sandals and catwalk court shoes to ballet slippers and chunky boots, browse the latest in Next's children’s, men’s and women’s shoe collections. Not to mention their cool but comfortable school footwear and stunning wedding shoes ..
I'm always on the hunt for a good pair of shoes or two and Next has always been one of them shops online and instores that tend to catch my eye!
With soo many different types of shoes and trends out right now i wanted to share some of my favourite's from Next.

1.  Colour Block
First up is Colour Block, probably my favourite trend out right now.. Next have soo many colour block shoes to choose from and i just love browsing all their different shoes that are colour block, my favourite i've found are these gorgeous pinky purple and orange pair of Peep Toe Block Court Heels, perfect for the summer!
2.  Wedges
Wedges are always good for summer time and always my favourite to wear for summer to!  There is nothing more cuter than wearing wedges paired with a loose T and some ripped denim shorts, these are definetly a must for summer!
3.  Animal Print
I was never really a big fan of animal print, but something has obviously made me change my mind about it.  I love nothing more than adding some animal print into my outfits nowadays.. I still have my animal print flats which i've worn to death and have had since i was 14years old. I think i need a new pair and these Leopard Print Ballerinas are just gorgeous!
4.  Pastels
Another one of my favourite trends this year, the pastels! I think everyone's loving the pastel trend right now and i simply cannot get enough of it!..  Pastels are big this year and adding a spot of pastel in your clothing shows your soft and feminine side of you and will simply brighten up your outfit.  My favourite's are these gorgeous Soft Pastel Ballerina's, i've added a few of these on my wishlist for payday!
5.  Glitz & Glamour
And lastly, if you know me well then you will know how much i love sparkly, glitzy things and for nights out, weddings or special occasions i love nothing more than wearing sparkly shoes.  I could browse the Next website all day long lusting over their Glitz and Glamour shoes!  My favourite are these Ivory Satin Peep Toe Heels with a feature heel! Absolutely stunning!..
What are your favourite picks for Summer shoes from Next?

*This is a sponsored video but all opinions
 expressed here are my own and 100% honest as always..

Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Sunday Edit #4

o  Last night whilst checking my emails i saw i had won blogger of the month on the HairTrade newsletter!  I am extremely happy and i haven't stopped smiling since, it means soo much to me to be named blogger of the month by a huge company and i am soo grateful for everyone that even reads my blog!
o  Apart from work, i've been extremely busy setting up my shop this week.  Something that i am majorly excited about and cannot wait to for the day when i can finally say it's open! I am half way through my website design and i've finally picked a name for it and designed my logo. Exciting stuff..
o  As always a very busy week for me this week, and next! work work work!
o  And lastly, as we all know it's that time of the year again! - The Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2012!
I would be soo grateful if you voted for Miss Holly! As always, i'm not expecting anyone to vote for my blog but it would be nice to even get considered a vote.. I've voted for my favourites.. have you voted for your favourites yet?
If you did want to vote for my blog, please click here + vote for Miss Holly as the Best Established Beauty Blog.. I would be soo grateful if you did vote for Miss Holly, please let me know if you do so i can send hugs and kisses your way!

I hope you've all had a lovely week/weekend!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

NEW CID i-Perfection Colour Adjust Foundation

This is the new foundation to join the NEW CID Cosmetics collection, replacing the NEW CID i-Perfect foundation. NEW CID have extended their range of shades and there is now 9 shades to choose from..
o  Nougat
o  Latte (new shade)
o  Vanilla
o  Cinnamon
o  Cappuccino (new shade)
o  Caramel
o  Toffee (new shade)
o  Cocoa
o  Mocha
I picked a shade i thought was most closest to my skin tone and ended up picking the shade that is an exact match, lucky huh?
I opted for the shade Cinnamon in the end after lots of umming and ahhing as you can never be certain of shade lists online, after the first use i was instantly won over!  It gives my skin an all over even coverage, feels really light, makes my skin look glowy and lasts a very long time without having to touch-up.
It's a water based fragrance-free foundation and dries very quickly into a satin/matte finish, usually i have problems with these types of foundations due to having really dry skin but there wasn't one sign of dryness.
I use my Sigma F80 foundation brush with this foundation and i find it buffs into my skin really well leaving it with a nice natural finish, i then set the foundation with a light touch of powder..  In all honesty it really doesn't need a powder but i always use one to set all my foundations.
And the amazing thing about this foundation is that it adapts to your skin tone!
I would say this foundation was more of a light/medium coverage, it doesn't quite take-over my love for the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation but it certainly comes extremely close.  On days where i want a more lighter/medium coverage i use this and i absolutely adore it as it's amazingly light and feels as if your not wearing any foundation..  I'll deffinetly get alot of use out of this in the summer!
It's a tad expensive at £28.50 for 300ml  but if your looking for a light/medium coverage foundation and fancy a splurge then i highly recommend this foundation!
Overall: I would 100% repurchase this when i have a little more money saved up, it's amazing and i've had soo many compliments on my skin at work and out! 

The NEW CID i-Perfection Colour Adjust Foundation is available from for £28.50 for 300ml.

Have your tried this product before?  What were your thoughts?

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

NOTD - Keeping it Teal

I haven't done a nails of the week post in absolutely ages, i'm seriously soo behind on all my blog post's and reviews, i apologize!  Anyway i'm currently wearing my favourite nail polish at the moment, this is one of the new nail polishes from Miners Cosmetics which i showed in this post 'here'..
This shade is called 'Keepin' it Teal' (*) .. and of course it's a gorgeous Teal shade.. Perfect for the summer! I am in love with this shade!

What do you think of this shade?


Face:  New CID Foundation (*) / Loreal True Match Face Powder / Anastasia Illumin8 Bronzer (*) / Sleek Contour Kit / ELF Blush Blushing Rose
Eyes:  MUA Eyeshadow Shade 1 Pearl / Born Pretty Store Liquid Eyeliner (*) / Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara (*) / MUA Eyeliner Black
Lips:  MAC Angel
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