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Your thoughts on: Plastic Surgery..

I wanted to start doing weekly topics on my blog, topics where you can share and express your thoughts and opinions..  I always do wonder what other people think about certain things, obviously everyone has their own opinions of things so i would love to know what you think and of course i will also be sharing my thoughts on the subject too..
This weeks topic is about..
A few years back, and up until this day i have always been a huge fan of the MTV reality series 'The Hills'.. After watching over a few episodes like i do now and then i had completely forgotten all about Heidi Montag's(Pratt) surgery's. 
Heidi Montag is famous for being in The Hills where she starred alongside former best friend Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port, Kristen Cavallari and Spencer Pratt who she went onto marrying in season 5.. 
In April 2007, Heidi had her first plastic surgery and had a breast augmentation and rhinoplasty.. In January 2010, Montag revealed to People magazine that she had ten plastic surgery procedures in one day, performed by Dr. Frank Ryan in November 2009. Among the procedures were brow-lifts, ear-pinnings, a chin reduction, as well as a second rhinoplasty and second breast augmentation. She revealed that she almost died from too much Demerol, reducing her breath rate to five breaths per minute, but said it was worth it.
Heidi Montag to me, was one of these girls who with or without make up on looked beautiful, she was a natural beauty and was one of my idols,  I think that plastic surgery has completely ruined her and i hardly recognize her anymore, why you would want 10 plastic surgery procedures all in one day when your already beautiful i don't know!
Heidi has spoken about how she was bullied in school about her looks, she said that she wouldn't smile in pictures because people would circle out her chin - Having being bullied myself in school,  i would love to change little parts about myself, yes i would love to have gigantic boobs and a bigger bum but i don't think plastic surgery is the answer..  Instead i've grown to love the way i look and just deal with it like any ordinary person would.  That's not to say i don't believe in plastic surgery, If you are really unhappy with the way you look that it's got to a stage where you to uncomfortable in your own skin then yeah i would probably do the same, but having 10 in one day..? No.
I'm sure you've all had at least one person in your life coming up to you and saying i want to have plastic surgery, i've had a friend who had a baby a few years ago who wanted a boob job and of course i did say what i thought to her.. in the end she didn't go through with it. (not because of what i had said but what she had read on the internet about it)
Again, i am not against it you should do whatever makes you happy at the end of the day..

What are your thoughts on plastic surgery?..  Would you have it done?.. 

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  1. She was way more prettier before all those surgery! Now, she's just plastic; it's too much!

    I wished she would've just appreciate her natural beauty look....even her personality seems more fake after.

    I dont mind a little surgery but after having as many as her; it's a little sad lol

  2. I would have plastic surgery and have no problem with people having it done - provided its through a regulated surgeon and that its been done for the right reasons. I think some people get carried away an its like an illness.

  3. I think Heidi took it to the extreme. I can understand people having insecurities and wanting to fix them but I think you have to identify when its a deeper issue which seems to be the case with Heidi considering how pretty she was beforehand. I am not against surgery whatsoever if it makes a person feel better about themselves then I say go for it. I have friends that have had breast surgery and the confidence it gave them is incredible but its knowing where to stop. Not so long ago I had jaw surgery myself to correct an overbite. The surgery was by no means entirely medical apart from that had it been left I may ave developed bite issues but the aesthetics were beneficial to me and gave me confidence I lacked before because of my insecurities of the issue even though it was not noticeable to others.


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  4. For the right reasons I think its fine for the individual. What I do have issues with is the constant "buy one get one free" aspect to the American advertising for cosmetic surgery. I think that encourages it for all the wrong reasons.

  5. I just can't understand why Heidi did that to herself, she was so pretty before.

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  6. I think sometimes, plastic surgery CAN be a good thing - if it's done for the right reasons, and not taken to extremes. I've always struggled with having large boobs, and they're the one thing that I still dislike about myself. Having to buy clothes 2-3 sizes larger than the rest of your body, them getting in the way all the time, feeling like they look disproportionate in high necked tops and slutty in low cut tops...but I agree that some people go way too far with it. The before and after pictures of Heidi, apart from the way-too-big looking boobs, I can't see excessive amounts of difference, particularly in her face. She was incredibly pretty the way she was...

  7. I always used to think Heidi was gorgeous in the hills, her face just looks weird now!its a shame really!i'm against surgery and would only ever consider it if the worst happened, but it's something I'm not interested in doing any time soon!natural beauty is the way forward!fab post holly :) x x x

  8. Im not against plastic surgery, what ever makes you happy is cool with me as long as you dont go completely over board. I would get a tummy tuck if I could afford it..but only so I feel confident again like I did before I had my son and 20 months later had my twins:) xx

  9. If I have the $$$ I would definite undergo for surgery. I think its alright to "enhance" your looks but don't go overboard like what Heidi did on the boobs thing (-__-)"

  10. I think plastic surgery has been made for people who suffer problems in their appearance or health not for changing what god gave us just like that.You know that ladies start to look the same in Lebanon because of this plastic surgery madness ,the problem is they were prettier before !!! For my self I think
    I won't go through all this pain and danger for a silly reason

  11. If I needed plastic surgery then I would do it!

  12. I think Heidi was so pretty before. She was naturally pretty, and to me that's way better than being "plastic" pretty.

    I don't have a problem with people having plastic surgery, as long as they go about it the right way and think about their health first. Even though 10 surgeries at once is doable, was it really necessary.

    Like your friend, I have considered a boob job after having my daughter - not to go bigger just kind of restore them to what they used to be. I would never have the money to go through with it. And even if I did have the money, I still don't think I would. I'm hoping that exercise will eventually help my issue. Plus, my daughter only has one mommy, and who would give her that mommy love and those mommy cuddles, if I'm in too much pain to even hold her.

  13. I agree she looked better before. Nobody ought to tweak everything! That said, I think doing something here or there for a feature that really bothers you shouldn't be judged. We all want to feel good about ourselves, right?

  14. her face look better now but her boobs are worse now!
    but she looked so pretty before it

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  15. To go that far for beauty :( Many do this though and it is sad. I am completely not against surgery, heck if I could I'd fix a part of me too :P But like you said, 10 in one day.. wow.

  16. I think she looked so much more beautiful before her surgery. I've had plastic surgery but it was partly for medical reasons - and I can safely say that I would NEVER have had it done through choice. I seriously dissuade any girls who are thinking about having it done. It's not worth it in the long run - there are other ways to gain body confidence. I think it's more important to learn to love yourself than to go under the knife and change the features that you were blessed with when you were born xx

  17. OMG! She looks a hundred times better in the before-photo! Striving for the perfect body in vain - she already had one! Those boobs are just ridiculous!

  18. That's definitely an improvement. anyway, the before picture is not that bad.
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  20. Our saying on plastic surgery is base on our experience so if your experience is not good then obviously you are against it but if your experience is good then you favor plastic surgery. So its just matter of experience. As from my experience of
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  21. Our saying on plastic surgery is base on our experience so if your experience is not good then obviously you are against it but if your experience is good then you favor plastic surgery.

  22. For me natural look is way much more appreciatable, I have asked the Fedele about it as well and he recommends the same but still some people like Heidi Montag prefer to have a surgery to look more beautiful and no doubt she do look quite beautiful. Thanks for the information.


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