Tuesday, 28 February 2012

February Favorites | 2012

Another month has come and gone and we're nearly into March, it's been an emotional rollercoaster for me this month, i won't go to into detail but let's just say i'm glad this month's over..
If you follow me on twitter, then you may have seen me tweeting about putting myself on a make up ban so i don't spend anymore money on make up until i start using up products i already own .. i have to say..  it's been a big fat fail for me.. most of the time i don't put up hauls of what i've bought lately but if you follow me on instagram then you'll see that i've been abit cheeky and got myself a few little bits and bobs..  Anyway enough with the rambles.. here's my favourites from the month of February..

- First are the 2 nail polishes which i forgot to snap pictures of individually but the emerald green shimmer nail polish (*) which can be found 'here' where i did a review on it.. i'm just loving green right now. Strange as i never used to like green but it's really grown on me lately. 
The other is OPI Grape Set Match..
Sleek True Colour Lipstick - Rose Petal
This lipstick has always been a favourite of mine, i find myself reaching for it almost every other day.. it's a gorgeous shimmery rose gold shade which is perfect for this season, it keeps my lips moisturised through out the day and the colour payoff is just amazing!
MAC Snob Lipstick
Snob has been my go-to shade for this month it's an absolutely gorgeous 'ladylike mauve' shade, perfect for everyday wear!  I had my eye on this lipstick for god knows how long know and finally caved in and bought it, i'm soo glad i did to..
L - Sleek True Colour Rose Petal : R - MAC Snob
Garnier BB Cream - Medium
I've almost completely run out of my favourite foundation (Bourjois Healthy Mix) - so i'm using the last bit sparingly and saving it for a day i do need abit more coverage, so i rummaged through my drawer and completely forgot i had this BB cream, i've been using this non-stop for the past few weeks and although the shade above looks abit dark for my skintone, it's actually a perfect match applied..
MUA Pearl Eyeshadow - Shade 11
Believe it or not i've barely worn any eyeshadow this month.. Most days i'm in abit of a rush so instead of applying eyeshadow i've gone back to my liquid eyeliner adding flicks at the end of my eyes, and that's literally about it..  On days off when i have abit more time to do my make up i normally put this eyeshadow on and then throw it in my bag just incase i need to touch up during the day, so much better than carrying around a whole eyeshadow palette!

So that's it for my February Favourites, what's been your favourites this month?

Monday, 27 February 2012

Fashion wishlist

Just a few bits and bobs i've spotted over the past few weeks which i'm currently loving! - I've sort of convinced myself that i need that bag as we both share the same name, there is no other explanation to it, okay it is gorgeous and i do have a thing about Pauls Boutique bags but not sure if i'm up for spending £60 on a bag just because we share the same name..
I've had my eye on the bangle set and earrings for a little while now and it sucks that i don't have a forever21 near me, i end up paying more for the postage than i do for the actual items.. However it may just be worth it for these two bits..
Baby blue has been a colour i've been really into lately and when i spotted these heels and purse i just instantly fell in love with them! - How gorgeous are them heels?
The DollyBowBow Peter Pan Collar Necklace i first spotted on DizzyBrunette3 a little while back, i think it's gorgeous and something nice to spice up your outfit/s..
I've been on the hunt for a bow collar top for the past week or so and spotted this turquoise one from River Island, i think it's perfect for the Spring/Summer and i'm loving the colour too!
Lastly is the River Island Pink Fluorescent Super Skinny Jeans which are Limited Edition, just how amazing are these?!
- What's on your wishlist this month?

Friday, 24 February 2012

Beauty wishlist

A current wishlist of a few beauty products that i'm lusting after.. You may have noticed i have been really getting into using my GOSH nail polishes lately and i want to add a few more to my collection.. I adore the colour of this GOSH Ocean shade and feel like i have to have it!
Next up is the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, i saw Ingrid or Missglamorazzi using this mousse in one of her beauty video's and it instantly caught my eye, it looked so flawless - i'm hoping to pick this up over the weekend or so and i'm soo excited to try it out!
I also saw this mascara on Viviannadoesmakeup's blog and it looks amazing! - The Chanel Perfection LumiÈre foundation is something i've had my eye on since it was released but i haven't found the time to do instore to get a perfect colour match for my skintone yet, that's something on my to-do list.
The last two products are of course lipsticks, i've again had my eye on the NARS lipstick for a little while now and the Chatterbox lipstick from MAC is something i'd like to re-purchase see'ing as i lost mine a year or so ago and never got round to repurchasing..
-What's on your wishlist this month?

