Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Update: Miss Holly is moving...(www.miss-holly.com)

If you clicked on this post then you may already know.. i've finually got my own domain for my blog.. yaaay! instead of (fashion-beautyx.blogspot.com) i have now changed to http://www.miss-holly.com/ - i've been wanting to do this for soo long, as when i first started this blog it was meant to be for fashion and beauty but i very rarely blogged about fashion so made it to just a beauty blog - one thing that did still play on my mind was the fact that my URL was fashion-beautyx .. not great as it was just a beauty blog..
I am really happy with my choice and hopefully i'm not going to get any problems with it, i know some people lost followers, followers couldn't see their post's in their dashboards and their stats had gone back to zero.. well luckily for me, none of this has happened yet and fingers crossed it won't.. 
Anyway along with a new domain i have decided i'm also going to be changing a few other bits around, like my design and my header.. so if you come on my blog and see things all over the place then i apologise in advance..

Black Silver Shimmer Nail Polish

First off i would just like to say thank you to those who have been patient with me and my blog.. alot has been going on lately and i just haven't found the time to blog as much as i used to, but hopefully i am back.. for now that is.. until things start to get hectic again.. i have added a poll on the top of the right hand sidebar for my lovely followers to vote for what they would like to see in upcoming post's.. so feel free to vote for as many as you like, i have made it so you can select multiple answers.
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Black Silver Shimmer Nail Polish
Today i have another lovely product from the Born Pretty Store website which i would like to share with you all, i have done a post in the past on the same brand nail polish as this but in a different shade (which you can see in this post) - ever since that post i have been dying to get my hands on some more of these nail polishes.  I have to say, not everyone will like these nail polishes, if you like nail polishes which dry smooth, no lumps and bumps then this isn't for you, but if you don't mind all that then these are perfect!
Again, another absolutely fantastic product from The Born Pretty store.. I absolutely love the outcome of this nail polish, like i said before i don't think this would be to everyone's taste but even so, it's nothing a top coat can't fix. You literally only need one coat of this nail polish and your good to go, perfect if your always in a rush (like me) and it always dries in no time at all.
This time round i opted for black as i can honestly say i only own one black nail polish which is crazy considering how much i love black! The polish itself reminds me of a dark night's sky, and the glitters are all the stars twinkling, it's soo gorgeous!
Again i have nothing bad to say about this nail polish, I would 100% recommend them, they last for a good week or so before chipping, they are quick drying, cheap, you only need one coat, and you get a good selection of shades... 
This nail polish retails for $4.74 which is approximately £3.. that's pretty darn cheap if you ask me.. You can purchase this nail polish online at the Born Pretty Store website by clicking here and for a further 10% off you can use my coupon below.. They also offer free worldwide shipping which saves you alot of money so you'd literally only be paying for the product..
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes by the company stated. I have not been paid to write this post - all opinions are my own and 100% honest, as always.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Dear Santa .... yes please

I haven't done a wishlist in a while, not too sure why but i definetly enjoy doing them.. I've put together a wishlist of beauty related things i would love to receive this year, (obviously i'm not expecting them - hense why it's called a wish list) - but any of those (family) who are reading this then feel free haha. If you would like to see my non-related beauty wish list for Christmas then i shall be uploading one onto my other blog very soon..
3. LUSH bath bombs, soaps and bubble bars
6. Sigma Bunny Collection - Launch date 5th December

Not asking for too much am i? haha

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Yesterdays Look of the day

This is actually yesterday's look of the day as i got ready to record a video for youtube.. but unfortunately it didn't go very well, me being ill at the moment just kept sneezing through-out the whole video and i just generally felt and looked like rubbish but i thought i would just show you all my make up.. I've been wearing this look for the past week or so and actually really really like it, it's quite plain and natural. I haven't had alot of time on my hands lately to do a full on make up look but i'm hoping this week i can get some more look of the day post's up. (please excuse my hair in this photo, been to lazy to do it lately haha)

