Sunday, 24 July 2011

Batiste Dry Shampoo Review

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying the sunshine :)
Last week i was contacted by Batiste asking me to review some of their dry shampoo's.
I've tried one of their dry shampoo's before and loved it, so was looking forward to what they were going to send me..
Big & Bouncy - XXL Volume
Sexy & Glam - Gold Shimmer
Spicy & Sensual - Diva

XXL Volume
So i've been testing these through-out the week, i wanted to make sure i got the feel for them and not just first impressions.
I have to say i have been searching for a product to make my hair big and bouncy for a very long time now. At first i didn't even think about Batiste, now i would recommend it to everyone! I love how after a few sprays of the XXL Volume it straight away gives your hair that volume you want and with a lovely fresh smell.

Gold Shimmer
Now i wouldn't use this from day to day because it does contain glitter in it, which if your just going to work, or going to the shops it might look abit too much but in saying that if you were going out in town or if your going for a meal or party, i would deffinatly choose this. I love the sparkle's in this, which instantly makes you feel sexy and glam.

I have used this one most throughout the week. I think this is what i'd use from a day to day basis. I love the smell and i have really taken a liking to this. I would deffinatly say out of the 3 i was given for review that this is my favourite on a day to day basis. Gold shimmer for nights out and XXL Volume i just love because it makes my hair big and bouncy.

Overall i love all 3 and i would deffinatly recommend them to anyone.
 You can purchase these from around £2.99 @
Superdrug, Boots, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Savers, and Lloyds chemists.
To find out more about the products click 'here'


Saturday, 23 July 2011

How To Make Your Own Eyeshadow Primer

Hey everyone, I hope your all having a good weekend soo far.. After watching a video on How To Make Your Own Eyeshadow Primer from missglamorazzi on youtube, i thought i'd give it a go and tell you all how it went..

What you'll need:

1. Small empty make up container
You can buy these anywhere i got mine from eBay

2. Any liquid foundation
I used Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation

3. Any liquid concealer
i didn't have a liquid concealer so i used my ELF SPF15 Tinted Moisturizer instead

4. Body butter with little to no scent
I actually used a body lotion which she said not to, but it works just as well
The one i used has got a little bit of scent.. try to use one with no scent.

 5. A toothpick or any simular to mix with
I used the end of my foundation brush because it was the closest thing to me

To begin with, pump/squeeze about 2 pea sizes worth of foundation into the empty make up container.. (As shown in the picture)

Then do the same with your liquid concealer (or for me my tinted moisturizer)
 Using the same amount as you did with the foundation

 Do the exact same with the body butter (or for me my body lotion)
Mix it all together with your toothpick and this is what you get :)
The Results

So here are my results.. I compared my homemade eyeshadow primer to Benefits 'That Gal' primer which i currently use as a face and eye primer.  As you can see Benefits primer and the homemade primer look very simular if not the exact same. It goes to show how much we need primers in our lives but it can cost quite alot.. Now you can make your own using products you probably already have.
I love this homemade primer and it's seriously got me thinking.. do i need to buy Benefits 'That Gal' primer ever again?

Anyway let me know if you found this helpful and if you decide to give this a go, let me know how you get on..

Have a great weekend all :)
Disclaimer: All items used in this post were bought with my own money, i am not being paid to write this post and all opinions are mine and 100% honest, as always..

Friday, 15 July 2011

The Charm Factory Bracelet

Many of you might already know about Charm Factory..
If you don't then i highly recommend you go check out their website..
Those who love Pandora but simply cannot afford it.. then get yourself an alternative from the Charm Factory.. They do some amazing charms bracelets there and have a huge selection to choose from..

I was over the moon when they contacted me and offered to send me one for review and was so stuck for choices but ended up picking the Cross Bracelet.
P R O ' S: 
1. The charm bracelet looks exactly the same as a Pandora which is a bonus for those who cannot afford Pandora..
2. They have a wide selection of choices - All stunning different designs
3. The bracelet was well packaged with a free gift box included..
4. Shipping was really quick

C O N ' S
1. The bracelet was abit too big for me - i picked the smallest size but having a tiny wrist it almost slips off when i am wearing it - should do more sizes..