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Polka Dots

Nail polishes used:
GOSH - Misty Mauve
GOSH - Lavender Love
GOSH -  Peachy

I wanted to show you all today my amazing nail art skills, okay not quite..  I did this nail look a few days ago and although the orange doesn't really go with it, i kinda like it. This nail look was so so simple to do, i used a few cosmetic cotton buds and picked a few nail polishes i liked the look of - painted, and then dotted them on and this is what i came up with..

What do you think?

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My week #5 : Feb. 14 - 21

Instead of naming these post's 'My Weekend' i decided to rename it to My Week as most of these pictures if i'm honest are actually taken during the week rather than the weekend, and i do lead an extremly boring life some would say, and instead of going out at the weekends i'd much rather stay in with the boyfriend snuggled up on the sofa watching movies and scoffing our faces..
1.  I've been obsessed with the Wii Fit lately, having only discovering it about a week and half ago, i'm addicted! - Me and the boyfriend spent Valentines day on it and couldn't stop giggling at each other! - 3days after discovering the Wii fit, i went on and did my daily training and what not, Wii fit came up with a message saying 'Your wii fit age is exactly the same as your shape! Your in good shape!' - This made my day!
2.  Using my last of my LUSH Godmother soap :( soo sad i've used it all up - definetly repurchasing though! It's amazing! 
3.  Not sure what is up with this picture.. i had my hair up like this after coming out of the bath and my boyfriend said i looked like a chav.. do i?
4.  Current sweet obsession: Skittles Crazy Core's! - ammmazinngg i've been through about 6packets already!
5.  Currently reading: Lauren Conrad Style - i've had this book since my 20th birthday and i love reading it over and over!
6.  Mc Donalds breakfast.. Soo unhealthy but yet soo good! His and her cups!
7.  Nails of the week - loving this nail polish right now - you can see a post of this nail polish 'here'.
8.  Pancakeesss! - of course you have to have a pancake on pancake day that's just the rule! - i had mine with sugar, honey and cream t'was Delish!

Four Reasons: Hair care products

 I'm sure you've all seen a ton of these reviews going around in the beauty blogging world, Four Reasons was launched back in 2010 in Finland by KC Professional and has only recently launched in the UK, it's the fastest growing professional hair care range in Scandinavia now stocked by over 3,000 salons!
The Four Reasons range includes over 30 professional shampoos, conditioners and styling products with a number of products being unique in the UK.  The brand was awarded Best Hair Products 2011 by Cosmopolitan readers.. With it's super cool and quirky packaging with sayings and quotes to do with hair - who can resist?
'A lightweight heat protector that when applied on dry hair protects the hair against the use of straighteners or tongs. A must have for anyone that applies extreme heat to their hair.'

The Four Reasons heat styler comes in a 250ml spray bottle - it doesn't really have a scent but that's not a big issue, it works amazingly well and i've found myself reaching for this more than i have with my normal heat protection sprays.  Also helps tame my flyaways when styling/straightening my hair, leaves your hair feeling smooth and shiny whilst protecting your hair from heat..
Price: The Four Reasons Heat Styler retails for £11.95 for a 250ml bottle - a little pricey but i'd definetly repurchase.  Is it worth it? Yes!
Where can you buy it?  Four Reasons products can be found online at www.fourreasonshaircare.com

' A lightweight non-sticky mousse which is ideal for relaxing thick, frizzy or curly hair'