Born Pretty Store - Color Changing Nail Polish

I have always always wanted a colour changing nail polish for such a long time now but could never find one. I managed to find one from the Born Pretty Store whilst browsing for christmas pressies, and they offered to send it to me to review, As soon as i received it i was dying to try it out, things like this always amazes me. I have a few down sides to thing nail polish though, as amazing as it seems it doesn't last long without chipping, i only painted my nails last night before i went to sleep and this morning i already noticed some chipping.. Also the packaging and the nail polish itself looks as if someone's already used it before it was handed over to me.. (as you can see in the pictures)..
These pictures really don't do the product any justice.. but as you can see from the pictures above, that it really does change colour - it goes from light pink to dark pink at the tips and when you run it under water it goes light pink. Pretty cool huh? Again another downside to this is the nail polish looks very patchy on your nails which may be down to the fact i painted them 3times but even on the second coat it was doing this.. (nothing like the picture on the Born Pretty Store website) On there it looks gorgeous..
Overall.. i really like this nail polish apart from the slight hiccups and deffinetely will be purchasing more of these to try out. I wouldn't recommend them if your hoping these will last you all week, but if you would like something different on a night out then i would deffinetly recommend this, they also do lots more great colours and retail for $7.84 which is not bad at all. You can purchase this nail polish online at the Born Pretty Store website by clicking here and for a further 10% off you can use my coupon below.. They also offer free worldwide shipping so you'll only be paying for just your product, nothing more..
Have you tried a color changing nail polish before?
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes by the company stated. I have not been paid to write this post - all opinions are my own and 100% honest, as always.

A little LUSH haul

I am honestly soo jealous of those who live near a LUSH store, unlike me i have to travel approximately 50miles to the nearest shopping centre which has one or i have to order online (which i normally have to do and suffer having to pay the shipping price)..
The other day i had tweeted that i needed a new lip scrub as i currently didn't own one and the last one i had was from LUSH which i loved,  so when i was in Newcastle on Thursday rushing around.. i was literally only in Newcastle for 3hours before rushing off home. I grabbed a map of the Metro Centre and found my way to LUSH and i swear i could literally spend my whole life in there.
Anyways, i picked up a few things which i wanted to show you all first before i use them..
LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub - £4.95
This is the only thing i actually did want whilst in LUSH, and it smells amazingggg!
Think Pink Bath Bomb - £2.35
Lil Lush Pud Bath Bomb - £1.95
I really wasn't intending to pick up anything else apart from the Lip Scrub but when i saw the Think Pink and Lil Lush Pud bath bombs i knew i had to have them, the Think Pink bath bomb is one of my favourite's and everytime i place an order with LUSH i always have to get the Think Pink. The Lil Lush Pud bath bomb i haven't actually tried before so i am dying to try this one out it smells just like christmas too! I can't wait ..
Have you picked anything up from LUSH lately?
Disclaimer: I bought all these items with my own money, i have not been paid to write this post and i am not an affiliate with the company stated..

Friday, 25 November 2011


This is just a little update on what i have been up to lately and a little apology for not blogging as much..
End of November to the end of December is usually the most busiest time for me in the year but i am deffinatly trying to blog more often now and then when i get a spare 5minutes.
I was also supposed to start my youtube channel up again today too but unfortunately i haven't been feeling my best today, after a 7hour drive home last night from Newcastle and lack of sleep, and now with the sniffles and losing my voice it has not been my best day.. but i promise i will start my youtube as soon as i am feeling better.. i have soo many video's lined up that i want to do.. and if you have any requests then feel free to leave them below :)
I also have a few blog post's that need doing to - i went to LUSH yesterday in Newcastle and picked up a few goodies that i want to show you too.
So yeah i hope your all okay and having a good week. (hopefully none of you girlies are ill either) and i hope you all have a lovely weekend.

P.S: It's my birthday in 6 days :D yayyy!

