Thursday, 25 October 2012

5 Skin Care Secrets from Dermatologists

Women often complain about their skin and say that they don’t know the secret to keeping it soft and young looking for longer.  To this end, dermatologists will often give advice on this.  Some of the simplest methods for looking after skin can actually be found in the kitchen so it is something that can be done on a regular basis.

Tip 1
Know your skin.  Our skin changes through the ages so if there is a definitive change, for example if there are dry patches appearing, then different methods of skin care may need to be used on the same area.  As we age, skin tends to become drier and products that were great in our twenties do no good once we are in our fifties.  Dermatologists recommend we do this inspection every few years to get the best out of the products on the market today,

Tip 2
Don’t over use products as this will lead to overload on the skin.  What overload does is to cause some form of inflammation or irritation if put on in highly concentrated doses although we often think we are doing a good thing.  This is particularly relevant where retinoids are in use so just use a pea sized amount for the whole face.  After fifteen minutes wash it off and never be tempted to leave it on overnight.

Tip 3
Try to eat fruits and vegetables that are high in anti oxidants.  The water content in them will also help to keep skin hydrated which will stave off dry skin and wrinkles.  Healthy fats must also be taken daily – fish, eggs, nuts and olive oil – to keep the skin supple.  Green tea is also a great anti oxidant and will stop aging in its tracks.

Tip 4
Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.  It is vital to protect the skin from UV rays from the sun and most moisturizers these days have an element of protection in them.  There are different kinds for different skin types and those with oily skins should avoid oil based moisturizers.  Get a water based one to counteract dryness.

Tip 5
Exfoliating is the key to good skin.  To encourage the skin to grow a new surface, the old skin has to be exfoliated regularly.  This can be done at home with homemade remedies including oats etc, or professional scrubs and peels can be done in skin care clinics.  Skin masks come into this category too since they allow the skin to be tightened and stops sagging.  Always treat the face gently and never drag the skin too much.

Those who eat properly, have a good skin care routine and regularly get their skin checked by the professionals often look much younger than their years.  This is relevant for men too as the metro sexual man is also likely to take more time with his beauty routine.  It doesn’t really matter if it is a man or a woman who is trying to look and feel younger, it is the routine that they set up that really sets them apart from everyone else.
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  1. oooh i do all of this so hopefully i will look young forever! ha! great post :)

    1. Haha, me to. fingers crossed ay? XO

  2. This is so true, I mean the skincare I had in my 20's just isn't cutting it in my 20's ~ and on top of that it changes from season to season. I've also seen the benefit of drinking water, that is a major must do :) xx

    1. I know what you mean Elrese, my skincare changes all the time which is a pain to work with. Only thing i must do that i don't do often is drink enough water. Definitely a benefit but i always forget. XO


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