The Four Reasons Cream Mousse comes in two sizes a 100ml can and a 200ml can - a very lightweight non sticky mousse and extremly moisturising.  My hair is a tad frizzy which makes this mousse perfect for me to use, it tames my flyaways and is doesn't leave your hair strands solid like most of the mousse's i use.  The Four Reasons Cream Mousse is ideal for those, like me with thick, frizzy or curly hair. 
Price: The Four Reasons Cream Mousse is available in two sizes - £6.95 for a 100ml travel size can and £11.95 for 200ml can - is it worth it? Yes!
Where can you buy it?  Four Reasons products can be found online at www.fourreasonshaircare.com
'Every girl, even guys should have this.  A brilliant dry shampoo for them days that you over slept.  However, it's also amazing on fine clean hair for adding lots of extra volume.'

The Four Reasons Hair Powder again is available in two sizes, 100ml and 250ml. - Basically exactly the same as Batiste dry shampoo except it doesn't have alot of options with the scents..  It adds lots of volume to your hair when your hair is always flat like mine, doesn't really have a scent to it, but it does however give you lots of volume without actually looking like you've used a dry shampoo or hair styling product.  Also it doesn't give you that horrible gritty feeling in your hair like other dry shampoo's..
Price: The Four Reasons Hair Powder is available in two sizes - £5.95 for a 100ml travel size can and £11.95 for 200ml can - is it worth it? The price puts me off this product a little, especially as it doesn't really have a scent.. Although i do like this product, I think i'll stick to Batiste for this one..
Where can you buy it?  Four Reasons products can be found online at www.fourreasonshaircare.com

Have you tried Four Reasons products?
What were your thoughts?
Disclaimer:  These products were sent to me for review consideration, i have not been paid to write this post and all opinions are my own and 100% honest, as always..

Saturday, 18 February 2012

My nail care routine..

I tend to get alot of questions and compliments regarding my nails and how i keep them looking healthly and long and was asked by the lovely Alice over at Pretty Wonderful if i would do a nail care routine.  I was abit unsure on wether to do it or not as in all honesty i don't actually do anything 'amazing' to keep my nails healthy but i thought i would share with you all anyway on my nail care routine and a few tips hoping it will help some of you..
(all images taken from google)
- Drinking plenty of milk and water- Drinking plenty of milk and water, as apparently this helps with the growth of your nails and keeping them healthy, wether this is true or not i don't know but i do tend to drink at least 2glasses of milk a week, and at least a glass of water a day.  Again i can't really say this will definetly help..

- Hand and nail creams - i tend to use handcream everytime i wash my hands and always use nail cream after i've just removed my nail polish.  I tend to keep handcream by my computer, in my handbag and in the bathroom.. The two i use regularly are Soap and Glory's hand food and Organic Surge hand and nail cream - both of which work wonders.

- Nail cutting - Always cut your nails with nail clippers instead of biting them, i've never really bitten my nails before but i know alot of people who do.. If you have a problem with biting your nails try investing in a nail cream or some sort to stop yourself biting them, a good one is Omega3 Control-It! my sister used to use this and when she used to put her fingers in her mouth it would taste disgusting but it soon stopped her from the biting.. Instead clip your nails with nail clippers, i tend to cut my nails every week or so.. if you don't like having short nails just trim them down abit and use a nail file to smooth out any nasty edges which is what i do.

- Basecoat nail polish - if you paint your nails alot like me then it's good to invest in a good basecoat, i very rarely use a basecoat even though i know i should, using a basecoat stops nail polishes from staining and improves the strength of your nails..

- Cutting your cuticles - I cut my cuticles around every 2 weeks or so, or when they need doing.. i find that nails look alot nicer and healthier afterwards..

So that's it, again like i said i don't really do anything special to keep my nails looking healthy and long, my nails grow incredibly quickly which i guess is something that i was blessed with.. I never go to the salons to get my nails done as i actually think it's a waste of money and would much rather do it myself i think the last time i went to a nail salon was when i was 13years old on my work experience, they did a terrible job and i haven't been back to a nail salon since..

What do you do to keep your nails healthy?