Overall i am really happy about my bracelet and would recommend everyone to get one.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

E.L.F Haul Review

So the other day i had a blog post in which explained the 50% off E.L.F..
If you didn't see that then you can see it 'here'..
Anyway as promised in my previous post i said i'd do a full review on the items i got..
Now there definetly are a few pro's and con's with these which i'll explain as i'm going along. I'm going to start with my least favourite to my most favourite they are in no specific order..
All opinions are my own and 100% always..
So lets get started..

Least Favourite..
 PRO's: I really liked how handy this was, having eyeliner on one end and then a shadow stick on the other end..
CON's: When i first opened the packaging to try this product out.. First.. The writing on the front rubbed off into my fingers.. (as you can see in the photo) 
Then the eyeliner was broken..well it's one of those twisting ones, and i was twisting and twisting and still nothing..
So i only managed to use the shadow stick in the picture i took.. Also i think it's pretty pointless if i was too send it back for only £1.75 refund if i had to pay for postage too..
IS IT WORTH IT?  Well.. it would be if the eyeliner was working..
PRO's: None
CON's: Didn't work very well, it would curl but not much.. it would also pull at your eyelashes whilst doing so..
IS IT WORTH IT?  I wouldn't spend my money on these if i knew they werent going to work very well, I'd much prefer to spend a little more money to get myself a decent pair..

PRO's: None
CON's: Was way too heavy.. The liner sealer didnt even work properly..
IS IT WORTH IT?  I wouldn't spend my money on this.. I would rather spend more money getting myself a nice eye primer.

 Most Favourite..
Blushing Rose
Fuchsia Fusion
PRO's: Comes with a mirror, great choice of colors, very nice and easy to apply..
CON's: None
IS IT WORTH IT?  Yes! You can never find a decent blusher for cheap.. at only £1.75 each..
 These are a real bargain, i love how easy they were to apply with out having to try soo hard get a nice color out of them. Deffinatly worth the money.
PRO's: Feels really nice to apply, smells nice, blended in well..
CON's: None
IS IT WORTH IT?  Yes! Coming into summer, i never want to wear foundation.. So having tried this i feel like i never want to wear foundation again. It's soo nice to apply on your skin and it blended in really well. So happy with this product.

PRO's: Nice shade of color, blended in well..
CON's: Abit heavy on the skin
IS IT WORTH IT?  I'm abit on and off with this product at the moment, having tried it twice soo far.. first time came out nice, second time came out too heavy..
I wouldn't say not to buy this but i would say you could get a better one for that price..

Nicely Nude
PRO's: Nice choice of colors, nice to apply, feels good on lips..
CON's: None
IS IT WORTH IT?  YES! One of my favourite's from ELF .. It's lovely you have a good color selection.. Deffinatly going to buy more of these..

PRO's: Nice shade of color, not soo heavy, smells amazinnngg
CON's: None
IS IT WORTH IT?  YES! I think this is my favourite of the lot, i was suprised when applying this.. It feels soo nice! Also smells ammazingg. I LOVE IT!

So here are all the bits and bobs i got from the E.L.F 50% off deal..
Did anyone else manage to catch the 50% off deal? 

Sunday, 3 July 2011

E.L.F 50% off Haul

So last week many of you may have seen that E.L.F had an offer going on with 50% off your order.. 
So like most .. i went a little mad with my order..
I was waiting for an offer like this to come around as i had a huge wishlist which kept piling up. With the website going majorly slow due to the amount of people wanting to get everything before it was out of stock i managed to place my order just after they annouced it on Facebook..
I tried to only get the main things i needed.. but then kept going back for more things.
Here is what i got... I will be doing the reviews on these products later on during the week when i have gotten the chance to use them abit more..

Light Beige
RRP: £1.50 -- Bought for 75p
Nicely Nude
RRP: £3.50 -- Bought for £1.75 
 RRP: £1.50 -- Bought for 75p
RRP: £3.50 -- Bought for £1.75 
RRP: £3.50 -- Bought for £1.75 
 Blushing Rose
RRP: £3.50 -- Bought for £1.75 
Fuchsia Fusion
RRP: £3.50 -- Bought for £1.75 
 RRP: £3.50 -- Bought for £1.75 
  RRP: £3.50 -- Bought for £1.75 
So here are all the bits and bobs i got from the E.L.F 50% off deal..
I will be doing a full review on all these items later on this week so stay tuned..
Did anyone else manage to catch the 50% off deal?

I hope your all having a fabulous weekend!
Disclaimer: all products shown in this post were bought with my own money, this post has not been sponsored and i am not affiliate with ELF - All opinions are my own and 100% honest as always..
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