Monday, 21 November 2011

How To: Clean make-up brushes

If your a regular reader of my blog then you will know that i just recently purchased some brush shampoo from ELF when they had a promotion on, if you missed that post then you can catch up here.
Usually when cleaning my make up brushes i normally use baby shampoo which is all i've ever used on my brushes, so i really wanted to try an actual brush shampoo to see if it gives the same effects as baby shampoo. Which is why i purchased a brush shampoo from ELF.
My make up brushes were in need of a good deep clean as i had ran out of baby shampoo around 2 weeks ago,  and was just grabbing more and more clean brushes to use rather than using normal soap on my dirty brushes.. So i thought i would do a quick post on How to clean make-up brushes for you girlies..
Step One
Squeeze around 2pea sizes, amount of brush shampoo onto the palm of your hand..

Step Two
Grab a make up brush you want cleaning and wet it under the tap, then place it into the palm of your hand and swirl.. (you will start to see the water and shampoo turn a different colour)

Step Three
Rinse your brush under luke warm water and repeat steps one and two again if needed. (I usually shampoo my brush two, sometimes three times.. if needed)

Step Four
Lightly pat dry on a clean towel and lay the towel flat on a table/floor to dry overnight.. 
Once dried, i then place all my brushes into a cup ..ready to be used again..
(Please note: The picture above is of the brushes when wet, I didn't have time to snap a picture of them when dried..)

So that's it, pretty simple and very easy to do, you can either use a normal baby shampoo, a gentle soap or any brush shampoo's..  in my case it's ELF's brush shampoo which i give a big thumbs up to, it's great and works like any other shampoo but the only downside is it's £3.50 a bottle.. cheap.. but you can get baby shampoo cheaper..
Has anyone else used ELF's brush shampoo? If so let me know what you thought of it.. and if you don't then i'd love to know how you clean your make-up brushes..
Disclaimer: i bought this brush shampoo with my own money.. this post is not sponsored and i am not being paid to write it. All opinions are my own and 100% honest, as always..

Thursday, 17 November 2011

ELF Haul - Mystery Gift Box

I think this is probably my 4th ELF haul ever and i was only roped into ELF after they sent me an email saying that they were doing 'Mystery box's' when you place an order of £10 or more with free delivery too.  As soon as i saw the email i knew i had place an order plus i was dying to know what could be in the 'mystery box' and i cannot resist free delivery too. After searching long and hard on the website for things i actually did need/want i finually placed my order of exactly £10 on the 10th November and received my order yesterday 16th - which to me is pretty good see'ing as i know how busy they get when they do promotions like these. So anyway i ended up picking up these bits and bobs to try out..

ELF Brush Shampoo - £3.50
ELF Nail Polish in Smokey Brown - £1.50
ELF Eye Primer in Sheer - £1.50
ELF Lipstain in Heartbreaker - £3.50

Mystery Box
I was pretty happy with everything i had received in the mystery box see'ing as it was all free at the end of the day. I think all boxes were made up to £10 correct me if i'm wrong.. but you've just basically got £20 worth of stuff for £10. What a total bargain!
ELF Bamboo Foundation Brush
Normally retails for £5.50 - free in mystery box
ELF Nail Polish in Golden Goddess
Normally retails for £1.50 - free in mystery box
ELF Nail Polish in Twinkle
Normally retails for £1.50 - free in mystery box
ELF Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil in Plum Passion
Normally retails for £1.50 - free in mystery box

Overall i am pretty impressed with the contents in my mystery box and will definetly be getting lots of use out of them all, so be prepared to see lots of reviews coming up ..

Did you manage to catch this promotion?.. i'd love to know what you got in your mystery boxes..
Disclaimer: Items shown in this post were bought with my own money, apart from the mystery items which were free with my order, i am not an affiliate with the company stated and was not paid to write this post.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

My Beauty Storage..