Friday, 17 February 2012

GOSH - Misty Mauve

My current obsession: pastels, anything i see lately that's in a pastel colour i have to have. I had completely forgotten i had this nail polish until around last week whilst having the biggest clear out ever and now i just can't seem to get enough of it!
Misty Mauve is a gorgeous lavender creme color with no shimmer and like most nail polishes you do need a few coats or so to get a nice shade out of it,  this nail polish dries quite quickly and once dried i found it doesn't really need a top coat..
Unfortunately with this nail polish being Special Edition i haven't been able to find it anywhere not even ebay, although i have found a cheaper alternative which is BarryM Berry Icecream that's next on my wishlist.
What do you think of this nail polish?
Disclaimer: I won this product in a giveaway a while back, this post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own and 100% honest, as always.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Enrapture Encode Totem Styler

I was kindly given the opportunity to try out and review a hair tool from Enrapture a couple of weeks back.. excited, as i've heard many great reviews on their hair styling tools.. in the end after.. a tough decision i picked the Enrapture Encode Totem Hair Styler. Having almost received the hair tool nearly 2weeks ago and being so rushed off my feet these past weeks they've basically been sat in my 'need to review' pile calling my name.. Luckily this week hasn't been so bad and with a little time off i decided to give this baby a go.
First off, the hair styler was neatly packed in a gorgeous purple/bluey presentation box.. which i am now going to keep for make up storage!  The hair styler can be used as a curling tong or wand and comes complete with a heat resistant pouch, a removeable stand, manual and style guide which is always handy, the styler comes in 3 settings..
1 - Heat level: Low -  Loose curl
2 - Heat level: Medium - Medium curl
3 - Heat level: High - Tight curl

I opted for abit of a mix and went with all 3 settings spread out evenly..
Although i did mix it up a little i found most of the curls ended up the same way, rather than having all different sized curls as i thought it would but maybe that's because i didn't hold the tongs on them long enough..  Overall i am really pleased with the Totem Styler, it's very simple to use, i love the fact you can change the heat settings, it doesn't tug at your hair and creates nice naturally looking curls.. I would highly recommend this styler if you haven't tried it before!
The Encode Totem Styler is available at the Enrapture website, Boots, Curry, Argos etc.. and retails for £74.99 (to see where else they sell them then please click here..)

 Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes by the company stated. I have not been paid to write this post - all opinions are my own and 100% honest, as always.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Blue Shimmer Nail Polish

Today i have yet another fantastic nail polish from the Born Pretty Store.  A blue shimmer nail polish, a while back i had shown you this nail polish in Black and Emerald Green and told you i had become a little addicted to these little beauties.  I honestly can say i cannot get enough of them.. i now own these shimmering nail polishes in black, red, blue and emerald green! obsessed much?
Like the other shimmering nail polishes i've shown, you only really need one coat of this nail polish and your all set to go, usually i like to apply 2 coats just to even out the shade and go over any bits i may have missed.  These nail polishes normally last for around 3-5days before it starts chipping, i've had mine on all week and the bit that has actually chipped is the tip of my nails. The texture of this nail polish dries abit bumpy but like i've said in the other reviews on this nail polish .. it's nothing a top coat can't fix.
i abolutely love the shade of this nail polish which is like a deep navy blue, the shimmer in these nail polishes are absolutely stunning and really catches your eye - i don't think i've ever had so many compliments about a nail polish before!
Again i have nothing bad to say about this nail polish i absolutely love the shade, the shimmer and the texture!
This nail polish retails for $4.22 which is approximately £2.70.. that's pretty darn cheap if you ask me.. You can purchase this nail polish online at the Born Pretty Store website by clicking here and for a further 10% off you can use my coupon code: HIJ61.. (Please note: the shades on the Born Pretty Store website may differ to what it looks like in person)
They also offer free worldwide shipping which saves you alot of money so you'd literally only be paying for the product..
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes by the company stated. I have not been paid to write this post - all opinions are my own and 100% honest, as always.