A few of you girls asked me not so long ago, how do i store my beauty products and make up as i live with my boyfriend at his parents house.. well at first i was practically living out of bags, you know the cheap weekend bags you can get from Primark? Well i had about 4 of those and never really 'unpacked' my things as i didn't feel it would be right to do so.. but as we used to work with each other he asked if it would just be easier for me to just move in.. so i did, and i've been living here for almost 2years now! - Over time i started unpacking my things and sorting through storage and my boyfriend gave up 4 drawers for me to use aswell as half of the wardrobe (bless him) - So yeah in my 4 drawers, 3 of which i use for clothes.. and the other spare draw i use for beauty products.. After sorting out how i would store things in that 1 draw, i thought i would snap a few pictures for you all to see.. We are re-doing the room on Saturday so this may change soon..
On the left hand side of the draw i've stored all my nice nail polishes (all the rest of them which i don't really use anymore are in a little box under the bed..) They are all sorted by colour from lights to darks, then i have my nail wheels, foundations, a random body cream shoved right to the back of the draw and more nail polishes..
In the middle i've stored 'spare make up' these are the products which i don't use often, but also don't want them to join the box of un-used nail polishes.. So in the middle we have, liquid eyeliners, lipbalms and lipsticks, a blusher, an eyeshadow palette from BeautyUK, an Oriflame eyeshadow, A blusher, and some spare lipglosses..
Then on the right hand side of the draw i have some Organic Surge products (a face mask, body lotion, eyecream and skin perfecting polish..)
Some spare mascaras, Antiseptic cream.. (you never know).. fake tan, So...? perfumes, Anadin pills.. (in case of headaches) Then in a small heart container which i actually got from the Valentines box of Lindor chocolates which i didn't want to throw away because the packaging was sooo cute, is some random stuff which i use for make up tutorials, such as fake blood, face paint, foundations.. etc...
Then on top of the chest of drawers i have my main beauty products which i use everyday for my face, hair and body.. On the left is my face stuff which is facecreams, then my Avon perfume which i am totally in love with!! - Some deodrants, my Skindinavia make up setting spray.. and the rest are hair products.. Then i have my 2 hair brushes, facewipes, my make up bag which holds all my make up brushes, a small burburry sample, then my medication.. which i've had to blur out the packaging because if you looked closely you could see my name and address on..

As i said earlier on in the post, this may be changing on Saturday as me and my boyfriend are re-doing the bedroom.. so yeah stay tuned :)
Disclaimer: Most products seen in this post were bought with my own money, Some of these products were given to me in a blogswap and some of them were given to me by companys to review.. i have not been paid to write this post and this post is not sponsored in any way..

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Born Pretty Store - Dearlee Nail Polish - Nude

Another fantastic product from the Born Pretty Store, the Dearlee Nail Polish in Nude - I was a little on and off with this nail polish since i received it back in the beginning of October but i know for now that it's definetly one i will be keeping.  It does take 2, sometimes 3 coats of this nail polish to get a good colour out of it but once applied dries very quickly without the need of a top coat, leaving it with a gorgeous shine..
The only thing i don't like about this product is the outter packaging, it can be abit misleading and at first i thought this was a crackling nail polish, the one's where you apply on top of existing nail polish to give a crackled effect on your nails, which is what i first did when i first received the product, but when i realised it wasn't i was slightly more happy with the product.. (not a big fan of crackling nail polish
So as you can see why i was a little on/off about this product, after applying the first coat of nail polish.. the texture was all streaky and it just looked like a giant mess.. but after applying the 2nd coat of nail polish the streakyness was gone and my nails looked all glossy, the nail polish dries within about 3-5minutes and last's for a good couple of days. I painted my nails on the Wednesday and it's now Sunday and there is still no sign of chipping.. So overall i am impressed, they retail for $4.39 which is pretty cheap and they are definetly worth the money i'd say. You can purchase this nail polish online at the Born Pretty Store website by clicking here and for a further 10% off you can use my coupon below..
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes by the company stated. I have not been paid to write this post - all opinions are my own and 100% honest, as always.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Look of the day - 11.11.11

This post is literally going to be the most shortest post i've ever written, i'm in such a rush right now and i only have 10minutes to write this post before i have to rush out.. anyway i haven't done a look of the day post in a longgg time main reason being is because my skin has been really bad lately and i'm trying to give my skin a little big of a break from make up so i kept my look pretty simple today and focused it more on the bright lips. 
Have a great weekend all!

 On the 11th Month of the 11th Day at the 11th Hour we pause for a moment of Silence to remember the soldiers who fought for our freedom. 
R.I.P to all those soldiers that lost their lives, and love to their families who have gone through so much..
We will never forget - Rembererance Day ♥
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