My weekend #4

1.  Nails of the week - currently obsessing over this nail polish,  post will be up shortly..
2.  Went to visit the Blue Reef Aquarium on Monday morning.. i loved walking around see'ing all the gorgeous fishes, although i have a massive fear of sharks so i soon bolted.
3.  Look of the week - believe it or not i haven't worn any eyeshadow this week and i've just opted for the natural look..
4.  My new necklace which has my initals on 'HBY' - totally in love with it!
5.  This week has been filled with lots of bubble baths - a place for me to just chill and relax after a stessful and busy week.
6.  Lastly - the dog giving me a kiss for valentines day - i hope you all had a fantastic day with your loved ones!  Me and the boyfriend spent it at home this year playing lots of wii fit - oh and by the way i've kinda become a little addicted to it!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Project Perfect

Abit of a different post today,  i've seen this Project Perfect tag going round alot lately and have really enjoyed reading other people's loves and hates about themselves and just generally love the whole concept of the tag.. I normally don't do tags but i thought i'd make an exception for this one and i thought it would be nice to share what i generally don't like and what i do like about myself..
Project Perfect was created by Amy from Flaws and All (click here to read her project perfect) a big thank you to her for this!
So what is Project Perfect?
1. Post a photo that you like of yourself and say in a couple of sentences why you like it.
2. State some things that you DON'T like yourself but say why others may love to be like that.
3. State 3 things that you DO like about yourself.

So, here is my Project Perfect post:
A photo of myself that I really like
I couldn't actually find a picture i really liked, sad isn't it.. anyway i picked this picture because i loved the colour of my hair - it was brown with light blonde streaks throughout it. I'm also smiling in the picture which you don't get to see very often.. I was also in a very happy place back then - this is my mum's favourite photo of me.. 

Three things that I don't like about myself, but turned into positives:
  1. Although you can't really see it in most pictures.. i have 2 scars on my forehead, right in the middle.  It's always been something i've hated about myself and has made me feel insecure, and although in photo's it doesn't really show up - you can definetly see it in real life. I got it when i was younger whilst playing with my brother and sister not to sure what really happened. Some say it's not really noticeable as they've gotten used to the fact that it's there and some say it looks cool.. I don't really notice it anymore as it's part of who i am, but sometimes when i look in the mirror and see it it gets me down.
  2. My smile - i hate smiling in photo's so that's why you don't see very many pictures of me smiling - it's not anything to do with my teeth or anything i just think my smile looks abit creepy and wierd.  Some say i have a cute smile and would love to have a smile like me.. The picture above was just a one-off picture for a calender haha!
  3. My muscley legs -  I have big calf muscles which i think runs in the family as my dad, sister and brother all have them. I hate having big calf muscles as sometimes it makes it a pain for me to pick out clothes especially skinny jeans as i can never find one's that fit around my muscles..  My friends say they would love to have big calf muscles like mine as they say it make's my legs looked toned but i'd much rather trade them in for normal legs..
Three things that I like about myself:
  1. I really like my eyes which i think are my best asset, obviously being chinese i can't really help the fact that i have small eyes. I also really like the colour of my eyes which are a deep brown almost black.. 
  2. I really like my tummy, it's toned and it's always tanned, considering the amount of junk food i eat i never seem to put on weight so i guess i'm quite lucky there..
  3. I also really like my cheekbones, I have quite high cheek bones which i think in my opinion compliments my face. 

After typing that all out and reading it back through it has actually made me feel abit better about myself and although i can never have a body like beyonce or be as pretty as some celebrities i wouldn't change myself for anybody else and i'm happy with who i am and the way i look..
i really hope you've enjoyed reading this and if you do decide to do like Project Perfect tag then please leave your link below i would love to take a read..


Friday, 10 February 2012

Valentines nail tutorial

1.  First i started off with applying 2 coats of Barry M Peach Melba. You can use any light coloured nail polish you want - try sticking with light shades as you want to make the red pop and stand out..
2.  Using one of your cosmetic cotton wool buds and a scrap piece of paper - practice making some heart shapes..
3.  When you feel confident enough, start drawing on 3 hearts each on your thumb and index finger..
4.  As my nails looked to plain, i added some red polka dots on the other finger nails for extra girlieness and fun..
5.  Lastly apply a top coat, and your done!

Products used:

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